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Low Budget Shlocker
alistair-campbell713 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When some people watch a horror movie they expect it to be a slasher or it is not a horror movie. This movie is heavily influenced by Shivers. What it keeps it original is it mixes this with Christianity. The abomination features one of the most original monsters I have seen in many years.Also the music is superb and sets the movie up very well.

The basic story is that a man is having problems with his mother watching an evangelist. After this the mother coughs up a tumour which turns into this monster the abomination. The son has to keep the abomination alive and to do so he needs blood, sinew and flesh. He goes around killing as many people as possible to quench the abomination's thirst for blood.

This is a really low budget shocker and if you like you movies really cheap and off the wall this might be for you. For fans of shivers.
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The Abomination...
facesofdeath33315 July 2006
I actually enjoyed this movie to an extent. I mean, the gore was actually very decent. The acting, however, was the exact opposite. It was horrible. It did indeed suck crap from a straw, but it had it's moments. What I want to know is why it showed all of the killings and stuff at the beginning? That was really my only complaint. I love the idea of the movie. A guy is mad at his mother because she is believing everything a TV evangelist is saying and all that. Then, she coughs up this weird little tumor. Then, it miraculously makes it into her son. It turns into a big funny looking monster and it's habitat is his cabinets and washing machine. Anyways, he is possessed, and the thing supposedly makes him kill people so he can feed "The Abomination!" What's really funny is the overrunning commentary where he's talking to a psychologist or whatever kind of doctor it is. I really don't recommend this movie at all. I just strive on total cheesefests.
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Total laugh-riot!!!!!!
EyeAskance17 August 2003
Pious Catholic lady watches a TV sermon given by a shady televangelist, which apparently causes her to hack up a bloody lung cookie. The slimy little tumor wanders about for some time, and ultimately grows into an absurd looking thing which resembles a gooey cousin of H.R. Pufnstuff with long spiked teeth. The flesh hungry beast takes residence within her kitchen cabinets and telepathically enslaves her son, forcing him to commit murders to feed it.

It's really hard to believe that this preposterous storyline actually made it off the drawing board to materialize as something somewhat similar to a motion picture. Bear in mind, THE ABOMINATION is entirely under-the-barrel in countless ways, but to think that someone believed they could make a legit feature about this huge, lumpy puppet is's the most rubbish excuse for a monster since THE CREEPING TERROR(and even THAT one looks good next to THE...*cough*...ABOMINATION).

Mercy, there are SO many things to mention(yes...all bad)...the cottage cheese rolling out of the headless neck...the ultrasubminimalist Casio score...the montage at the start of the film that shows you everything you're about to see...the actress named GAYE BOTTOMS(poor girl... *snicker). In short, this is something SPECIAL, folks. Oh, yes it is. Special in that magical "short-bus kid" sort of way. Bear it and grin...this is a die-laughing experience.
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Excellent fun. Ignore the detractors
Master Cultist18 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ultra low budget horror, which is as twisted as it is cheap. The plot is thus - weird looking chap still lives with his Mom. His Mom has some form of cancer. One day, his Mom vomits up the cancer, and it turns out to be some form of parasitical alien lifeform, that now requires fresh human flesh and blood in order to grow. Man sticks the living tumour in a cupboard in the kitchen, and goes out for the meat. And that's it!!! Thing is, as cheap and nasty as it is, I loved it. It's got such a sleazy feel to it, though there is no nudity it must be pointed out, that this was a spine tingling pleasure. Add in the fact that the opening three minutes or so is a montage of all of the moments of gore you are about to witness, and this is a real hoot.
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80's Flashback
Cduck19659 October 2009
Ya, it stinks. But, it took me back to the wacky 80's when mom and pop video stores where in every corner, when it cost 10 bucks to rent a beat up old tape and you had to leave a 50 dollar deposit before you even walked out of the place. I actually rented this back in the day and watched it with my buddies...this was a weekend ritual at my house. I was one of the few that worked part time while in high school and saved up the $800.00 for a VCR. I spent more on that than my first car, but boy did I love it. For the first time, I controlled what I watched, and horror films were and still are my favorite. The tapes that were available where either big name titles or those little, obscure films that have dissolved long ago. One of my buddies paid a small fortune of an original 1986 copy. Man, it took me back...if you like bad films are good, see this one, especially if you were a teenager during the 80's.
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Abandon hope all ye who enter here!
Clint Walker31 May 1999
If anyone is reading this review, it means one of two possible things.

