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Haunted Honeymoon review.
ben hibburd20 October 2017
Gene Wilder's Haunted Honeymoon is an honourable failure. The film is written and directed by Wilder and it contains a-lot of the same visual and comedic motifs associated with his earlier collaborations with Mel Brooks. Whilst I understood what Wilder was going for I felt the film missed the mark both in its comedy and plot. The film was incredibly dull, after watching the film I can barely remember any genuinely hilarious scenes.

Gene Wilder plays Larry Abbot a neurotic horror radio presenter, who returns to his family castle where he grew up after getting engaged. He decides to take his fiancée Vickie Pearle (Gilda Radner) back home for the marriage. To cure Larry of his neuroticism his uncle decides to scare the irrational fear he has, out of him. There's also a badly underutilised murder mystery plot that's going on in the background, as someone wants to murder Larry.

Gene Wilder is as always his charming self, he carries this movie, and I would hate to of seen this without him, because it would of been a total disaster. The rest of the cast is pretty forgettable. Dom DeLuise seemed like he wasn't interested in the film and that came off in his performance. Terence Stamp was wasted in the film, he had very little screen-time. Gilda Radner had a decent amount of chemistry with Wilder but nothing noteworthy.

In the end this film, has many scripting issues, it's a film that want's to be its own film, whilst having the same comedic tone as a Mel Brooks film. The plot barely makes any sense and even when it does it's not interesting, and to be brutally honest this film felt like the unfunny b- roll material left out of Young Frankenstein. The only reason I would recommend this film is for Gene Wilder who shows again why he was an incredible on-screen talent.
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Wilder Back in the Horror-Comedy
Michael_Elliott13 September 2017
Haunted Honeymoon (1986)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Radio vocalists Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) and Vickie (Gilda Radner) wants to get married so he takes her back to a castle where he grew up as a child. Also in the castle are a strange collection of relatives and Aunt Kate (Dom DeLuise) says that she thinks one person there is a werewolf.

When you see that Wilder is working on a horror-comedy you can't help but think back to YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. This film here was pretty much ripped apart by critics and fans stayed away from it and when viewing it today you can't help but think that it not being like that earlier Mel Brooks film is the reason why. It should go without saying that YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN was a classic comedy and this here is no where in the same league but at the same time there are enough funny moments to make it worth sitting through.

The biggest problem with the film is the screenplay, which just doesn't have enough jokes that work. I say this because I'd say that only twenty percent of the jokes actually manage to get laughs so there are just way too many scenes that either don't go anywhere or they don't end with a laugh. When you've got talent such as Wilder and Radner you expect a lot more laughs but sadly it just doesn't happen. There are some funny moments every once in a while including a great scene with Wilder trying to hide a body from the police and having to use the legs as a prop. This same type of thing was seen in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and it's still funny here.

Wilder and Radner are both good in their roles and there's no question that they had a nice chemistry together. DeLuise gets a few nice laughs in drag and we get supporting performances by the likes of Jonathan Pryce, Bryan Pringle and Paul L. Smith. The horror elements follow the "old dark house" sort of laughs and the werewolf is a nice little bonus. Wilder, as the director, keeps the film moving at a nice pace but there's no question that this film falls well short of being an "A" picture.
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Just an average comedy...
Paul Magne Haakonsen28 April 2017
"Haunted Honeymooon" is the type of movie that you sit down to watch because of the cast that were starring in the movie. I mean, with the likes of Gene Wilder and Dom DeLuise at the helm, you know that you will be in for a good time and a fun movie. Or so it would appear...

...However, "Haunted Honeymooon" turned out to be a mere mediocre movie, weighed down by a very generic and bland storyline that just seemed to be too random at times. It was as if they had filmed various things independently of each other and just cut it together for making a single movie.

Now, it is true about the cast, as they function as great bait to lure in the audience. And true to what we have previous seen from Gene Wilder and Dom DeLuise, then they perform exactly as to be expected, and they do so with their normal flair and showmanship. But they alone did not carry the movie just between the two, as the rest of the cast also really did great jobs in bringing their characters and role to life on the screen.

