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amiable fish-out-of-water comedy
Michael Neumann18 November 2010
Or: how to succeed in business without really trying.

This modest comedy makes it look easy, showing an overeager, undersexed immigrant, newly arrived in London from his native Calcutta, impersonating a physician at a roadside accident and then carrying the charade to enormous success after setting up an exclusive Harley Street practice, despite having an only rudimentary knowledge of medicine. It proved to be the feature swan song for director Ronald Neame, a fixture in British Cinema since he first worked alongside Alred Hitchcock way back in 1929

The film, like its protagonist, is amiable and ingratiating: a long, lazy social comedy that never overextends its satirical reach.
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Quirky film, worth looking for
Chele-618 July 1999
I first saw this film about 10 years ago, at a friend's house.

Then I spent five years trying to find a copy for myself. I am happy to have one, finally! This is a very funny and quirky film, about a poor East Indian man who wants to become a doctor so badly that he sets up a practice in England under false pretenses. He becomes a favorite doctor of all the rich well to do types in London, and of course many misadventures follow. The best scenes are the ones with Nora Plumb. (NP- Not Permitted?) A fun movie, find a copy and rent it tonight!

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It is an unusually candid movie. It depicts the world around mid 1900s
jongbhak12 February 2012
It is one of movies that poignantly depicts an era. It is plainly descriptive with many silly but candid admission of our time. A historical piece which can be used by future cinema researchers. I watched this when I was in early 20s. I thought it was a kind of silly porn because of the wrong summary of the movie. I think it failed badly in making money because marketers did not understand the value of the movie. Don't be fooled by the cover summary. I was surprised by the story then. I went to the UK to study and found out that the movie has some historical value. I am now in my 40s and I find it a very good movie. I think its average point should be around 8.2.

The music is great and comes in right times.
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Unexpected find: a funny small movie with an interesting cast.
harrisont17 December 2001
It's a charming and funny film whose humor also lampoons class distinctions and cross-cultural differences in a very believable manner. The casting is just perfect. If you can find it, rent it or, better yet, buy it: it's a keeper.
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brunhilda_zim31 December 2000
This movie is hilarious and heart-warming. It is a great thing to turn the channel on the cable box which has all too many worthless t.v.-movies on it and come across a movie that is so cute that you can't stop watching it. This great movie is something rare. A movie with a cute story that doesn't take too much thinking to love it.
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Being at the right place and the right time, Ram Das moves up!
fogie12 November 1999
With the population and desperate economic pressures as they are in India, it is nothing less than a 'miracle' that Ram Das (Victor Banerjee) gets a break to leave for England. There we see his admiration for things 'British' encounter with his own cultural trappings. This alone makes his adventures interesting. However, he is flexible and adapts. As is often the case in the USA as well as Britain, newcomers' expectations are not quite what the 'realities of life' are. Yet they are able to see opportunities ignored by we 'natives' who have grown so used to the possibilities around us and thus we ignore them. The 'outsiders' optimism' is more often than not rewarded beyond expectations. Really a story that's quite believable and very interesting. We've seen this happen time and time again where 'newcomers' come in and expand possibilities just because they don't know any better!

An excellent film and story with much to say. Very, very entertaining. All characters make the stars and story line fully believable. The director doesn't miss much and makes the story and actors work for you. You'll watch this more than once!
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Is there a Doctor in the House? . . . How about someone like a Doctor?
dennis23 February 2010
I enjoy the relationship between Ram and his Uncle I.Q. Uncle is amazing, as a hard worker, dreamer, philosopher and (in this case) schemer for his nephew.

Ram gets to England, and gets a government job on a bus. One day, a woman is unconscious. Ram finds her fascinating. He announces himself as a doctor. Suddenly, everyone around him gives him respect, and does whatever he asks. The woman revives, and wants to re-pay the doctor's kindness.

Ram's Uncle comes up with a brainstorm: become a doctor (who pretty much just acts like a chiropractor, with a good bed-side manner). The story zooms along.

Ram is well-cast, as well as his girlfriend and her mother. Most of the time, the movie goes along slowly, but it is surprisingly tense also. I have watched this movie several times over the last 15 years, and will see it a few more times in the future.
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Nuttin' great but you gotta love that Ram Das
George Parker3 December 2001
"Foreign Body" is a cute Brit flick which tells of a lowly, humble, and naive Calcutta flop-house clerk who manages to make his way to the UK where, with the help of a distant relative, he manages to stumble and bumble his way into a position as a physician to the rich. A fun little "East Meets West" flick with a pleasing performance by Banerjee, a bit part by Trevor Howard, and plenty of nonsense, silliness, and corn, "FB" will be an enjoyable tier-two watch for many.
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