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Fact-Based Period Dramas Pose New Challenges for Desplat, Silvestri, Brook

Fact-Based Period Dramas Pose New Challenges for Desplat, Silvestri, Brook
Alexandre Desplat

Suffragette” (Focus)

The Danish Girl” (Focus)

Awards season nowadays means cineplexes get classed up with the music of Alexandre Desplat (who won his first Academy Award for 2014’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”), and this year is no exception. Desplat has two fall films with “Oscar” written all over them: “Suffragette” and “The Danish Girl,” both socially conscious films about the plights of oppressed groups.

For “Suffragette,” directed by Sarah Gavron, Desplat wrote stoically martial music carried by a persistent drumbeat rhythm — “to show there’s a war going on that can never stop.”

“I had two older sisters,” he says, “so I’ve been raised more by women than men. I know the value of this equity, and how hard my mother fought for that. I know what women had to go through to get rid of these chains that were keeping them from being equal.”

Desplat accompanies
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Priscilla producer Al Clark to receive Aacta Raymond Longford Award

Veteran Australian producer Al Clark will receive the Aacta Raymond Longford Award in recognition of his three-decade career which has included iconic films such as Chopper and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Clark, who emigrated from the UK in the 1980s after representing music acts such as the Sex Pistols and Phil Collins, has produced or executive produced 19 feature films. He has also served on the board of the Australian Film Commission (1989-1992) and participated in official juries of several international film festivals, including the San Sebastian and Valladolid Film Festivals.

..With a love of films that always transcends the frustrations of getting them made, tried to choose distinctive projects, to navigate them soundly, to find gifted people to work with, and to bring out the best in their considerable talents," Clark said after being told of the award. "I.m grateful to Aacta for
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Goldwyn Takes Rights for Russia's "Edge"

U.S. rights to Russia’s official Academy Award entry "The Edge" by Alexey Uchitel ("Captive") have been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films. The film recently had its U.S. debut at the Palm Springs International Film Festival after premiering at Toronto and other international festivals. Meyer Gottlieb, president of Samuel Goldwyn Films negotiated the deal with Sergei Bespalov, president of Sun Rise Films. Goldwyn plans a Spring 2011 theatrical roll out. ...
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Recap – Persons Unknown 1.03 "The Way Through"

Did you miss last week's Persons Unknown, "The Edge?" Catch up with a recap here.

This week's episode, "The Way Through," begins with one of the security cameras panning the town square, unable to find The Captives. The cameras switch to different angles , but are unable to find the group. They are underground, digging a tunnel underneath the town. At the twenty foot mark, and therefore past the Ads "pain gun," McNair hits metal. It's a steel wall. Janet despairs at yet another blocked exit. Joe bangs on the steel, and a siren sounds. The slats on the wall open, and gas pours into the tunnel. They all hurry out of the tunnel, but Janet is overcome by the gas and passes out. McNair and Joe go back to retriever her and successfully get her about ground. Janet isn't breathing at first, but Joe is able to revive her.

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