While this is a comedy, there was surprisingly little throughout the entire movie that will actually make you laugh out loud. Smirks and small chuckles is what is mustered most of the time.

This is not the best of Gene Wilder movies as both actor and director, not by a long shot. Sure, it is worth a watch, but just don't expect to be blown away by anything you see here.
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Cheeziness has never been so much fun...or so bashed.
mark.waltz13 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A notorious flop during its initial release, it was the third and last pairing of Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner, and sadly her last film. It's basically a spoof of the Red Skelton "Whistling" series, casting Wilder as a cowardly host of a 1940's radio mystery show who ends up involved in murder himself. He's heading home with fiancée Radner where the greedy family awaits and family matriarch Dom de Luise fears for "her" life. It's another road to the old dark house where every cliché dating back to the silent era is used to create chills and laughter. De Luise is actually two characters, one where "she" turns to the camera in the opening and says, "It's not what you think!"

While de Luise won awards for "Worst Actress", he's actually very funny, performing amusing version of "Balling the Jack" with Gilda who never got that one film role to rise above standard comedy. Radner is likable, perky and untraditionally attractive. Why Mel Brooks or Woody Allen never grabbed her up is a mystery in itself. Add on Jonathan Pryce as a sinister members of the family and other looking eccentrics, and you've got the recipe for old fashioned popcorn movie. No modern classic, but not the disaster that it's been labeled as.
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"You think this would frighten me, well, it doesn't"
oOoBarracuda20 June 2016
Gene Wilder was back at the triple threat in 1986. Writing, directing, and starring in Haunted Honeymoon with wife Gilda Radner and Dom DeLuise, Wilder was at his best. It's funny to watch interviews of Wilder during the filming of Haunted Honeymoon in which he expresses, with exasperation, that he is finished directing and wonders if all the work is worth it. This is funny because the film was his best, funniest, most coherent final product out of all of his directing projects. Much more under control, Haunted Honeymoon was the hilarious comedic masterpiece I always hoped Gene Wilder was capable of.

Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) and Vickie Pearle (Gilda Radner) are on top of the world as the stars of the hit radio program Manhattan Mystery Theater. The pair is also engaged to be married, adding to their overall joy about life. As the nuptials loom, Larry takes Vicki back to his Aunt Kate's (Dom DeLuise) castle that he grew up in. As his eccentric family members descend upon the castle, his Uncle decides Larry needs to be cured of his frequent bursts of fear. Larry's Uncle, Dr. Paul Abbot (Paul L. Smith) decides that the only way to cure Larry of his disposition is by scaring him to death. The family bands together by forming tricks and scares to spook Larry, all the while Aunt Kate is convinced that one of her family members has turned into a werewolf. Excusing her belief as thoughts from a senile woman, many nefarious instances are ignored and overlooked due to the family's scheme. Are all the instances the result of the lighthearted attempts of his family to cure Larry's fear, or is something more devious going on?

The opening scene at the castle is a great precursor to what the audience is in for at the castle. This great scene, full of wonderful establishing shots of the exterior of the castle is followed by an equally great scene in which Larry and Vicki are seen performing their radio show and answering questions from reporters. The chemistry between Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner was as apparent as it was genuine as the real-life married couple played a doting couple that was to be wed. One of the things this film did the best was the sounds. Both the sound effects for the radio show seen on- screen and the sounds of horror reminiscent of the earliest days in the genre were extraordinary. The comedic writing was exceptional in this film and toned down enough to appreciate it, opposite of Wilder's earlier directorial efforts. There were some great gags in the film, my favorite being Wilder acting out the upper body while his butler acted the lower body in the basement scene being questioned by the police. Dom DeLuise was brilliant in this film as Aunt Kate and remains beautifully in character, playing a woman, through the entire film. This was the first time I had noticed him in a film before and was not disappointed. I wish there had been a bit more substance to the part of Gilda Radner, as I would have enjoyed more from her, but the film in all of its parts was wonderful.