One- You are one of the few poor souls who sat through all 90 excruciating minutes of this grade-Z garbage about a mutant lung tumor that transforms itself into a large rubbery creature with teeth, who then resides in a young hick's kitchen cabinets, where it hypnotizes him into killing people for food. If this is the case, there isn't much I can do for you except for to say how sorry I am that your taste in cinema led you to this film. At least your aren't alone. Along with myself, I have three friends who watched this with me, who probably aren't my friends anymore.

Two- You are a horror movie fan who saw this film sitting on your local video store shelves, just begging you to rent it, and you have come to this most excellent site to get some information on it before whipping out your rental card and a couple of dollars. Unlike above, THIS I can do something about. PLEASE. I BEG OF YOU. DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE!!! Let it lie unwatched on the shelf, where hopefully, it will gather enough dust that the cleaning staff will mistake it for an overgrown dustbunny, and quickly place it in the trash, where it may one day find it's way to the local landfill. Once there, with just a little luck, it will degrade and provide nourishment for some bottom-feeding life form who cant find any thing else better to feed on, like used coffee filters.

If I can only save one person from the fate I suffered because of this movie, my torment will all seem worthwhile. Friends are important in this day and age.
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johan_norberg6 August 2001
I have seen a lot of movies, but this is definitely the worst without a doubt. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. It begins with a quick summary of all things that will happen in the movie(then why keep watching?) and a lot of scenes that are duplicated over and over again. And besides that we have a ULTRA weak story, REALLY BAD music that will never go out of your head(I saw this movie a year ago, only one time). Then we have several scenes(OF A HORSE!!!) that has nothing to do with the story at all. And at last there's a scene in which a cat are forced into a toilet with a massive amount of violence... horrible This movie is a abomination itself and IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE.....AND I MEAN IT. It has passed a year since a saw it, and still I'm getting horrible any time!

You should not call this a movie...instead torture of worst kind invented on earth.

You cannot describe how awful this movie is... it's an experience...and you should classify it as unhealthy.

I give it 1 out of 10, but if it was possible I would give it minus 10000
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chaosnbeer1 December 2002
OK I love bad horror , really bad Z horror..really bad "so horrible it's funny" type movies...but this movie is BORING....The thing is this movie has some hillarious moments of bad acting and dialogue "i'm feeling extra poorly"..or "IT WAS THE ABOMINATION"..but god this movie was a 90 minute bore fest...the movie drags drags drags..and all the good parts are in the very begining..including Cody waking up at least 10 x's on repeat...don't waste your time even to see's too damn boring...I fell asleep..I didnt even see the rest of it
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The only "Abomination" here is the person responsible for distributing this film!!
kclipper17 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A complete and utter piece of trash is not even a way to begin to describe this "poor man"s" gore film, written , directed, and edited with such low value and ineptitude, the fact that this was produced and distributed is a mystery that audiences have been pondering over since it's 1986 release to the underground video world. This looks like a film that someone and their backwards, farmland beer-drinking buddies concocted in their backyard and couldn't afford actors, so they used various family members and friends who were bored enough with their wasted rural existence to stand in as the cast. The "story" features a boy that coughs up a tumor that eventually turns into a creature that resembles what looks like a large beach ball, a blanket, some yarn and strawberry jam combined to look like a monster. The "demon" causes the young man to slaughter various people to feed the thing, including his mother. Not a shred of talent went into this, but the extremely generous two-star rating is aimed toward audiences that enjoy getting intoxicated with their friends and laughing at really awful movies such as this. Unbelievable.
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Lose this film!
Bloodfeast20 April 2000
Why is it that so many horrors are lost and this garbage is out there for the world to see? It is shot on what would appear to be 16mm silent stock and everything is dubbed in. This makes the voices comical. Sadly, even the voice actors didn't know what they were doing. You may be able to laugh at it. Maybe. And the wash tub full of animal entrails being dipped up with a pitchfork might disgust you. Perhaps you'll laugh when Brother Fogg gets attacked while on the throne. You may even find amusement at the fact that there is probably half as much footage as the total length of this film, which means you get to see plenty of what our local b-movie devotees call "same-ing." Near the beginning we have what is known as the "Seven times wake up," in which character Cody is shown being jolted from his nightmare...yep, seven times. Remember, no sync sound, so the grunts and moans of Cody's 7 are enough to bring tears. Actually, I really enjoyed this movie. Who am I kidding?
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What the hell was that?!
Shaza1237 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I heard about this one from some close friends and going in, all I knew was it would be in a similar vein to the movie Things. Now I loved Things. It was one of the most unique and hypnotising movies I had seen in a long time. So I was eager to check this one out. Well, it finished about an hour ago, and I still have no idea how to articulate what I just experienced. What the hell was that?!!

