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9 Jan. 1987
The System
When Forrester is arrested on a minor thing, an old warrant is served on him. It seems that the real Forrester took a photo of a man who was suspected of a crime which he claims he didn't commit. So Forrester is being asked to reveal the man's location but because he doesn't know he can't tell them so he's placed in jail. Scott is taken in by a lawyer representing Forrester. Fox eventually learns of this so tries to get Forrester but the police stonewall him. But when a mistake gets Forrester released he goes to Scott who shows him the photo and he thinks he can find ...
16 Jan. 1987
When a blind girl receives acid burns, Paul heals her. Unfortunately she wants her eyes healed as well.
30 Jan. 1987
The Probe
Paul falls in love with an astronomer who is having a crisis of conscious over the military's funding of her research.
6 Feb. 1987
While in Las Vegas Paul and Scott pick up a hitchhiker who takes off with their car. They later go to a hotel that Paul Forrester frequented and are taken in. They find the woman who they discover is a compulsive gambler. They try to get back the spheres but discover she sold their things. They try to help her.
13 Feb. 1987
Paul is taken to Mexico and is held prisoner. He must escape and help a pregnant women sneak into the United States to look for the father of her child.
13 Mar. 1987
Paul and Scott are tricked into a scam by two con-man.
21 Mar. 1987
The Wedding
The owner of a fishing fleet hires Paul to photograph his daughter's wedding.
28 Mar. 1987
Fathers and Sons
When Forrester and Scott meet with one of the real Forrester's friends who gives him a job. At the same time a young man is following them. When Scott confronts him he reveals that Forrester's his father.
4 Apr. 1987
Starscape: Part 1
Paul recognizes his home star in a painting. He seeks out and finds the artist who painted it: Jenny Hayden.
11 Apr. 1987
Starscape: Part 2
Paul convinces Jenny that he really is who he says he is. Together they search for Scott who has gone missing.
2 May 1987
The Test
Forrester takes a job as a dish washer in a diner. Scott goes to school. His teacher tells Forrester that she doesn't approve of their nomadic life and that Scott needs stability. Forrester discovers that a guy he works with is illiterate and tries to get the teacher to help him.

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