Heartbreak Ridge (1986) Poster

Plot Keywords

platoon marine
combat military
gunnery sergeant grenada
bar staff sergeant
waitress veteran
insubordination violence
u.s. marine corps korean war
year 1983 1980s
face slap military parade
wink cigar smoking
cigar two word title
medical student medical school
disobeying orders disobey direct order
air strike improvisation
credit card reading a magazine
slow dancing congressional medal of honor
military dress uniform social affair
male bonding new york mets baseball cap
military helicopter jumping from a helicopter
ch 47 chinook helicopter woman slaps a man
female slaps a male bail out of jail
character says i hate you budweiser
six pack of beer reference to santa claus
military drill emergency war drill
army major reference to the korean war
army lieutenant military exercise
chanting reference to frankenstein
accidentally firing a gun misfiring gun
shooting range firing range
target range rifle range
m 60 machine gun t shirt
a show of hands assault course
jogging sunglasses
broken sunglasses military cadence
giving the finger moonwalk dancing
scar on the forehead man in a towel
local bar pulled by the ear
pulling someone's nose platoon sergeant
gmc sierra pickup truck sergeant major
diner can of beer
rock singer reference to paul mccartney
reference to john lennon reference to joe frazier
reference to muhammad ali reference to richard burton
reference to elizabeth taylor heavy rain
bus ride playing electric guitar
reference to hoss cartwright reference to merle haggard
saluting the flag produced by actor
produced by director reference to the vietnam war
ayatollah hit on the head
switchblade kicked in the belly
punched in the face martial arts
knife cuban
faked death telephone call
lighthouse grenade
shoulder massage beer drinking
bulldozer rocket launcher
tank wisecrack humor
wrestling obstacle course
ak 47 m 16
profanity karate chop
black and white scene place name in title
strongman guitar player
rap music rock music
gunfight shootout
marching exercise
jail cell soldier
disarming someone war paint
camoflage uniform action hero
hero bare chested male
bridge female nudity
krav maga old man
older man younger man relationship shower
jail tough guy
target practice mud wrestling
fistfight college
island battle
hand to hand combat brawl
military training war hero
operation urgent fury directed by star
vietnam veteran obscene finger gesture
rivalry gay slur
drinking problem skeleton
courtroom alcoholic
helicopter ex husband ex wife relationship
stalking caribbean
dysfunctional relationship boot camp
title spoken by character

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