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Sorta like... Herbie meets Motocross
intrepidjournalist27 January 2006
This, the Karate Kid Part II, and Flight of the Navigator were the first three movies I ever had on VHS, and boy did I wear them out. This is in many ways the classic 80s kid's movie story. Evil developer/lawyer types want to pave over the hot dog restaurant, or the Goonies' house, or Ernest's summer camp, or Demi Moore's grandparents, and our heroes spring into action!

That hilarious kid who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story plays a nerd in a town where every kid inexplicably has a motorbike (even 12 y/o girls ride pink Vespas). He buys a junky old dirt bike that he fixes up in a montage scene, and the bike comes to life and can do awesome stuff on its own. Using his super-bike, Ralphie must stop a evil, greedy banker from paving over Mike's Dog House, the local hot dog joint.

It's a fun movie for kids, and the good guys win at the end.
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hands down the best film ever
TheDwarf22 April 1999
when my friend told me there was a film about a kid and his crazy flying bike, i said "you're a bold faced liar." but then he got it and i ate my words. not only was the film about a boy and his wacky bike, it was about the love a boy has for being a naive idiot. i swear to you that i've never seen worse acting for a youngin' but that made the movie that much better. with constant continuity errors and a ridiculous plot, this film has it all. i've never enjoyed a film quite as much as the dirt bike kid.
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The Dirt Bike Kid
Coxer9910 August 1999
Ordinary children's adventure about a teen with a magic motorcycle that "brakes" a banker's plans. Mostly unknown cast does what they can, but the film merely remains unforgettable. Pankin, Bloom and Breen are best remembered for the HBO series "Not Necessarily the News."
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One of the best kid movies of the 80's
becke00711 May 2007
Don't listen to the above. This is one of the best pre-teen, teen-age movies of the mid-80's.

While watching this movie today as an adult you see the flaws, but as a kid this movie has it all. The kid who serves as the hero, the evil bank villain, the baseball team, the hot mom, everything. If you want to escape life for 2hrs, this is one of your best bets to do so. Great time for kids and adults alike. Peter Billingsley and his motorcycle are one of the best duos of our time.

Watch this movie and...

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"Mom,you just killed the T.V.!"
beachpants29 September 2000
Casablanca,Citizen Kane,The GodFather and The DirtBike Kid.Its the classic tale of boy meets bike.Boy loses bike.Boy gets bike back but loses Mike's hotdog hangout.The extremely complex plot of this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat,but be prepared for a tear-jerking goodbye between the Kid and the Dirtbike.Watch and have a good ,long cry.
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"This Bike is Special!"
gwnightscream19 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This 1985 comedy-fantasy stars Peter Billingsley, Stuart Pankin, Anne Bloom and Patrick Collins. Billingsley (A Christmas Story) plays young kid, Jack who lives with his mother, Janet (Bloom). After she sends him out to buy groceries, he buys an old dirt bike instead. Soon, Jack discovers it has special abilities like coasting through the air. Pankin (Second Sight) plays Hodgkins, an obnoxious banker who decides to develop a bank where a local hot dog restaurant, Mike's Doghouse is located. Collins plays the owner, Mike who is also Jack's little league coach. With his magic bike's help, Jack tries stopping Hodgkins from demolishing Mike's establishment. This is one of those films from my childhood I've always enjoyed and can't forget. It has silly and a bit of heartfelt moments and Billingsley & Pankin are great in it. I recommend this 80's classic.
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Is this movie about a kid going through a nervous breakdown?
adamukun3 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you are around my age (31 in 2013) you might remember seeing this VHS tape sitting in the video store, you know, the one with Ralphie from A Christmas Story riding a dirtbike. I never rented it because I thought it would be a cheesy piece of crap, but now that I have watched it for free on YouTube, I can now say that my original instincts were only half-correct. It was cheesy, but I still kind of enjoyed it. I was looking for something uncomplicated that I could watch to help unwind after a long day at work. It did the job perfectly.

This is not a good movie in terms of acting, effects, screen writing, or especially plot (save the struggling hot dog place from getting foreclosed on!) but there is still a lot to like. It is very 80s, made most evident by the the synth-heavy soundtrack. Also the whole "extreme" attitude is in full effect toward BMX bikes and dirtbikes and other radical tubular things.

The movie has a lot of memorable moments. My favorite: the local bank sponsors a little league team and then extorts the umpire into calling games in the team's favor because the bank has his mortgage! Right from the start, I had a hard time separating the kid's character in this movie from his role as a wide-eyed youngster in A Christmas Story. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that he plays both parts exactly the same — with manic boyish enthusiasm. In many ways they could be the same kid just in two different time periods.