I am so thrilled that Wilder calmed down in the director's chair, as I believed he had potential in the role but was deeply disappointed by his previous attempts. The ensemble of friends was perfect for such a fun film. You really get the idea that the principles spent a lot of time together off-camera, which only added to the greatness we saw on-camera. It was also pretty magical to see Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner acting together as husband and wife to be. Their marriage, ending in the untimely death of Radner, was short so this memento of the film is a treasure for fans of both. Haunted Honeymoon would be the last film Wilder would direct, so, as the saying goes, he saved the best for last.
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Amusing But Not Amazing
gavin69428 April 2016
Larry Abbot, speaker in the radio horror shows of Manhattan Mystery Theater wants to marry. For the marriage he takes his fiancée home to the castle where he grew up among his eccentric relatives. His uncle decides that he needs to be cured from a neurotic speech defect and exaggerated bursts of fear: he gives him a shock therapy with palace ghosts.

You really can't dislike any film with Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner and Dom DeLuise. I mean, that is just guaranteed to be fun to watch no matter what happens. But this is really pretty tame. Some good moments of humor, surrounded by lots of just average scenery. And at a very short run time (barely over an hour), it seems odd they didn't have enough jokes to fill the script.
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Gilda Radner's last picture show. Dom Deluise is great as Aunt Kate
mike4812830 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There's a lot going for this under-rated good, but not great, "spoof" of recent and old "B-grade murder-haunted house" films. It will remind you of everything from Bob Hope to the Bowery Boys, The 3 Stooges, Abbott & Costello, to "Murder By Death" and "Clue". Filmed in England. with pretty good effects for 1986. Why the low ratings? So many rubber masks, wigs, fake coffins, intentional wires and strings. The ending is confusing as it ends up back at the radio station before they are even married. Was it all just a dream, everything at Aunt Kate's creepy old mansion, with hidden passages and an ancient butler and maid? Dom DeLuise actually won the "Razzie" award for best cross dresser. He is a riot as crazy Aunt Kate. Confusing? Gida and Gene get married twice: First at the "haunted" mansion and again in the city. I suspect that maybe Gilda was already sick and they had to wrap it up quite quickly? It's her last film and it's only 82 min. I enjoyed it because of her bravo performance alone and that's why I rated it up so high. Is it a great film? Hardly, but everybody seemed to be having a lot of fun making it!
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Goofy fun
Leofwine_draca12 November 2015
Gene Wilder made this film as a tribute to the 'old dark house' style movies popular during the 1930s. I guess nobody remembered or appreciated those films because this was a massive bomb on release and hardly anybody bothered going to see it. It's a shame, because it's as equally enjoyable as more popular '80s fare like POLICE ACADEMY.

The plot has a straightforward premise about a group of characters meeting up at a creepy old house for a wedding, but it becomes increasingly convoluted as time goes on. There's a murderer on the loose, and the jokes and chills come thick and fast. It's very similar to MURDER BY DEATH, although not as funny or well-written as that film.

Still, Wilder is on strong form here, as is Gilda Radner as his bride to be. The worst thing about the film are the plot twists, especially at the climax, which are a step too far. Still, the spooky atmosphere is fun, and as this was filmed in the UK, there's an exemplary supporting cast including Jonathan Pryce and Peter Vaughan. My favourite character is the underrated Ann Way (CLOCKWISE) as the housekeeper.
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Laughter and Sin, this is a charming underrated gem
Paul Evans17 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've loved Haunted Honeymoon ever since I was a kid, and saw it in the Cinema. Naturally as you get older you see things with different eyes, and what I remembered as a scary tale of Werewolves is actually a rather sweet, funny and hugely entertaining trip down memory lane.

It's tragic to think that this was Gilda Rander's before she tragically lost her life, but she gives a sparkling performance and bounced of husband Gene Wilder beautifully.

It's a great little tail of Werewolves, deception, Transvestism and jealousy.

I have never been able to decide who's the funniest, whether it's Aunt Kate or Rachel, both are so much fun, Rachel, played by Ann Way is a joy, especially when she's bashing poor Pfister about, she's a diminutive terror.

The music is really nice the whole way through, it's so dramatic, it fits in great with the film, real 80's Chiller feel to it.

I am stunned by the bad reviews that surround this film, to me it's just a bundle of fun. Take Dom LeLuise's performance for what it is, hugely over the top, but truly funny.

