Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986) Poster

Plot Keywords

computer bank
title mentioned in song three word title
shootout in an office applause
man in wheelchair stood up for dinner
hug restaurant
french restaurant police car
giving the finger raised middle finger
biting a penis biting someone's hand
threatened suicide giving away money
reference to queen elizabeth ii impersonating a police officer
injection drug injection
reference to rona barrett hit with a tennis racket
tennis racquet reference to benny hill
walkman typing
ajax newspaper
newspaper obituary herbal tea
dead body floating in water british intelligence agent
death by gunshot uzi
reference to van morrison reference to van halen
talking to a computer talking to one's self
movie poster jumping off a pier
overturned car jumping out of a moving car
reference to the new york knicks answering machine message
clothing caught in a machine paper shredder
neck scarf taxi driver
yellow cab bank office
security guard falling off a chair
yankees baseball cap union jack
british consulate british woman
british man wig
sequin dress blue dress
toy dinosaur reference to marianne faithfull
audio cassette dancing alone
payphone fake accent
british accent new york accent
new york police department office job
working late pregnant woman
ballroom dancing song lyrics
reference to bianca jagger reference to marvin gaye
reference to the rolling stones reference to mick jagger
hit with a frying pan hit on the head with a frying pan
title directed by female female protagonist
sarcasm subjective camera
terrorism police officer
held at gunpoint tow truck
taxi slow motion scene
shooting repairman
reference to diana ross pregnancy
phone booth office
murder manhattan new york city
intrigue gun
fancy dress ball escape
disappearance diplomat
death dancing
dancer crippled man
black american african american
punctuation in title apostrophe in title
twin towers bank clerk
cult film undercover agent
truth serum tranquilizer dart
shot to death shot in the chest
new york city mannequin
kgb funeral
frying pan dress
directorial debut cold war era
cia agent british
apartment computer cracker
spy title based on song
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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