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Trust your dreams ...........
merklekranz9 June 2010
The message of "Dreams of Gold" is to never, ever, give up, when you believe in something. Cliff Robertson as Mel Fisher comes across as part treasure hunter, and part salesman, as he steadfastly pursues investors to finance his quest for the Atocha treasure. This pursuit is not without continuous legal battles and personal tragedy. Character development is marginal for Robertson and Switt, and non existent for the remaining cast. All of their children look like surfer's recruited off a nearby beach, and telling who is who is next to impossible. Other than the capsizing calamity, and the actual finding of the treasure, the film has very little substance. - MERK
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a great adventure tv movie
television237 October 2001
I loved this movie. It is really well cast with Cliff Robertson playing the real Mel Fisher. The underwater scenes for television are terrific. I love the music and the boat tipping over sequence is great. Also great is a speech Mel makes about the liberties we have in America which we can't have taken away from us. Go Mel, I agree with you and think you are a great American.
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