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Episode List


Season 1

A Star Is Born
Whazzat battles stage fright when she steps in as Talkatoo's understudy.
Two's a Crowd
Bill's dam breaks and his shop gets flooded, so Bravo offers to share his home.
Blue Ribbon Zoobles
Whazzat desperately wants to win a blue ribbon in the Zooble County Fair. So when Van Go accidentally submits Whazzat's cousin's cookies under Whazzat's name, she has a hard time deciding whether or not she should tell the truth.
Bravo, Come Home!
Bravo pretends to be his temperamental cousin in an attempt to get the Zoobles to appreciate him.
Land of Rhymes
Talkatoo and Whazzat need a rhyme to finish their musical.
The Genie
Feeling creatively stifled, Talkatoo, Whazzat, and Van Go wish for magic items to do their jobs for them.
When You Wish Upon a Tooth Fairy
Whazzat loses her first baby tooth, but the tooth fairy is on vacation and does not show up.
The Robot Zoobles
Bravo, frustrated with his Zooble actors, casts robots in his new play.
Trading Places
Bill thinks painting is easy while Van Go thinks building is easy, so they switch jobs for a day.
Strike Up the Band
Whazzat thinks that everyone has forgotten her birthday, but they are really planning a surprise parade.
Mystery in Zoobilee Zoo
Lookout puts his detective skills to work when Van Go's painting goes missing.
Popular Bill
Bill is overworked with demands from the other Zoobles.
The Cockatoo/Fox Report
The Zoobles are putting on a live news broadcast, but there doesn't seem to be a role for Lookout.
Grown-Up for a Day
Youngest Zooble Whazzat becomes an adult for the day.
Winter Wonderland
Talkatoo and Lookout have a winter adventure.
Fox in Wolf's Clothing
Talkatoo puts Bravo on a diet when he cannot fit into his old wolf costume, but Bravo has a hard time sticking to it when the other Zoobles offer him sweets.
Vaudeville Star
Bravo's old pal from Vaudeville comes to visit and announces that he has retired from show business to be a waiter.
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Bravo refuses to admit that he has a terrible cold because he is afraid of seeing the doctor.
The Zoobles start doing everything backwards when Backwardville's water supply starts leaking into Zoobilee Zoo.
Speak to Me, Bill
Through a misunderstanding, Bill and Van Go each think the other has stood him up and they stop speaking to one another.
A Sticky Situation
Bill invents a new kind of glue that can stick to anything, which creates a lot of chaos once the Zoobles get stuck together.
To See or Not to See
Van Go's paintings are beginning to look rather sloppy, but Van Go refuses to admit that he might need glasses.
Just in Time
Bill invents the time and space machine and accidentally sends Lookout and Whazzat to the North Pole.
The Cave Zoobles
Van Go, Lookout, and Whazzat try to take a trip in the time and space machine to the future. However, they wind up in the stone age and do not have the tools to fix anything.
The Bear Behind the Badge
Lookout becomes Zoobilee Zoo's first police officer.
One Touch of Van Go
Van Go dreams that his statue comes to life and the two of them dance all night.
Job Hunting
Lookout's runabout breaks down and he can't go on any adventures, so he decides to try some of the other Zoobles' jobs.
Lookout, Super Zooble
When Lookout receives a Super Zooble costume in the mail, he begins to think he may actually have magical powers.
Lookout's Dog
Lookout finds a dog but does not want to return him to the owner.
Bravo's Puppets
Bravo does not listen to any of the other Zoobles' suggestions.
While telling Whazzat a bedtime story, Talkatoo dreams that she is Cinderella.
The Great Game #2
Bravo and the other Zoobles once again appear on a game show on ZOOBC-TV.
Van Go, Master Painter
Talkatoo submits one of Van Go's paintings into an art show. When it wins first prize, a famous art store owner takes over Van Go's social schedule.
The Ghost of Zoobilee Woods
It appears as though a ghost has been stealing Bravo's food as well as his trophy.
Pigment Puzzle
A man from the Land of Black and White steals items from Zoobilee Zoo in hopes that they will still be colorful when he gets home.
Whazzat the Clown
When Whazzat wants to leave Zoobilee Zoo to be a clown, the others come up with ideas to get her to stay.
The Great Zooble Tryouts
When Bravo gets a chance to work in Zooblewood, he holds auditions to see which Zooble will take over his plays.
Gotta Dance
Sandy wins a contest to visit Zoobilee Zoo, but her wheelchair makes the other Zoobles uncomfortable.
Close Encounters of a Zooble Kind
A clumsy alien crashes into Zoobilee Zoo and fixes all of the Zoobles' broken items.
Bravo's new play is a comedy, but unfortunately everyone in Zoobilee Zoo has already heard his jokes.
Lady Whazzat
Bravo gives Whazzat the chance to put on her own musical recital, but first she has to become more ladylike.
The Zooble Book of Records
Lookout realizes that he is the only Zooble absent from the Zooble Book of Records and he tries to set a record.
Sing-a-Long: 1
The Zoobles have a sing-a-long show for ZOOBC-TV.
The Magic Ring
Whazzat wishes on a magic ring that she could dance forever, but she soon regrets it when she gets tired and the ring goes missing.
A Trip to Memoryland
Whazzat wants to relive her last birthday, so she and Lookout go to Memoryland, where all of their memories are stored on a computer.
The Zooble Hop
After the Zoobles plan a sock hop, they take a trip to the Land of a Thousand Dances to request a special Zooble Hop dance step.
Attack of the Giant Potatoes
Whazzat thinks that giant potatoes are taking over Zoobilee Zoo.
Simon and Leprechaun
Rhymin' Simon and Limerick Leprechaun send a willow tree to the Zoobles, but it cannot stop weeping out of homesickness.
Pictures to Remember
Talkatoo makes photo albums for all the Zoobles.
Smart Dummy
Bravo decides to host a dance marathon, but Talkatoo is nervous about her dancing ability.
The Zoobadoobas
Van Go, Lookout, and Whazzat start a band called the Zoobadoobas, but a big producer only wants Van Go.
Sing-a-Long: 2
The Zoobles host another sing-a-long on ZOOBC-TV.