Best scene has to be Eagle Rock, which is a show stopper, I love it, Gilda had gorgeous legs. You can't help but smile watching it.

What happens to Larry's old girlfriend Susan, where does she go?? Was the Werewolf talking to Susan in the Wine Cellar, don't know.

I grew up on this film and I still love it, sure it's daft, but it doesn't try to be anything else.
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Wouldn't be fond of the film really...
Irishmoviereviewer27 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I mean I honestly love both Gilda & Gene on this, they showed great chemistry for each other regardless if they were a couple or not. However I didn't find the whole storyline funny in fact wasn't that great to be honest with ya.

I can't tell you how many times I got annoyed when Gene Wilder's kept asking too much to anyone if his tie was 'straight '. Whoever made him say this should've at least make him minimize it, it just hurts your head so much!

Dom Deluise looked quite good in dressing up as a drag queen but he kept popping up as if he played the hero in which he didn't, he's meant to be a supporting character like! It was just annoying whenever someone said a line, he interrupted always! I think they should've picked someone else for the supporting role. I respect him deeply as an actor but he didn't do well in this movie!

I didn't like what Gildas character wedding dress turned out to be, it looked like a white mother of the bride outfit then an actual bride outfit. The wardrobe department should really have gotten a better dress then Gilda would look like an actual bride for her character.

The reason I came upon this film only because of Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner really. The rest can forget about it!
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"I swear to God your tie is straight."
utgard1422 July 2014
Weak homage to old dark house comedy mysteries from the '30s & '40s. As a matter of fact, it actually uses some jokes taken straight from some of those movies. The plot sees two radio stars (Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner) engaged to be married who stay at the family mansion with his eccentric relatives. There a series of strange things happen. Yawn. I had hopes for this one, despite its reputation as being terrible. But it's pretty lame. Wilder and Radner try, but they just can't make a go of such tired material. Dom DeLuise, who benefited more from the pity of his friends than perhaps any other actor in the history of movies, stinks to high heaven. He deservedly won a Razzie Award for his awful performance. This movie has the sad distinction of being Gilda Radner's final film.
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"Underrated Horror Comedy!"
gwnightscream5 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Gene Wilder directs & stars in this 1986 horror comedy co-starring Gilda Radner, Dom DeLuise, Jonathan Pryce and Paul L. Smith. This is sort of a send-up of the 1941 classic, "The Wolf Man" where we meet radio actor, Larry Abbott (Wilder) who is celebrating his wedding engagement to radio actress, Vickie Pearle (Radner). He takes her to the Abbott castle where he grew up for a family reunion hosted by his Aunt, Kate (DeLuise). Larry has a phobia in which he's scared of thunder and lightning since he was a child. Pryce (Brazil) plays Larry's cousin, Charles and Smith (Crimewave) plays Larry's uncle, Dr. Paul Abbott who plans on scaring Larry to death to cure him and has the whole family in on it. Soon, a mysterious killer who may be a werewolf starts stalking the castle and targets Larry. I've liked this film since I was a kid and think it's underrated. Wilder & Radner were great together, the rest of the cast is good as well as John Morris' score. I recommend this.
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Retold Young Frankenstein
Karl10 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While enjoyable (if you haven't seen Young Frankenstein), it reuses a LOT of the gags from the earlier movie. I, having seen, and re-watched, YF a thousand times found it a humorous homage to the earlier movie... with some fascinating twists, but without too much to set it apart. Perhaps it would make a better sequel, but... alas, it is too late to go back and change time. Gene Wilder's character seems, at times, a mix of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory mixed with his YF character, in the same oddities and hair-trigger attitude, with gags from YF mixed in. The supporting cast were rather amusing in their antics, however, if in some cases rather forgettable. However, some managed to make themselves quite outstanding, such as the Butler, who was rather amusing with his interchange with the Maid. Jonathan Pryce, playing a cousin or some such (I just got done watching it and I can't recall the names, hrm) managed to play a hippy-esque man, which is actually quite amusing, especially since he was one of the potential villains and he pulled off the suspense quite well. Dom DeLuise was, as always, quite funny... if a little odd and fabulous.
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Nothing But Trouble !
ahmed elshikh21 July 2011
Gene Wilder is a bit quirky. For sometimes, some far times, he's funny. But for most of the times he's not. And when he supposes whatever he does as comedic, then it is pretty annoying and nasty. Goggling by his eyes, among other trademark stuff, can't be considered a reason for Ha Ha in my book, rather Boo Hoo ! So when I read that he managed to be one of the most lovable comedians, then naturally it means "In America", and when he's chosen as one of the most important 50 actors in history, by Empire Magazine, then it's not a favorite issue !

