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Strike Up the Band
Whazzat thinks that everyone has forgotten her birthday, but they are really planning a surprise parade.
Grown-Up for a Day
Youngest Zooble Whazzat becomes an adult for the day.
Just in Time
Bill invents the time and space machine and accidentally sends Lookout and Whazzat to the North Pole.
The Bear Behind the Badge
Lookout becomes Zoobilee Zoo's first police officer.
Job Hunting
Lookout's runabout breaks down and he can't go on any adventures, so he decides to try some of the other Zoobles' jobs.
The Great Game #1
Bravo hosts a game show on ZOOBC-TV.
Lookout, Super Zooble
When Lookout receives a Super Zooble costume in the mail, he begins to think he may actually have magical powers.
Invisible Zooble
Bill invents invisible paint.
Bravo's Puppets
Bravo does not listen to any of the other Zoobles' suggestions.
The Witch's Spell
A witch makes mischief in Zoobilee Zoo.
While telling Whazzat a bedtime story, Talkatoo dreams that she is Cinderella.
The Great Game #2
Bravo and the other Zoobles once again appear on a game show on ZOOBC-TV.
The Great Zooble Tryouts
When Bravo gets a chance to work in Zooblewood, he holds auditions to see which Zooble will take over his plays.
Bravo's new play is a comedy, but unfortunately everyone in Zoobilee Zoo has already heard his jokes.
Lady Whazzat
Bravo gives Whazzat the chance to put on her own musical recital, but first she has to become more ladylike.
The Zooble Book of Records
Lookout realizes that he is the only Zooble absent from the Zooble Book of Records and he tries to set a record.
Sing-a-Long: 1
The Zoobles have a sing-a-long show for ZOOBC-TV.
The Magic Ring
Whazzat wishes on a magic ring that she could dance forever, but she soon regrets it when she gets tired and the ring goes missing.
A Trip to Memoryland
Whazzat wants to relive her last birthday, so she and Lookout go to Memoryland, where all of their memories are stored on a computer.
The Zoobadoobas
Van Go, Lookout, and Whazzat start a band called the Zoobadoobas, but a big producer only wants Van Go.
Sing-a-Long: 2
The Zoobles host another sing-a-long on ZOOBC-TV.

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