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very funny 80's comedy!

Author: steve layne
24 August 1999

i really like this movie. i first saw it in the late-80's or very early 1990. i still watch it now. it's a movie about a troublesome,but cool dude named dan who steals a cool car that has a quarter of a million dollars in it from mobsters. he goes to a special school to hang out with his buddy greg,and meet girls over at a near by school for girls. the dean of the school is very funny in a lot of scenes. but the funniest person in this movie is the dean's pet student named carl. carl steals every scene he's in. the dean also does business with the same mobsters who dan stole from. the mobsters later get a lead from the dean on who stole their money,and car. the dean hates dan,and greg. he's always sending his pet student carl to see what dan,and greg are doing. some people might think the comedy in this movie is stupid,but i think it's very funny,and entertaining. it's kind of unknown. but it has been on USA late at night before. but not very often. all in all a very funny,cool,and entertaining movie. i give free ride *** out of ****

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The Hershberger does it again

Author: videorama-759-859391 from adelaide, australia
28 May 2014

If you like Garry Hershberger in Paradise Motel, you're gonna love him in this infectious film, where adventure and comedy have never blended so beautifully. Free and easy class act, Dan Garten, who intimately we'd all like to be, unbeknown to him, steals a mobster's Ferrari with a lot of money, tucked under the upholstery, while trying to impress an older more mature classy chick, not only with this, but his crock of Nam stories. He crashes at this campus, his temporary refuge, where he beds with his old mate. Just watch Dan Garten's entrance into a female shower block, where a young pretty lass is is watering down. As an actor, Hershberger has this sort of charisma, he carries well across the screen. He assumes this role perfectly, with nothing really more to play than a cocky, smart alecky, son of a.... He's not the held back, push over, worrisome kid he was in Paradise Motel. He's much the opposite. With the mobsters after him, while doing a bit of a job on their mobster's father's hand, can Dan and his pals stay alive long, to defy the mafioso, who've got Dan's luscious blonde girlfriend. I'll tell you all the while, you'll be greatly entertained and amused, especially when you see what free rides can get you at college, like boosting those grades, or having an entourage do your labor and toil in the school work shed, when you have some pig of a counceler who's got it in for ya, but I guess Dan drew first blood there, with his college ground entrance, via his fancy wheels you gotta see. One notable performance, I have to give credit to, is that of Peter Deluise, before he hit Jump Street, as a bullying thug, with not too much upstairs, where revenge on him is nothing but sweet. You'll really find that this 86 movie is so much fun. It puts the F in it. I still love it as much, every time I watch it, where sometimes an adventure comedy is better than just a comedy comedy. Mind you, you could find this film pretty funny. I know I did.

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Mindless entertainment

Author: (Warp-5) from Brisbane, Australia
14 September 1999

I've always been a fan of the 80's teen movie genre and this movie contains all the elements. "Free Ride" may not be the greatest movie you'll ever see, but it is entertaining. It's no "Breakfast Club," but it isn't "School Girl Screamers" either.

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Very funny 80s Comedy. Another winner from Moustapha Akkad (HALLOWEEN)

Author: RTheManF89 from United States
24 November 2008

This was actually the first movie I bought after the power came back on. And I have to say, it was $15 well spent. I happen to like some 80s comedies. Now onto the movie. Apologies for the rather short intro.

On the eve of his first day at Monroe Prep, Dan Garten (Played by Gary Hershberger) decides to try his luck one more time at a prestigious nightclub. Failing to pique a most attractive woman's interest with all of his once-popular lines, he finally wins her attention after pretending to own a red sports car parked in the valet parking lot. When the mob realizes that their car as well as $250,000 which is stuffed under the driver's seat of the car have just disappeared off the lot, an outrageous pursuit begins.

Overall, this film was pretty funny and had some funny jokes such as the penis enlarger lotion gag. This movie has yet to receive an official DVD release, so if you can find a copy, I think you should get it.

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A great fun ride of a movie, Hershberger style

Author: PeterMitchell-506-564364 from Australia
13 February 2013

Some guys have got it so easy. They're so cool, you wanna be just like them. Such is the case with Free Ride. Hershberger, who played a more introverted and insecure guy in his prior hit, Paradise Motel, plays a overly smug, take life day by day, sort of guy. Cracking a hot, and slightly older chick, feeding her a corny line about his Nam days. It isn't long before they're coasting along in a corvette, that isn't his by the way. Neither is the mob money stashed under his seat. Re- attending this old college of his, using it as a sort of safe haven, reunited with one of his old buddies, he couldn't of had it better. His grades go from D's To A's. He has the school shed, spick and span, without having to lift a finger, only when attached to a hand, containing notes he supplies to his workers, a hundred a pop. But the mob is moving in, where soon the walls start close in, with Hershberger, finally having to admit to his pals about his jackpot. On campus, we have a lot of fun too, with Hershberger, stumbling across a short hottie, taking a shower. One lucky, nerdy sort, SOB, is forced to share a bed with her, he actually complains about it. Hershberger and pals too perv on a couple of nudies in a shower block, from a telescope, sort of reminiscent with Porky's. Near the end, things take a serious turn when these idiot mobsters snatch Hershberger's girl, a blonde hottie, who he also uses the Nam line on, this girl, also finding it a crock. Now they must hatch a plan to get her back, even if involves some camouflage, and a plan of attack, army style, as these mob guys are no dummies. We too have 21 Jump Street's Peter De luise as a bullying peer who gets in one hell of a sticky situation, you would way, involving wacky glue. Shouldn't of filled that little hottie's bed with shaving cream. Free Ride is one of the most exciting comedies of 86. It's such great fun, and has a coolness about it, especially when you have Hershberger steering the film, much more a t.v. actor by his resume, this flick, one of only a couple he did, which is a shame. He has great appeal as an actor.

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This movie STINKS

Author: Richard-110 from San Antonio
27 April 1999

I've seen B-rated horror movies that are bad, but none approach the stupidity of this movie. Without question, this has to be the worst movie I've ever seen. Read the dictionary instead of watching this movie.

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