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Zac Efron as Ted Bundy Could be Movie Role of a Lifetime, Says Bundy's Lawyer

  • TMZ
Zac Efron taking on the role of Ted Bundy is such dead-on casting, it could be the role Zac is ultimately remembered for ... according to the man who defended the infamous serial killer. John Henry Browne, Bundy's lawyer in the '70s and early '80s, tells TMZ ... Efron's background as a charming heartthrob gives him an edge tapping into Bundy's persona -- the smooth talking, good looking guy who seduced young women. That's the easy part,
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New on Warner Archive Instant: August 2014

  • Cinelinx
Here's a sampling of what's new on Warner Archive Instant for August 2014!

Warner Archive Instant, the streaming video service that features hundreds of movies and TV shows from Warner Bros.' extensive catalog, just added some great titles for August, including James Garner's critically accalimed western series Nichols and a personal favorite, the Hanna-Barbera live action animal disaster film The Beasts Are On The Streets. Yeah, you read that right - a live-action animal disaster film from cartoon greats Hanna-Barbera. You can click right here to read my review of the DVD for Cinelinx. It's cheesy 70's fun.

If you aren't currently subscribed to Warner Archive Instant, you can click right here to get a free two week trial. Trust me, if you love classic movies and television, it's worth it.

Here's what's new:

Nichols: The Complete Series (1971-72) James Garner stars as Nichols, an Army lifer who
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The Unseen: Mark Harmon Channels Ted Bundy in 'The Deliberate Stranger'

  • FEARnet
The Unseen: Mark Harmon Channels Ted Bundy in 'The Deliberate Stranger'
Honestly, I have never been much for serial killer films. Though I will gladly watch a supernatural being chop his way through endless campers, and I’ll cheer while a giant monster wipes out half of the eastern seaboard, serial killers just seem a bit too real to feed my larger-than-life horror lust. Whereas I rarely find myself fretting over giant monsters or supernatural being, serial killers scare me. Yet, I totally understand the appeal and fascination behind them. And occasionally, I find my own interests tweaked towards the serial killer fare.

In my brain Mark Harmon had always been a comedy actor. Sure his roles may require drama on shows like Chicago Hope and NCIS. But Mark Harmon’s primary role in my mind was as Gym/English teacher Mr. Shoop in 1987’s Summer School. This great 80’s flick not only was hilarious, but it gave the horror world
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 1.12: "My Other Left Foot"

  • PopStar
The agents work on an investigation where the foot of a marine is found in a dumpster, with the tattoo, Semper Fi, which is why it's necessary to call in NCIS. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) asks why it's so hard to believe that a woman can find him attractive? And vice versa. Not so hard to believe at all!! Kate (Sasha Alexander) couldn't believe it, especially since Melissa (Stacy Haiduk) was a redhead, but as Tony (Michael Weatherly) said, Gibbs wouldn't get involved with a murder suspect. None of the team would, but this has happened in several episodes. (See ep with Tony and the transsexual in 1.14 Dead Man Talking) Tony's desperate to find the location of Kate's tattoo. What's hard to believe is that Kate would actually have a tattoo. Kate can get drunk. She tells him she's got a heart – a rose on her butt. Gibbs says it's not
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