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The ship used in the movie can be found in a boneyard at the Disney MGM Studios Theme Park at Walt Disney World in Florida. It can be seen on the studio tour.
MAX, the ship computer speaks in Bulgarian. When David enters the ship and takes the pilot seat MAX says "Vnimanie! Oblegni se! Chui me!" which means "Attention! Sit back! Listen to me!"
One of the prop hulls was refurbished and is now used as the topper to a drink station in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
When escaping the NASA facility, MAX and David travel "precisely 20 miles from point of origin" in approximately 35 seconds. This is equivalent to a speed of 2,057 miles per hour.
Not originally a Disney movie, the film was being made independently when midway through production the main production company, Producers Sales Organisation (PSO) collapsed. Walt Disney acquired the production in a liquidation sale, picking up all film rights for this film and several others, and also putting up the finance for its completion.
When David's parents pull up to their house in the beginning of the movie, the song playing on the car radio is "You're The One That I Want" from "Grease", also directed by Randal Kleiser.
When MAX, the ship computer, is describing the animals he has on board, he said "That is a Feenastarus from the Pixar Elliptic". This was five years before Pixar, a fledgling special effects computer group at the time, teamed up with Disney, who produced this film.
In his room in Nasa base, David asks when "Starsky and Hutch" is broadcast. Director Randal Kleiser also directed Starsky and Hutch (1975).
The tee shirt worn by the girl at the restroom is for EPCOT Center, the then-new Disney theme park in Florida. Her brother is wearing a Miami Vice tee shirt.
The second film released under the Disney banner to contain profanities (the first being 1981's The Devil and Max Devlin). The word "shit" is said twice.
The music video playing in the scene where David meets Carolyn McAdams is Blancmange's "Lose Your Love."
Complete name of Joey Cramer's character is David Scott Freeman.
The red, white, and blue star seen on the NASA facilities was the Bicentennial Star from 1976 that was designed by graphic designer Bruce Blackburn, who also co-designed the NASA "worm" emblem.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

David's flight to Phaelon and back took "4.4 Solar Hours," while 8 years have passed on Earth, indicating that time was slowed down for David by a factor of about 16,000, which corresponds to a speed of about 99.9999998% the speed of light.

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