Lets start with the plot. We follow our hero, Cody, a thin and scrawny looking dude with 80s hair and awesome sunnies. Cody is a bit concerned about his mum, who is obsessed with one of those TV evangelists. His mum reckons she has a tumour in her lungs cos the TV guy says so, but she is healed through the TV and a minute later coughs up the tumour and places it in the bin... as you do...

Well, this is no ordinary tumour, it's alive! We know this because it convulses and breathes in the bin. But no one seems to take notice of that, or its foul order. Not until it walks (wait, tumour's don't walk, um, slides then) into Cody's mouth while he's asleep. Now Cody is coughing up blood and has a new blood thirst, to kill for the abomination which is controlling him!

Makes perfect sense right? Well, not really, this movie is so strange and bizarre it made no sense at all. But then again, I don't think it matters. If there ever was a movie that just goes with the flow, it's this one. And if the plot has you scratching your head, wait till you see the acting, which is so bad, it's beautiful! I mean this is a shocker! I just love the lack of enthusiasm, I reckon the actors were bored saying their own lines. Hilarious! And I don't know why they felt the need to dub an already English movie, but that made it even more bizarre! And I mean they dubbed everything! People walking across a room sounded like someone was hitting a hallow drum. The sounds were magnified, or distorted, to create such a weird and strange vibe. It made the movie even more abnormal.

To add to this already bizarre little flick, we also have the score which is just so awesome and trippy! Very 80s and very repetitive, but catchy enough. It certainly adds to the movie and helps to make it memorable.

I really liked this movie even though technically I shouldn't. From a cinematic standpoint this movie is awful on almost every conceivable level, but you know I think that's the exact reason why this movie worked so well for me. Maybe it was the ultra low budget film making, or the very southern American accents which are just awesome in their own right, or the fact that this movie had toilet humour that would make Trey Parker proud. Or maybe it was the "abomination", which is essentially a massive tumour with a mouth and big teeth. That's a pretty cool monster, don't deny it!!! It also builds up to a delightfully gruesome ending which also makes no sense, but hey, it's funny and entertaining so that gets a plus from me.

Though this bad movie isn't perfect. I think the term 'filler' is appropriate when they use a montage of the whole movie in the first three minutes of the film. Also using the exact same scene twice is a bit dodgy. Was it really necessary to see the beginning scene a second time? Maybe... I don't know, maybe it's really important that we know the abomination makes all things desolate because that what's said over and over and over again. Recycled footage does add on the minutes, but it gets more than a little repetitive.

So final thoughts? For an extremely low budget splatter flick, I enjoyed this one immensely, though did get a bit tired seeing the same stuff over again. It's hard to recommend this movie, as I don't imagine many actually liking it, but if you don't mind watching some shoddy acting, bad effects, and a meat eating tumour, then step right up and see this movie now! You're bound to be as amazed and confused as I was.

