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7 Mar. 1988
Skip III: The Bailout
Michael's buddy Skip returns, offering to take him and David on a plane ride. But things turn deadly serious when the plane begins developing engine trouble and everyone is forced to bail out.
14 Mar. 1988
Help Wanted
David recommends hiring a scatterbrained but beautiful blonde named Melanie as the Hogans' temporary housekeeper - with the predictable bad result.
3 Oct. 1988
Animal House
David and two of his college friends decide to steal a rival school's mascot before the game next weekend. Mark and Willie decide to put Sandy's details into a computer-dating organisation after she had a bad dating experience.
10 Oct. 1988
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Michael has been selected to redo his driver's licence test. He fails the test and has to redo the examination. David plays a practical joke on Mark and Willie and they get back at him by convincing him that his hair is falling out.
17 Oct. 1988
Dad's First Date
David has to forgo a camping holiday because he has to finish a paper by Monday but spends most of the time avoiding it. Mark is nervous about his first date and apprehensive about how it'll go. It goes badly and from disaster to disaster.
21 Nov. 1988
Save Baby Mark
Sandy and Michael visit their elderly aunt Mildred to convince her to move down to Florida to be with her daughter. The boys are cleaning the chimney when Dave manages to get Mark stuck in it. The fire brigade is called to get him out.
28 Nov. 1988
Saturday Night Feverish
Mark is in love with a girl at school, but how to meet her? Michael suggests that he have a party and invite her. When she said that she liked to dance, Willie says Mark is a terrific dancer, which causes him a problem as he can't dance.
5 Dec. 1988
Tobacco Road
When Willie is caught smoking at school, Sandy convinces him that he shouldn't start. She smoked in college and pointed out that it is an addiction very hard to break. However, she takes up smoking again to help her cope for an exam.
12 Dec. 1988
The Big Sleep
David tries to conduct a psychological experiment on Mark to see the effects of sleep deprivation. Sandy stops it but David convinces Sandy to be the subject instead. The results show that she is no longer the 'queen of the all-nighter'.

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