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"Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" The B.R.A.T. Patrol (1986)"Disneyland" The B.R.A.T. Patrol (original title)

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Almost as good as I remembered.

Author: andyscott77 from London, ON CANADA
4 March 2002

I was searching through old videos, looking for something to record the hockey final on, and I cam across a tape, dusty and barely a step beyond BetaMax, labeled "B.R.A.T. Patrol". I decided to put that one aside for nostalgia sake. Later that week, I was bored, so I decided to put the tape in, hoping that it may catch my interest for a couple of hours. I loved this movie when I was eleven. It was the coolest thing in the world to me. After watching it again, the clothes are a little dated, but very little else seems cheezy. The military still wears similar uniforms, and the vehicles have also changed very little, if at all. It was kinda fun to look back at this movie that I used to adore, and still see a little bit of fun from when I was a little kid. Disney made a great movie here, and if you've got a 5-10 year old to amuse for an afternoon and you happen to come across this movie, pop it in. You might be surprized.

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good for adventure freaks

Author: Garciaparra from melbourne, australia
4 October 2000

i have been looking for BRAT patrol for over 6 years now. I'm finding that there is little to no hope on a successful outcome. It is a great film which is inspirational and funny. All who love the goonies would love brat patrol. If you ever see it on a stand, dont let the opportunity pass you, i am sure this film will not disappoint you. It is an overall fantastic film and to those who may not agree, it is worth watching for the experience and for children.

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I LOVED this movie

Author: Catherine from Redwood City, CA
30 May 2002

I haven't seen it since it aired on the Wonderful World of Disney when I was eight, but I still remember it - it was definitely one of my favorites. I wish it was available on video! I also loved The Leftovers and Help Wanted: Kids. I miss 80's TV!

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Great Movie!

Author: Garfield Online
28 February 2001

In B.R.A.T. - Born Raised And Trapped - Patrol, Sean plays character, Leonard Kinsey and is co-starred with Jason Presson who plays Raymond McGeorge. While they are "patrolling" the marine base, they accidentally discover a case of illegal equipment trading. They try to tell the authorities, however because of their "glorious history", no one believes them. They take the case into their own hands. They collect evidence, set up traps and more importantly they get themselves into hot water. It is a great film, and sadly it has not been released on video.

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Wish I could find it!!!

Author: Delia Salmons ( from Toronto, Canada
21 July 2002

I, like many other people, saw this movie years and years ago when it aired as a Sunday Disney movie. I fell in love with it (thankfully I'd taped it!), and watched it more times than I can remember. And, like many other people, I'm sure, it got erased by a careless family member and I have yet to find it again. This movie was soooo much fun, and I would LOVE to see it again, now that I'm 22... : ) The inventions were all classic, and Squeak was just the cutest little kid... : ) Somebody, PLEASE release this on video!!!

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Two thumbs up, and where can I find this movie¿

Author: CherubRocket ( from Chapel Hill, NC USA
16 September 2000

Ok, the BRAT Patrol rocked. However, I haven't seen it since I was really young. I actually remember very little about it besides Sean Astin rode a motorized skateboard at the beginning and the patrol used a bunch of chocolate grenades to fake out some army guys. Since it was made-for-TV, it is probably really hard to find, but I'm sure it is out there somewhere. Please email me if you have a copy or know where I can get one. You can also email me if you want me to tell you if I am ever able to find it. Ok, that's it. Later.

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Arcade Machine Taken Apart ?

Author: williambalcomb from United States
23 June 2009

What was the name of the Arcade Machine that was taken apart to make the alarm siren for the bust? I thought this movie was awesome, I watched it on Disney when I was young. But most of those Disney movies are not if impossible to find used or new. I Remember I-Man but can not find it anywhere! Disney would profit greatly if they would release all those great movie titles, like this one on DVD again. Numerous people say they are having problems finding these titles anywhere. How can we enjoy them if they do not exist? Brat Patrol was very creative and well thought out. I liked when all the brats came together and caught that thief with that equipment and their van got stuck in the tunnel... Ha thats funny !

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Brings back memories

Author: WalkAwayRenee from United States
8 April 2008

I watched this when it first aired on one of the networks on Wonderful World of Disney and then saw it again when it aired on cable. Having seen it again as an adult I have to say it brought back a lot of memories. When I was young I wondered why the military brats I knew in my town didn't have such exciting adventures! Loved it then and the years have definitely been good to it. I liked the way the kids looked out for each other and seemed to have a genuine bond that came from always having to move from town to town and never having the stability of long lasting friendships. I grew up in a military town and I can agree that it is hard to see friends come and go as their families are stationed to different bases. These kids needed to feel like they were part of something important and they found it in a group of others who also felt the strain of being shuttled off just as they were starting to gain a sense of belonging.

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Just seeing this now on an Arab satellite channel..

Author: cmdawson from Paris, France
14 October 2003

Probably the only place to find this movie now, wish I had a VCR for those of you who want a copy. Even funnier with Arabic subtitles. BTW if you watch it again keep in mind that Chris Carter wrote it and you will enjoy it even more. It is like you're watching a 12 year old Fox Mulder investigating the base. In fact, you've got the always doubting partner, the slapstick comedy of Mulder and even the computer nerds! Even the language of the main character is like Mulder's.

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Author: hannah from USA
13 February 2002

We taped this one off the tv all those years ago and it's great! I wish it would go on video again so we could have a nice copy. Wise cracking Leo always has something to spit back at the junior marines like "Take it easy, your face is breaking out!" or "look, if you don't want to be made into uncommon denominators, you'd better beat it" (something like that). It's so funny and has a nice ending. Nothing spectacular, but I liked it.

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