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In Portugal, in the early '60s, the corpse of a man brutally murdered appears on Praia dos Ces (Dog's Beach). The corpse is identified as the major Dantas, a man wanted by authorities after his escape from a military prison where he was awaiting trial for insurrection. Although it is a case of the purview of the PIDE (The State Personal Police), the investigations are delivered to the Judicial Police, particularly, the Brigade Chief Elias Santana. This, little by little, will reconstituting, and deducting wondering what will last after the escape of Major and his two accomplices, the architect Fontenova cable and Baroque, performed with the help of overseas lover major, Mena Ataide. Interrogation interrogation Elias penetrates the personalities of the suspects, find out who killed Major and above all, it was a political or crime of passion.


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