The plot is your typical stuff, but there was one interesting departure — the kid did not have a love interest. They saved all expressions of heterosexuality for the kid's best friend. In fact Ralphie might have been dirtbike-sexual for all we know. I guess the filmmakers were aiming the movie at young boys who haven't discovered girls yet.

The kid's crazed look at the beginning of the film made me think of alternate interpretation: Ralphie is a poor child of a single parent. A kindly old man offers to sell him a dirtbike yet there is no way he could afford one in a million years. Rather than accept the reality of his destitute situation, Ralphie constructs a fantasy world where he is a hero kid with a magic bike, a starting position on the little league team, a smart-aleck womanizing best friend, and virtuoso computer hacking skills.

So all in all it was worth it to watch this so many years after glancing at it in the video store. It probably would be better to watch this in a group so you can make fun of it together.
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One for the kids
WallMec13 May 1999
I've got to admit, when I saw this movie for the first time I was in primary school, probably in year 4 or 5 and I thought it was the absolute best. I bugged my dad to rent it from the video store week after week after week.

Well, that was 18 years ago and looking back, I cannot believe the stuff they tried to pull off in this movie. I mean a flying bike? Well, having said that I loved it when I was young and so would any child.

One for the kids.
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The user rating here is a joke...
Rich Wright14 November 2013
You know what... I think to a lot of kids growing up in the 80's in America, this was their favourite film. It's got everything a classic wish fulfillment fantasy for children needs: Nice, charismatic good guys... Nasty, hissable bad guys... A taxing central situation that every youngster would be able to relate to (The demolishing of a local fast food restaurant to be replaced by a boring bank)... and of course a wonderful bike. This machine is actually ALIVE. It can jump higher than a kangaroo on a pogo stick, can fly through the sky as if it was operated by a certain ET (there's a reference to this in the soundtrack), and understands it's owners commands. Not to mention moving it's headlights like eyes, and using it's mudflaps to deposit any nearby bad dudes into stinking lakes. Hardehar.

But I'm making this sound like this is strictly a venture for the under 12's. It isn't at all. There's more fun to be had here than a hundred other so-called adult comedies I've seen of late, made by a director, cast and crew who are obviously having a whale of a time. As did I. True, there are some questionable elements. What's with the hero's best friend... a boy who can't be older than 11, being obsessed with bouncing bosoms and Playboy magazine? INAPPROPRIATE. And as for the most obvious stunt double EVER when the kid is doing his loop-de-loops, wheelies and other dangerous stuff... You'd have thought they'd at least get someone who's his height.

But who cares? This goes down as one of my most pleasant surprises of the year, and who knows... if I'd seen it as an impressionable child, perhaps I would have scored it even higher... 7/10
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Beware of biker gangs on your front yard!!!
FilmStalker3 February 2004
That is what a viewer of this movie could have to Stuart Pankin. This story of boy meets strange and possessed dirt bike has the makings of an AFI top one hundred film. This movie has taught me that dirt bikes with minds of their own are a natural thing. If some of these dirt bikes decide to terrorize greedy bankers along the way, throw them in jail! Don't forget, if your kid watches to much television, just cut the cord.

This movie is KWALITY (not to be confused with quality)with a capital K.
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A story about socialist boy:-)
Pawelk19860421 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When you insist that this film can be regarded as Marxist propaganda, is not it smell internationale :-) 12 year old boy struggling with the cruel and ruthless capitalist, but lacked the slogan "kids of all countries unite" But seriously I really liked this movie when I was a kid and still is my favorite. But now, as almost 24 year old guy beginning to see in this film, second bottom, a red bottom :-) This boy is an exemplary socialist fighting with a bad capitalist, really worth seeing this movie. You can even tempted to declare that this film should be the preferred material for teaching the youth section of the Comunist Party. as an example of revolutionary terror against rotten capitalists:-)
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funny? yes. good? also.
BaronVon21 September 2002
some movies are very good. others are very good, but only better. i'd have to say, based on seeing the movie, that the dirt bike kid is the ladder. peter billingsley showed his talent on the christmas story and then again on this movie he showed it again. this doesn't have any of those 'so called' fancy camera angles that other 'good movies' have. it has a real down to earth plot with down to earth actors.
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jptiger413 July 2000
I recently saw the movie on the "DISNEY CHANNEL" and I thought it was magnificant. After seeing this movie I think there should be a flying bike in all of the movies. I give it 40 * out of 40 * One of my most favorite movies of all time. Anyone who likes this one should see cop and a half and problem child 1 and 2
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The greatest movie ever!!!!!
mike-25021 April 1999
Man, I can't get enough of this movie. It's GENIUS!!! A flying bike? Who came up with this brilliant idea? I've seen this movie ten times and I think its gets better with every viewing. Check it out today.
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