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4 Jan. 1987
Boston Tea Party
Valerie is mistaken for a purse snatcher by airport security.
11 Jan. 1987
Never on Tuesday
While Valerie (Valerie Harper) is away, David (Jason Bateman) is left in charge of the twins (Jeremy Licht, Danny Ponce).
18 Jan. 1987
Wooly Bully
David (Jason Bateman) gets harassed by his tutor's ex-boyfriend (Ty Miller).
8 Feb. 1987
Bad Timing
David (Jason Bateman) considers consummating a relationship with a longtime family friend Lori Morgan (Valerie Brieman).
15 Feb. 1987
A Night to Remember
Willie and Mark go out on a double date chauffeured by their older brother (Jason Bateman).
22 Feb. 1987
Whose Team Is It Anyway?
Valerie pilots the twins' soccer team after having an argument with the coach.
1 Mar. 1987
Community Theatre
Valerie Harper agrees to direct a play for the community theater.
16 Mar. 1987
Hogan vs. Hogan
After Mark's pet lizard dies while in David's care, Mark takes his brother to court.
23 Mar. 1987
Oedipus Wrecks
David wrecks his father's sports car while trying to impress his girlfriend.
6 Apr. 1987
Shape Up and Move Out
Valerie attempts to lose weight to prepare for an upcoming beach vacation.
13 Apr. 1987
Babes in the Woods
Valerie and the boys embark on a disastrous camping trip.
4 May 1987
The Return of Uncle Skip
Valerie is angered when a longtime family friend intimidates his new wife.
21 Sep. 1987
Movin' On
Aunt Sandy moves in to raise the boys six months after Valerie's death.
28 Sep. 1987
Liars and Other Strangers
David allows his classmates to spread rumors that damage his date's reputation.
5 Oct. 1987
Burned Out
An electrical short in an old lamp stored in the attic causes a house fire that seriously damages the Hogan home. The fire renews the family's grief over Valerie's recent death, compounded when David finds a charred picture of his mother on what used to be his nightstand. But when Mark and Willie complain over maybe being out of their home for weeks, David's devotional speech gives everyone a reason to be thankful.
12 Oct. 1987
Take My Wife, Please
Willie and Mark find themselves married to two unlikely girls for a school project.
19 Oct. 1987
You've Got to Believe
After witnessing a teacher's heart attack, David becomes a changed person.

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