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6 Jan. 1989
Basketball Story
Carrie's client, a young basketball star facing drug charges, refuses to tell her the truth; Sparks fly between Chuck and Olivia; Leon negotiates custody of a violin in a divorce settlement.
13 Jan. 1989
Chuck and Olivia try to help a young Mennonite who's been swindled out of millions of dollars; Leon is outraged over the city's treatment of the homeless.
20 Jan. 1989
Carrie endangers her relationship with Nick when she proves that his father figure is a crooked cop; Leon represents an adoptive mother in a custody case.
27 Jan. 1989
Beauties and Beasts
Chuck's client, a 15-year-old model, becomes infatuated with him; Leon helps a woman fighting to enforce her sister's living will; Carrie learns of Olivia's affair with Chuck.
3 Feb. 1989
In Search of a Dream
Leon's client wants to stay with his aboriginal foster parents, but his caseworker argues that their ancient beliefs endanger his life.
10 Feb. 1989
Slipping Through the Cracks
Carrie defends her young cousin Ricky, before learning that he has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.
17 Feb. 1989
Conflict of Interest
Chuck's latest get-rich-quick scheme ends disastrously when he is accused of conflict of interest and charged with fraud. Olivia and Gloria expose a puppy mill.
24 Feb. 1989
World-Class City
Tensions between Leon and Chuck escalate when they learn they are representing opposing sides in a land-development dispute.
13 Oct. 1989
Soul Custody
Chuck's reckless business deals and his steamy affair with Olivia compel his estranged wife to apply for sole custody of their 2-year-old son.
20 Oct. 1989
Partners and Other Strangers
When Barr, Robinovitch and Tchobanian teeter on the verge of bankruptcy, two solutions present themselves.
27 Oct. 1989
Without Prejudice
Carrie defends Sarah Melchuck, a young policewoman charged in the shooting death of a black man.
3 Nov. 1989
See No Evil
Against all odds, Leon fights a malpractice suit against a major manufacturer of contact lenses, on behalf of blinded professional photographer.
10 Nov. 1989
The Cradle Will Rock
Carrie defends university professor Diane Abbot, a stoical single mother charged with criminal negligence in the accidental death of her infant son.
17 Nov. 1989
Complex Offer
Chuck and Olivia's collaboration on a case causes a lot of professional and personal tensions.
24 Nov. 1989
Film Noir
Olivia's association with a controversial filmmaker places her in danger; While Chuck has an affair with a socialite.
1 Dec. 1989
Leon and Nick join forces to uncover proof that an Olympic rower committed a murder six years ago, and thereby clear the name of Leon's former client who was sent to jail for the crime.
8 Dec. 1989
Carrie becomes concerned about her client, a teen-age gang member accused of a fatal stabbing; While Olivia helps a rock star fight a paternity suit.
15 Dec. 1989
Blue Collar
Leon defends the rights of laid off factory workers who's factory is closed after a buy-out by an Ohio company who plans on moving production to Mexico.

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