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Abominable, indeed...
Coventry11 May 2005
I feel they should have honored this movie which a much more appealing title…Something like "The touching tale of a boy and his tumor", for example…or maybe even "The barf that ate my friends and family"! Either way you look at it, this has got to be one of the sickest and most demented movies someone ever thought up! Following the good old 80's splatter rules, "The Abomination" totally ignores atmosphere and substance, going straight for an immeasurable amount of gore. The opening sequence alone already contains more blood and guts than a hundred other horror films and easily offended people will immediately stop watching. This vicious intro is a compilation of the film' grossest moments and for some incomprehensible reason it completely spoils the rest of the movie before it even properly begun. "The Abomination" introduces us to a family of white trash in the wastelands of America. An adolescent boy with a dead end job and a mother whose obsessed by a TV-guru. One day, mommy pukes out a tumor and it immediately takes possession of the boy. The constantly growing tumor forces the boy to kill people and serve their bodies as lunch! Call me insane but I somewhat like basic idea… It's more or less a very perverted update of the "Little Shop of Horrors" premise, directed by Roger Corman in 1960. The budget is extremely low and the cast is a bunch of amateur hillbillies with nothing better to do. In case your horror-standards are low, this is perfect gory entertainment. We're talking axes, chainsaws, slit throats, severed limbs, pitchfork-killings and entire buckets of human guts (literally). In the film's most redundant sequence, we witness how the infamous TV-guru takes a dump in his office toilet…. Talking about tastelessness! One piece of advice: this movie goes well with beer. Loads and loads of beer….and vomit bags.
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A most appropriately titled poverty row horror atrocity
Woodyanders4 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Man, oh man, does the title for this horrendous hunk of low-budget gore-drenched horror junk aptly sum up the appalling dearth of quality to be found herein. A huge, toothy, tentacled carnivorous beast forces a dorky, peevish, totally unlikeable and unappealing wimpy teenage boy with dark sunglasses and a terribly unattractive shaggy hair cut (the obnoxious Scott Davis) to viciously kill a plethora of poor innocent folks so the foul thingie can ravenously devour their crunchy, scrumptious bodies. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Everything about this shot-in-Super 8 atrocity wallows in the gutter-dwelling Amateur City dumps: we've got profoundly putrid acting, ugly, grainy, static cinematography by Richard Strait, awful (non)direction by Bret McCormick (hiding behind the pseudonym Max Raven), a gruelingly draggy pace, Davis' exceptionally lame stream-of-consciousness voice over commentary (for your intense viewing displeasure Davis' trebly mewling tenor affects a piercing nasal whine that could shatter immense sets of fine china if it was cranked up a few decibels higher), an excruciatingly high-pitched, melodramatic, extremely tough-on-the-ears score by Kim and Richard Davis and John Hudek, a phony-looking monster that's a really sad sight to behold, an inane opening nightmare montage which tersely sums up the entire plot and thus robs the rest of the picture of any suspense or surprises (!), and the messy, disjointed narrative is not only hard to stomach, but also difficult to follow as well. Granted, the outrageously moist and juicy make-up effects by Dark FX LTD. are suitably gruesome -- sliced open throats emit a copious jet stream of blood, a guy gets fatally whacked upside the head with a shovel, some old bat has her hand bitten off by the monster, the sniveling limp dishrag kid uses a pitchfork to feed the beast a handy helping of gleaming guts, that sort of sweet, charming, harmless stuff -- but alas are too hokey to be remotely convincing or upsetting. Early in the flick our utterly unsympathetic passive protagonist remarks, "I thought I was gonna vomit." Yeah, I felt like puking too, buddy, primarily because this flick is so dishearteningly shoddy and ridiculous that not even a hardened bad film buff like yours truly can discern anything faintly enjoyable or entertaining about it. It's a complete, indefensible loser.
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An "abominable" waste of time...
soggycow19 August 1999
This is one horrible movie! The "plot" is as follows: Little tumor-like organisms grow inside of human bodies. After living in the body for awile, these organisms come out (via the mouth) and turn into bloodthirsty, man-eating plants who have telepathic control over humans.

Being the gorehound that I am, I was immediately attracted to this movie by its cover (and, after reading the back of its box, its plot). Unfortunately, this movie wasn't even satisfying in the gore respect due to the gore's overall fakeness. In fact, the only thing that is satisfying about the movie is the unintensional humor derived from abysmally bad acting.

