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Hannah and Her Sisters is old-fashioned in another sense: its plot has the elegant geometry of a Philip Barry play. [Feb 3, 1986]
Chicago Tribune
A joy to behold, a complex film that never loses either its sense of purpose or sense of humor. [7 February 1986, Friday, p.33]
Los Angeles Times
Mellow, beautiful, rich and brimming with love, "Hannah" is the best Woody Allen yet and, quite simply, a great film. [7 February 1986, Calendar, p.6-1]
San Francisco Chronicle
Sad funny and richly romantic, everything that makes Allen’s movies so beloved. [7 February 1986, Daily Notebook p.76]
He (Allen) makes nary a misstep from beginning to end in charting the amorous affiliations of three sisters and their men over a two-year period.
Chicago Sun-Times
Allen's writing and directing style is so strong and assured in this film that the actual filmmaking itself becomes a narrative voice.
The New York Times
Virtually nonstop exhilaration--a dramatic comedy not quite like any other, and one that sets new standards for Mr. Allen as well as for all American moviemakers. [7 February 1986]
There's a sense of ease and contentment to it that has never been so prominent in Allen's work before.
Allen has infused it with wit, a superb cast and his usual "the best direction is the least direction" style.
Chicago Reader
There's no real resonance between the two halves of the film, yet Allen keeps things moving quickly enough that the film only reveals its basic shapelessness once it's over.

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