His work as a director tried to be different. Great or laughable are things to argue about achieving them there. Now, I don't want to weigh him as a director by this movie, because – obviously – it's nobody's feat.

It has ambition which couldn't hold a candle to. The movie is possibly a parody of some themes in the horror genre, mostly related to the hunted house. Yet nothing is interesting further than its first scene !

There is an assured emptiness. While it doesn't want to build itself on borrowing certain scenes from older movies to imitate ironically it doesn't find something to show. Even the characters are less than catchy. And the whole cast was wasted, doing nothing memorable at best.

So Wilder, as a writer and director, didn't find a lot to be made. In any genre that's disappointing, however in comedy; it's ultra disappointing !

In that era, the horror spoof was in fashion. Saturday the 14th (1981), National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982), Pandemonium (1982), Dead End (1985) and Saturday the 14th Strikes Back (1988). Well, Haunted Honeymoon (1986) falls in the end of the list. It's poor, freakily usual, long TV sketch. It makes bad movie like Nothing But Trouble (1991) more vital, surprising, and full !

P.S : I still remember this due to the fact that I watched it through a try to set a record in watching many movies in just couple of days. So in 13 and 14 / 7 / 2000 I watched : Forrest Gump, Jungle Fever, Ghosts of Mississippi, Haunted Honeymoon, The Trigger Effect, and Sherlock Holmes Returns. How Haunted was I !
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way underrated
esult4 March 2009
This is a surprisingly well-made movie. It's funny, sure, but not in the punchliney way you'd expect. It's more that the whole thing is just so unexpected. Gene Wilder is completely charming and does some great understated acting in this film; Gilda Radner is funny everywhere she goes. Dom DeLouise pulls off a great drag character, and no one works too hard on their jokes--it's just a good time, filmed with surprising confidence. Though it looks like it's going to be another bad script with tired jokes for a niche videostore crowd, it's actually an extension of many of Mel Brooks' best directorial moments. It even has a Brooksian meta- narrative about film-making. I imagine it might look silly and dated on a TV screen with a movie channel logo in the corner, but when it's treated like a film instead of a schlock night, it's a respectable piece of work well worth anyone's time.
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Excellent movie with a certain cult value...
isinofre21 August 2008
We purchased this movie because we learned that Gilda starred in it right before her death. I had wanted to introduce my daughter to Gilda's interesting style of humor and, since she loves Gene Wilder so much (we watch Young Frankenstein twice a week, at least), she instantly loved this one, as well.

At first, the plot line is terribly hard to fathom and I had to watch it several times to catch all the straggling ends. However, once you understand what's really happening, the story within the story within the story, then you can really begin to enjoy the subtle jokes, the attention to detail in the sets and costumes, the excellent performances by one and all. Of course, Gene and Gilda are enchanting together and she shines in her role as only she could do. Dom DeLuise played the Great-Aunt perfectly, but my favorite in the movie was Jonathan Pryce whose performance was exceptional. My grand-daughter's favorite part of the movie is Gilda and Dom's singing and dancing to "Ball in the Jack". We have to play that part over and over for her so she can dance with them.

Haunted Honeymoon is worth watching several times and worth returning to, often.
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Fun combination of horror and comedy. I wish the movie had more laughs in it though.
Boba_Fett113817 July 2007
It's amazing that a movie with such a concept and people involved wasn't more fun to watch. The movie seriously lacked some good laughs at times and I feel that the movie in its core had far more potential.

