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Another inferior "sequel"

Author: gridoon2016
21 January 2008

"Hardbodies 2" is harmless, aimless and plot less. I would add "brainless" to that list, but the movie-within-a-movie gimmick, although not done very well, helps it to narrowly escape that label. The scenery has changed from the California beaches to the Greek islands, and the only returning cast members from the first film are Sorrells Pickard (the bearded guy) and Roberta Collins (who at one point falls into a mud pit, bringing back memories of her classic catfight with Pam Grier in "The Big Doll House"). All the other actors are new, but apparently Brad Zutaut is supposed to be playing the same character (Scotty) as Grant Cramer did in "Hardbodies". This sequel lacks the energy and appeal of the first movie, and doesn't come close to matching it in the "hotness" department, either. Of course Brenda Bakke and Fabiana Udenio are both very pretty, but the Teal Roberts - Cindy Silver - Kristi Somers team is unbeatable. "Hardbodies 2" is not the worst of its kind by any means, but if you only want to see one of these movies, the original is the one to get. (*1/2)

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soap opera/romance

Author: disdressed12 from Canada
27 March 2011

wow.i thought the first Hardbodies was lame.this was's a cross between a soap opera and a romance.there's no comedy involved that i could see.but like the first one,there are of course topless women.the acting in this one isn't very good,but neither is the script or the dialogue.and the music isn't memorable in the slightest.really there isn't much merit to this movie that i can think of.however,as bad as this movie is i have seen a number of movies that are worse than this one.still,i wouldn't recommend it,even with the topless women.but that's just my opinion.the current rating on this site is a 2.3.i would rate it a little higher simply because of the number of worse movies i have seen.for me,Hardbodies 2 is a 3/10

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Absolutely Wretched

Author: Enforcer686 from United States
10 October 2012

I normally consider myself a bit of a tough guy when it comes to enduring bad movies. Somewhat in the way alcoholics build up a tolerance to hard liquor, I have a thick skin against terrible cinema provided there are at least a few redeeming moments. Inspired by nostalgia for late night cable TV, the only way to see nudity and real debauchery as a kid in the '80s, I decided to watch this wreck on an ultra cheap DVD. But it hit me a Mike Tyson (circa 1987) uppercut. I couldn't watch all of it. It's THAT bad. And I can enjoy basically any CANNON GROUP production (horrid cheeseball '80s action producers) ever made! A much better movie that accomplishes somewhat of what they were trying to do here is Summer Lovers featuring a very young Daryl Hannah. Or the original and much better Harbodies.

The entire premise of these '80s airhead summer teen sex movies is naked flesh, but at least some of them had a certain level of comedy or sexiness. But nothing here is funny, or particularly sexy. Brenda Bakke is absolutely stunning, but no one gets to do anything worthwhile because the movie is a failure from start to finish. I guess simply admiring her beauty is worth something (and most starlets did not have fake body parts back then, which is very refreshing). But overall, life is too short to watch movies like this. Or review them. Hey wait.....I just wasted.....uhh THE END.

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Hardbodies 2: not that bad but not nearly as good as orig

Author: alex (mousenhowz) from United States
31 July 2011

This one was better with a second look but still is a lame sequel to the superior summer greatness of "Hardbodies". Like somebody said in a another review and paraphrasing, the slapstick was overblown and very unfunny. The eye candy in the movie is worth the price of admission. The acting is bad in most cases but the main leads do good with the material that they have.

The best thing I could suggest is get the two-pack of both films and view Hardbodies 2 on it's own merit if it has any at all.The cowboy guy from the first movie returns in the second one as well as the real estate lady from the first one but all is lost in the translation. This movie is for completest only in the 80s summer beach flick genre.

If you are new to this genre try the 80s classics "The Beach Girls" "Spring Break" and the orig "Hardbodies" before trudging your way through this one.

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An enjoyably silly sequel to the deliciously raunchy original

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
23 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A bumbling group of American filmmakers go to Greece to make a cheesy movie. Dashing lead actor Scotty Palmer (a charming performance by Brad Zutaut) falls in love with the lovely and radiant Cleo (a marvelously sweet and personable performance by the strikingly gorgeous Fabiano Udenio of "Summer School" fame), a fetching local waitress who's cast as the female star of the flick. Meanwhile the other cast and crew members fumble and stumble their way through the chaotic shooting of the picture. Director/co-writer Mark Griffiths relates the busy plot at a constant snappy pace and pitches the blithely crude and dumb humor at an amusingly broad level. The cast have a field day with their colorful roles: Zutaut and Udenio make for engaging leads, James Karen has a ball as smarmy lecherous cheapskate producer Logan, Brenda Bakke is perfectly snooty as Scotty's snippy fiancé Cleo, Sorrells Pickard does a pleasing reprise of the supremely affable Carlton Ashby, plus there are neat supporting turns by Sam Temeles as Scotty's goofball buddy Rags, Roberta Collins as Logan's perky, no-nonsense wife Lana, Louise Baker as daffy klutz production assistant Cookie, and Alexandros Mylonas as flamboyant gay production designer Brucie. The jokes about such subjects as dope, making love in airplane bathrooms, out-of-control chainsaws, and hack no-talent actresses making ill-advised stabs at auditioning for the female lead are admittedly pretty stupid, but are done in a breezy and good-natured manner that still proves to be quite funny just the same. Moreover, there's an ample amount of yummy bare distaff skin and the Greek island scenery looks absolutely beautiful. Tom Richmond's bright, sparkling cinematography and the bouncy score by Jay Levy and Eddie Arkin are both up to speed. An entertainingly inane diversion.

