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  • Karim Khan is employed as driver for a gangster named Don, who has an accident with his car, and asks Karim to take the blame for it for a hefty sum of cash, which Karim does so, and is imprisoned. But Don does not fulfill his promise, and as a result, Karim's wife, Razia, and new-born son are left destitute. Razia complains to Police Inspector Anwar, who arrests Don and holds him in prison, pending his trial in court. When Anwar finds out that his new-born son, Iqbal, is in need of a pace-maker, which he is unable to afford, he makes a compromise with Don, who lets him have one. Iqbal undergoes surgery and a pace-maker number 786, considered lucky in Islamic faith, is attached to his tiny heart. But Don and a prostitute by the name of Banoo have other plans for Anwar, which they carry out successfully, and abduct young Iqbal, who ends up growing on the streets as an orphan named Allah Rakha. Several years later, Allah Rakha has grown up, and is friendly with a prostitute named Rani, who happens to be the daughter of Banoo. When News-reporter decides to do TV report on Rani's life, she does not realize that she has opened up a Pandora's box, that will bring the past back to life, and expose her life to danger, deceit, and possible death.

  • Karim Khan is employed as a chauffeur by notorious gangster, Don and his colleagues Goga and R.S. Khera. When Don is involved in a vehicle accident he asks Karim to take the blame in lieu of huge sums of cash which Karim does thus he is imprisoned. Unfortunately Don does not keep up with his promise and as a result Karim's wife, Razia and son are left destitute which forces Razia to approach Don instead Don attempts to rape her when she resists her son is killed. Fortunately Inspector Anwar comes to her assistance and manages to arrest Don and placed him in a cell pending trial in a court of law. Meanwhile Inspector Anwar find out that his son, Iqbal needs a pace-maker to survive which only Don can provide so he decides to let go of Don in lieu of the pace-maker but Don is not satisfy with this and wants to extract further revenge from Anwar by hiring a prostitute, Banoo to ensnare Anwar which she does resulting in Anwar getting separated from his wife, advocate Salma and son, Iqbal. On the run from Don's men, Salma meets with an accident and loses her eye sight; Iqbal then gets into the hands of Razia but he remains temporary with her only to end up in the now release Karim Khan's hand who takes him as his son, closes in on Don killing him, hand over his son to Salma and then return to prison. Years later the boy grows up with Salma and is called 'Allah-Rakha" who is fascinated by a prostitute, Rani who also happens to be the daughter of Banoo. Unfortunately Allah Rakha gets framed in a trump up case and is remanded to prison. Karim Khan's past will come to catch up with him when he meets Allah Rakha in prison who wants to settle scores with the remaining of Don's gang namely Khera, Goga and the son of Don who is the look-alike of Allah Rakha.

  • Of Muslim origin Allah Rakha lives a poor life-style with his blind mother, Advocate Salma Anwar. One day when he attempts to save a prostitute, named Rani, from some goons he gets arrested by inspector Jaffar Anwar. He is held in a cell, but is soon released on bail as ordered by the court. He meets TV reporter, Julie Khera and is attracted to her, but soon he finds himself convicted for creating TV bombs. He is subsequently imprisoned, and while in custody he gets to meet his long-lost father, Karim Khan. His father helps him to escape from jail only to run into his duplicate who calls himself Don. Don wants him dead or alive.


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