It's obvious that Gene Wilder wanted to make a Mel Brooks kind of movie. The movie definitely has the same atmosphere and ideas as "Young Frankenstein". Unfortunately its not as good and it shows how much quality Mel Brooks actually has, to have the skill to have simple, predictable and silly humor and still make an hilarious and classic movie with it.

The humor in this movie is just as absurd and predictable and unfortunately it just doesn't always work out.

The story is totally uninteresting and just serves as an excuse to put as many crazy characters as possible into the movie. It's a weird looking bunch with Dom DeLuise playing a woman! Could be me but I thought the sight of him was pretty darn hilarious! Halve of the time I didn't even bother to wanted to know what the story was all about, it was that absurd really!

The movie of course also features Gene Wilder but unfortunately he hasn't given himself better material and dialog to work with. So it's hardly his best or most comical role. The movie further more also features Jonathan Pryce, in one of his earlier movie roles.

Quite frankly I don't understand who the movie has such a bad reputation. I mean the movie is not all that bad. Yes, you have to like these sort of movies (Mel Brooks-type of humor movies) but I've seen far worse genre movies receiving far better criticism. It just doesn't seem really fair.

The special effects are definitely acceptable for its genre and year it was made in. So was its make-up and its entire professional visual look.

If you like these type of movies its very well worth seeing, though it's definitely not the best movie in its genre that is around.


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Haunted Honeymoon is enjoyable for Gilda Radner's final movie
tavm28 August 2006
Having heard for years how awful Haunted Honeymoon was and long wanting to see Gilda Radner in her last movie, I taped this last night while the Emmys were on. Now that I've seen it, I can now say nobody in the cast and crew have anything to be ashamed about. I love the performances in the radio studio with Radner and Gene Wilder playing characters in a show with the same title as film. Dom DeLuise is amusing as Aunt Kate. But I want to really praise the hard-of-hearing butler Pfister (Bryan Pringle) who, because Wilder tells him his fiancée is slightly deaf, keeps shouting at Radner. And, yes, like many other comments here, I love Wilder's using someone else's legs as his in front of policemen. I also loved the "Ballin' the Jack" number between DeLuise and Radner and Radner's joke about the bug on the windshield. So in short, if you're a fan of all three stars, seek this out by all means!
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haunted honeymoon
lecare2219 March 2006
Okay, so it wasn't everyone's best work. If you look at it with no presupposed ideas about everyone, you will find a nice funny movie. There are bits which are priceless. If you think of the humor they were all trying to put forth with Gilda so sick and Gene so worried, maybe it will help to understand somewhat why more attention wasn't paid to a script or to more proper editing. I still find it a breathe of fresh air compared to a lot of movies released in the last 20 years. And isn't it rather funny to see an Englishman do an American accent badly, which was what they were supposed to be doing? It is a comedy, for crying out loud. It wasn't made as a movie to win a Nobel peace prize, but I am sure you will smile and even chuckle a little. Pop some popcorn, settle back, and enjoy.
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Gilda Radner's autobiography offers some insight.
Lee Eisenberg6 March 2006
When "Haunted Honeymoon" was released, the critics panned it and almost no one saw it. But it does have a certain charm to it. Featuring Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner as husband-and-wife-to-be Larry Abbot and Vickie Pearle staying in a Gothic mansion where there may or may not be a werewolf, the movie's completely silly but pretty funny. There's certainly an air of "Young Frankenstein" here. Dom DeLuise looks really zany playing a woman, and the movie also stars Jonathan Pryce and Paul Smith (the prison guard from "Midnight Express").

If you want to know more about this movie, read Gilda Radner's autobiography "It's Always Something". She talks about how they filmed it, and Gene Wilder stayed in England to edit it. While he was there, Chernobyl happened. So, she was worried about him in Europe with a radioactive cloud hanging over it.