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O.K., so it's not "The Godfather"

Author: Tomlonso
3 November 1999

But it doesn't try to be. If you judge it in relationship to it's genre (coming-of-age teen nudie flick) it's - not bad. Bare bones plot and no characters worth remembering, but attractive models (they don't act enough to call them actresses) and a lack of false pretension or nudge-nudge-wink-wink sensuality make this worth a $1 or less rental fee. It's a guilty pleasure, like Moon Pies and cheesecake.

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Another film featuring blissful beaches on blue bays and beautiful bare bosoms

Author: L. Denis Brown ( from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
20 August 2004

This film was produced and released as a successor to a ghastly - although fairly popular - slapstick Californian beach comedy called Hardbodies, but it has little or no connection with the earlier film and is better assessed completely in its own right. It is certainly better than Hardbodies I, and is more closely related to films such as Venus and Summer Lovers which were also filmed during summer in the Greek Islands. The combination of blissful beaches on blue bays with beautiful bare bosoms makes for seductive viewing, but (except for travelogues just designed to help plan your next holiday) even such films require an adequate story line if they are to hold a viewers attention for more than a very few minutes. Venus was underpinned by the legend of the re-incarnation of the goddess, and Summer Lovers had the viability of a "menage a trois" as its theme. In my view both these films were much more successful than Hardbodies II which has a very tenuous story line and depends too much on simplistic semi-slapstick comedy. The use of slapstick quickly becomes tedious, it usually leads to a series of very short self contained cameo sequences that are hard to integrate into an ongoing story line. Mel Brooks achieved this brilliantly with Silent Movie, but few other films have succeeded in the same way, and Hardbodies II unfortunately does not. There is also the problem that the slapstick sequences do not co-habit happily with the idyllic and peaceful scenario in which the film is set. The final airport sequences were no doubt intended to provide a hilarious ending for this film but in my opinion they are an example of the worst type of overplayed slapstick pseudo-comedy. They are also grossly overlong, so I left the cinema with a bad taste left in my mouth. This is a film which could have been much more successful with a stronger story line and with most of its slapstick sequences very heavily pruned. As it was released it certainly does not warrant a viewers rating higher than 3.

There is little memorable in the acting, but the cast does its best within the limitations imposed by a meagre story line and poor direction - it is in these latter areas that the failure arises.

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watch the original instead

Author: Jac-15 from USA
29 June 1999

Pointless movie about making a movie. No where near the flesh shown in the original, which was quite enjoyable and even had fun music. Not here.

It's always fun seeing the Pathmark guy though.

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Guilty Pleasures indeed

Author: queenb80 from United States
10 October 2005

I know what you're thinking...Why did anyone give this movie an 8? Well, the movie isn't your typical jiggle and giggle fest from the 80s. It concerns the cast of a soft core movie filming in Greece and the relationships and comedy that go along with shooting. Brad Zutaut plays the young actor who falls in love with a Greek waitress and persuades her to play his leading lady in the film and in his real life. He already has an annoying fiancé who spends all his money and with holds sex from him. The leading lady is played by one of the most beautiful actresses of the 80s (or anytime for that matter)Fabiana Udenio. She does an excellent job.James Karen makes the most of his role as a cheating film director. If Zutaut looks familiar you may have seen him in L.A. Goddess and Knockouts but most importantly you may know him for his later work. He left acting and went on to become the CEO of Xingtone; a company that makes people able to up load their favorite songs onto their cell phone and not just the stupid top 40 crap they advertise on the tele. He has done the world a great service.When you're watching this film you can tell he's too good for it. He's charming and has great screen presence. I actually liked this film better than the original and that's because of Brad Zutaut. Three cheers for Brad Zutaut. Master thespian! Comic Genius! Man who made it possible for my cell phone to play "And we danced" by the Hooters. That alone is reason to give his film an 8! Watch this film if you have an hour and a half free or if you can't find the remote.

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An improvement over the original

Author: Matthew_Capitano from Beverly Hills, CA
19 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Do you have nothing to do for the next 90 minutes? Well, here you go - 'Hardbodies 2'! It's a classic masterpiece of American cinematic perfection... OK, that's horse-crap, but I'll bet you chuckle your butt off, that is, if you're like me. Have a couple of shots of Captain Morgan and sit back and let yourself laugh at this wildly silly comedy.

James Karen is a blast as a movie company director filming overseas. He loves the cute women on the set, except when he gets a fist or a door slammed into his nose, then he lets out the funniest yelp of pain. There are many pretty girls who take off their tops... those are the best parts of the film. All the guys in the movie... well, who gives a crap?

Yula Gavala is funny as an aspiring Greek actress who performs scenes from a play for an actor held hostage.

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