Skip this one or you'll just be wasting your time. My rating: 1 star out of 10 (somebody gave this ten stars???!!!)
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Amen brother!
lungo-212 June 1999
If you are reading this, you have probably already read the review given by Clint Walker. In it he mentioned his three friends who sat through this grueling ordeal along side him. I, unfortunately, was one of those cursed souls. I have seen some bad movies in my time, but this movie is at the top my list. I pray that God have pity on my soul for wasting what seemed like hours on this thing (I can't even call it a movie). I also need to know who gave this movie a 10. Once I find out who you are, and I will find out, may God have mercy on your soul as well.
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Powerfully unhinged Super 8 monster schlock
Bloodwank8 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The abomination which makes all things desolate... The abomination which makes all things desolate... The abomination which makes all things desolate... You know, this one has me as close to stumped as I've been by any film in a good wee while and I'm not even sure why. Yes the plot is strange, but I watch strange films all the time. Yes it's inept, but I watch inept films all the time. But few things are quite like The Abomination and its difficult to explain. Its a film I guess in its own world, with a different beat to ours. Some films aim for some facsimile of the real world, they beat the same as the viewer or near enough and its comforting. Then there are films that beat faster, or jerkier and the viewer goes on a ride, gets twisted around, the whole roller-coaster bit be it because of fast pace or just tricks in the editing suite. Then there are films like The Abomination that just don't fit, their beat isn't just off, less a beat in fact than fell subterranean pulse, a deep wrongness you can feel in your bones, that trembles you till you feel like you're near turned inside out. Pretty much everything in The Abomination has a screw loose. The plot, involving a televangelist, carnivorous tumour, possession and bloody murder, monotone acting, static photography, repeated shots of a horse occasionally varied with other cattle, lots of shots of driving (including drunk driving, naughty naughty). Then there's the music that sounds like a rip off of a fourth rate Italian horror synth score but occasionally switches to library organs, as well as awkward post dubbed sound and whiny flashback narration. The gore and monster are the highlights though, throat slicing, pitchforking and more, with lots of blood strewn about and a good portion of actual guts in one or two scenes. The monster is a suitably grotesque red and toothy beast, wisely never shown in its entirety it instead infests a kitchen, its groping tentacles and grisly maw escaping where they can. It would be awesome, except that the film opens with a scattily edited highlights reel, gore flash-forwards interspersed with a repeated shot of the protagonist waking from a bad dream. There's probably comment to be made on nested realities but I'll save my words as I doubt any such ideas were intended. Even with the spoilers and a slow first half though, this one stands up as a truly weird and warping affair, an experience ideal for serious 80's trash junkies. Strong 7/10
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Horrible abomination.
HumanoidOfFlesh21 July 2010
Cody has a problem.He believes that a hideous creature from hell called the Abomination makes him kill and feed.Various victims are devoured by the creature including Cody's mother,drunken boss and female friend.The creature communicates with Cody and orders him to bring it more human flesh.The Abomination grows larger and splits into multiple entities which nest themselves in various parts of the kitchen."The Abomination" is a strange and extremely bloody monster flick.The finale is drenched in splatter and butchery.The sound effects are bizarre and there are some incredibly dull sequences of Cody's driving and washing his car.The acting wooden and the gore mostly consists of slimy animal entrails.An eccentric oddity with rivers of blood.6 abominations out of 10.
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weird OOP
trashgang30 September 2009
I searched a long time to find an uncut version of this flick, unavailable here were I am living and on the net you could only find VHS versions but in the NTSC format. Luckily I met a guy who could deliver me the DVD of it. This is odd, the editing is weird, some shots are used a few times again and again. Then suddenly he's running after the girl again he killed earlier, same sequence. But somehow the movie didn't bored me like it did with others. i have seen worser then this, count on that. it's up to you to choose. You can watch the 2 minutes before the starting credits. They have edited all the gore in it, just like a trailer or teaser. Or you can watch the movie and see all the gore again. The storyline is easy to understand, mom has a tumor and by coughing it comes out, but somehow the tumor lives, made me think of brain damage only here they used real effect, brain damage was stop motion. The tumor find his way to her kid, he swallows it and start becoming a killer. But before he kills the movie is half way, before that it's blah blah and driving around, only 2 killings, the gore appears in the second part. The blood flows frequently and in a gory way. Any how, i was happy to see this cult flick and I even had to laugh with it sometime, wait until the preacher is in the toilet-room. Be sure to have a decent copy because it's a transfer from NTSC VHS to PAL DVD.
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Low Budget B-Movie Gold
WisdomsHammer17 June 2017
Yes. This movie is HORRIBLE. Most people aren't going to sit down and watch this. But for those horror movie fans who seek out the best of the worst, this is pure GOLD.

The bad: The monotone, monotonous narration throughout most of the movie. The acting. The cheesy effects and keeping them on camera for way too long. The sound (the foley was seriously obsessed with footsteps in parts of this thing. It's ridiculous.)

The good: The camera work. The editing. The cheesy effects (some of them are actually pretty good, but most are laugh out loud funny). The music wasn't that bad.

I think that gives most people a rundown of whether they'll be able to handle it or not.

Imagine a film student in the 80s making a no budget horror movie about a man-eating tumor and maybe you'll give it a tiny bit more respect. Just a tiny bit.