I wonder what ever became of Gene Wilder. He seems to have disappeared ever since Gilda Radner died.
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"This is just a filthy pigment of my diseased imagination." Unscary & unfunny comedy horror.
Paul Andrews8 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Haunted Honeymoon is set in the 1930's & starts in a radio studio where 'Manhattan Mystery Theatre' is going out live, actor Larry Abbot (Gene Wilder) & his co-star Vickie Pearle (Gila Radner, Wilder's then wife & her last film before she died) are soon to be married. However the engagement to Vickie has set a screw loose in Larry's head & he often can't control himself on-air. The shows sponsor Charlie (Lou Hirsch) is about to fire him when Larry's psychiatrist Brother Dr. Paul Abbot (Paul L. Smith) assures Charlie that he can cure Larry by literally scaring the condition out of him when the entire Abbot family meet up together at their large ancestral mansion to celebrate Larry's engagement. As the guests begin to arrive strange things start to happen, Larry's Aunt Kate (Dom DeLuise) talks of a Werewolf, a family member (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) is murdered shortly after being told the contents of rich Aunt Kate's will, Larry begins to start seeing ghosts & quickly discovers not everything is as it appears...

Staring, co-written & directed by Gene Wilder this is one tragic mess of a film, just about a complete failure on almost every level. The script by Wilder & Terence Marsh is supposed to pay homage to the old dark haunted house mysteries from the 30's like The Cat and the Canary (1939) among others. Unfortunately it also tries to mix other genres as well, comedy, musical & horror, quite simply it doesn't work in the slightest. The comedy elements are so unfunny I couldn't believe it, I did not laugh once during this film. It tries far too hard with all out slapstick, comedy sound effects & sequences which probably looked OK on paper but ended up being far from OK in the finished product. Scenes of Wilder trying to pass a dead body off as a living person by dancing with it in front of two idiotic cops (Billy J. Mitchell & R. J. Bell) is embarrassing to watch, or a scene in which Wilder is sitting on top of a stuffed moose head hiding from a snake is just dumb & Dom Deluise in drag as Aunt Kate is a truly hideous & laugh free image. Not one single moment of supposed comedy in Haunted Honeymoon worked for me, the jokes are far too drawn out & predictable. The mystery elements are better but are all but lost amongst the lame attempts at humour & nothing is explained, the killer is revealed but how he achieved certain things are unclear like them walking down a wall & those crazy mirror effects. There is even a brief musical interlude as Vickie & Aunt Kate perform a little number, once again it just comes across as embarrassing to watch. I also hated the ending, it makes a mockery of everything that precedes it & is just lazy & clichéd. One area in which Haunted Honeymoon does succeed is with it's good atmosphere, the period production design & sets are excellent & really capture the feel of those old horror mysteries. The cinematography & special effects are good & generally speaking Haunted Honeymoon is very well made with that Hollywood polish about it. The acting is pretty bad by all involved including Wilder whom I usually like, perhaps he was more concerned about behind-the-camera activities as director rather than acting in front of it, Dom Deluise is highly annoying & irritating as Aunt Kate. As far as I'm concerned Haunted Honeymoon is a complete failure as either a horror mystery or a comedy & I just can't see what sort of film goer this would appeal too & enjoy it. Haunted Honeymoon was Wilder's last directorial effort to date which says it all really, you have been forewarned!
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A Weak Horror Comedy
Theo Robertson4 October 2005
If you watch the opening title sequence you can easily understand the problem with the rest of the movie : A transvestite falls dying against a window consciously telling the audience " It's not what you think , it's not what you think " . Seconds later something stirs in the bushes back to camera , the figure turns and we see it is a werewolf - then the action cuts to a radio studio ! And that sums up the movie . Camp transvestites are not laugh inducing while sequences that reveal the previous action was part of radio play is akin to someone waking up and discovering it was a bad dream . Bad dream sequence = bad movie

I know that fusing comedy with horror is never easy but when you've got some talented people behind and in front of the camera you should demand more . Gene Wilder directs and he worked on YOUNG FRANKENSTIEN . Trying to tell me he forgot everything he knew from that classic comedy horror ? I also couldn't noticing that most of the cast are British . You'll recognise most of their faces if not their names and you can't help but notice their absolutely atrocious American accents ! I really do hate it when American actors try ( And fail ) to do British accents and we've got a trans Atalantic role reversal here . Trying to tell me Jonathan Pryce couldn't have done better ?

I won't waste any more words on this movie except to reiterate that it's a lazily written , badly acted and hugely disappointing film
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Haunted Honeymoon - Great Movie
lizgo28 September 2005
Just watched this film recently. Its one of those films always on TV and you think you've watched it. Well I hadn't actually watched it for nearly 20 years, what a fantastically funny film! I particularly loved the scene where Gene Wilder in in the basement with the dead body (legs hanging out) and the cops think the legs are Gene's. I thought I was going to have a heart attack there and then, the tears were rolling down my cheeks. Its a great film with a couple of real scary moments too! Highly recommended (as with all Gene Wilder films). I only found out recently that Gilda Radner died shortly after filming this movie. She was Gene's wife in the movie and in real life.
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Haunted Masterpiece
MillenniumFilmBuff25 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was brought this movie for £4.99 over a decade ago when I was still a youngster.. and I must say its a very underrated film. Most films are underrated. Its only the hyped ones usually which are overrated.

The basic premise is that Larry Abbott and Vicky Pearle are radio stars who are due to get married - but then it becomes clear something isn't quite right with Larry and a doctor becomes involved in a plot to cure him, yet it might cost Larry in the long run. However, it becomes apparent that a plot is being set to kill Larry Abbott after an attempt on Aunt Kate's life fails.

The cast are fantastic and old fashioned which is just what makes a film what it is - Dom DeLuise is wonderful as are Gilda and Gene! I don't know why so many people slate Gene Wilder. He is a good actor and there is nothing wrong with his direction. The comedy isn't half bad and the murder plot might not be anything new but its still a decent storyline. As for plot holes, I couldn't see many. The villain is truly menacing and it becomes pretty obvious who the villain is early on during this feature because clues which are not subtle at all are thrown in but its still entertaining and it does have some great comedy moments.

Yet, there are still a couple of unanswered questions and things to mull over at the end which makes it somewhat symbolic. Not a bad film by any means at all and certainly worthy of today's cinema.
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Great Performances; Lousy Movie
gftbiloxi18 April 2005
I enjoy Gene Wilder, and certainly I'll be the first to say that he has done some wonderful work both on screen and behind the scenes in many films. But he is also the frothy sort of artist who is at his best when firmly grounded by the restraint of a hardnosed director--and for HAUNTED HONEYMOON he had no such restraints. He was writer, director, and star, and the result is way too much froth and not nearly enough substance.

The premise of the film is clever, a parody of the spooky-comedies of the 1940s and 1950s that were popularized by the likes of Red Skelton, Abbot and Costello, and Crosby and Hope. Two radio stars (Wilder and Radner) have become engaged and they rush off to the groom's ancestral home for the wedding... and promptly encounter everything from cobras in the closet to werewolves in the winecellar. And the script and production values are often quite amusing, with repeated references to James Whale's 1930s classic THE OLD DARK HOUSE, and even the score borrows a few phrases from "I've Written A Letter To Daddy" from WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? But the plot goes no where, and not even the stars of the film can save it.

Which brings us to why the film is nonetheless worth watching. Wilder is excessive, to say the least, but his failings here are as director and writer; as a performer he manages quite well. And his co-star is the late and much missed Gilda Radner. Sadly, Radner never found her place on the big screen before her untimely death, and HAUNTED HONEYMOON is no exception; Wilder doesn't seem to know how best to display her talents. But even so, there are moments when she illuminates the film to a remarkable comic degree, giving the viewer a glimpse of what might have been if the role had been more carefully tailored to her talents. And then there is Dom DeLuise, who offers a hilarious throw-away performance in drag as Aunt Kate... And when Gilda and Dom join forces to perform the old Vaudeville song "Ballin' the Jack" the result is pure movie magic.

Unfortunately, though, it isn't enough. The story is just too weak, too many of the one-liners fall flat, too often cast members who might have given great comic performances are neglected. I'll give it three stars... one each for Wilder, Radner, and DeLuise. But I'm erring on the generous side. Incidentally, this film is not to be confused with a Robert Young-Constance Cummings effort of the 1930s, also entitled HAUNTED HONEYMOON and based on the play and novel by mystery author Dorothy Sayers--a very good film, by the way, which sad to say has never been released to the home market.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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