I'm honestly not sure whether it's unintentionally hilarious or whether they meant it to be as funny as it is in parts. Definitely good to riff on. Good luck.
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Cheap, repulsive trash...(with some unintentional humor)
cesarat3729 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Although this is a terrible movie, generally speaking, it's not a complete failure. Maybe the director could have done a better job with a higher budget, who knows, but the quite straightforward story line and the gore scenes make this movie watchable. The editing is horrendous and amateurish, as well as the acting, though the actress playing the mother, and also the reverend, are slightly better than the rest of the cast. Some parts of this movie look more like a comedy (i.e. the infamous toilet scene), though I suppose this was not the director's intention. Also, there were a few shots of nature that were nicely done, giving the movie an extremely weird feel, when juxtaposed with the gore. One of the few movies, along with Cannibal Holocaust and Evil Dead, that gave me nausea. (2.5/10)
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Ultra obscure '80s gore flick
Leofwine_draca16 January 2015
An early offering of the kind of no-budget gore-filled American horror movies that would later fill the STV market in the '90s, THE ABOMINATION is a thoroughly tasteless offering which goes out of its way to offend and disgust at every opportunity. The film is extraordinarily cheap, so all acting, directing and camera-work is of an amateur standard, whilst the special effects are so phony as to be unbelievable – the fakeness of the whole thing is what makes the gore seem palatable.

The basic storyline involves a malignant devil-obsessed tumour which grows in cupboards and leads our wooden antagonist on a crime spree, as he saws through throats, chainsaws heads and generally gets blood and goo all over himself. Surprisingly the film lasts for the whole 1 ½ standard running time, which means there's a hell of a lot of padding (flowers, horses, etc.) and plenty of boredom as you wait around for something to happen.

Two things I liked about the film: the music, which was annoyingly catchy and repetitive, but I loved it, and the monster in the cupboard, which reminded me of the creature in THE DEADLY SPAWN, in a good way. Sadly, somebody decided to show all the best bits in the film's opening 'nightmare' sequence which must be seen to be believed; I thought I was watching a trailer. Otherwise you get just what you expect with this movie; a lot of cheapness, fakery and splashing blood and body bits. Weird and gruesome and thoroughly unrecommendable.
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good low budget shlock
alistairc_20009 October 2011
When some people watch a horror movie they expect it to be a slasher or it is not a horror movie. This movie is heavily influenced by Shivers. What it keeps it original is it mixes this with Christianity. The abomination features one of the most original monsters I have seen in many years.Also the music is superb and sets the movie up very well.

The basic story is that a man is having problems with his mother watching an evangelist. After this the mother coughs up a tumour which turns into this monster the abomination. The son has to keep the abomination alive and to do so he needs blood, sinew and flesh. He goes around killing as many people as possible to quench the abominations thirst for blood.

This is a really low budget shocker and if you like you movies really cheap and off the wall this might be for you.
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Worse than 1000 Lifetime TV movies
Baron_2116 June 1999
There is NO reason to see this film. Not only are the effects super cheesy, but the acting is horrible, the 'suspenseful' parts are lame, and the film has little to no continuity. The Abomination makes 'Bloody New Year' look like a Scorsese film. I recommend watching paint dry over this movie.
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Makes all things desolate!!!!
cool_cool_117 February 2006
The abomination (1986) is a ultra cheap and rare horror movie!!! It's about this young man called Cody who lives with his religious mother, the mum coughs up this tumour which starts turning into a monster, the monster controls Cody to kill his friends and bring it food to make it stronger, can Cody fight the monster or will he be just become another victim!!! The film is so bizarre, ultra low budget, it throws in some really fake gore and there's this music that keeps turning up during the movie, music that seems to stay in your head for ages!!! The Abomination is very bad, no doubt about it, but it's really funny and has entertainment value, it's in the "so bad it's good" bracket, and therefore i'll give this Abomination 5/10.
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Should have been good...
Tikkin22 April 2006
The Abomination has everything a gore-hound looks for, yet it is an absolute disaster. It starts off with a dream that looks more like a trailer, showing the goriest parts of the film. This makes it look cool and interesting, and you expect an entertaining gore-fest. However once the real film starts you will be praying for it to end.

There is tons of cheap gore and blood on display, but everything is let down by the acting (amongst other things!). The "actors" have no energy whatsoever - they're not even "so bad they're good". Some bad films can actually be hilarious to watch, such as The Suckling or They Don't Cut The Grass Anymore, but The Abomination is just dull and lifeless. The creature itself looks quite similar to The Deadly Spawn, and had more thought gone into the film itself this could have been a cult classic.

Never mind. The music is quite cool in a cheesy way, and gets stuck in your head. It's like something from an old computer game. As bad as it is, I would give The Abomination a watch if you can find it cheap (it's on DVD would you believe!) as it may be the most bizarre film you will ever see.
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