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Season 1

19 Sep. 1986
The Return
Photographer Paul Forrester decides to photograph an erupting volcano when he is caught in the eruption and killed. At the same time, the Starman has returned to seek Jenny Hayden and their child. He clones the dead photographer's body and finds his son, whose name is Scott and is living in an orphanage. George Fox has decided that the Starman's initial visit was a reconnaissance mission for a potential invasion, and believes that he will return. He sets up a department and begins the hunt.
26 Sep. 1986
Like Father, Like Son
Deciding that hitch-hiking is too inefficient a method of travel, Paul and Scott decide to buy an automobile, and after making the purchase pick up a mother and daughter who have car trouble. After dropping off the car at a garage and finding a hotel, Paul and Scott discover that the police are after their friends as well.
3 Oct. 1986
Fatal Flaw
Forrester and Scott decide to lay low at an airfield. He meets a woman who along with her father were designing a new plane but when he suffered a stroke she tries to do it on her own. She doesn't even try talking to him. But with the sphere, Forrester is able to communicate with her father, who tells him some flaws with the plane which he tries to tell her about which she doesn't believe.
17 Oct. 1986
Blue Lights
Scott erroneously uses the sphere to make some lights appears in the sky. And when a deputy sees them and he tells everyone about it, they don't believe him. But Fox upon hearing about it heads to investigate.
24 Oct. 1986
Best Buddies
Encountering a couple who knew the real Paul Forrester, Paul and Scott's problems are compounded when the wife declares that she still loves Paul and wants to resume their affair.
31 Oct. 1986
The search for Jenny Hayden leads Paul and Scott to a mental institution where a woman may have a valuable lead for them, unless the whole thing is an elaborate trap.
7 Nov. 1986
One for the Road
Weary of their life on the run, Paul and Scott start to enjoy staying in one place for a while, but when Paul sees that they must move on, Scott rebels.
14 Nov. 1986
Coming across an injured peregrine falcon, Paul risks his freedom to seek the help of a veterinarian.
28 Nov. 1986
Society's Pet
Paul takes Scott to see his foster father's sister, a wealthy widow who has a $10,000 inheritance for the boy, but she wants to gain custody of Scott for herself, even if this requires betraying Paul to his pursuers.
5 Dec. 1986
When Forrester gets sick he ends up in the hospital and the doctor treating him has no idea what's making him sick or how to treat it. At the same time Fox has been relieved of his duty because of his failure to come up with tangible proof of "the alien's" existence.
12 Dec. 1986
The Gift
Forrester gets a letter supposedly from Forrester's mother inviting him to come home for Christmas. When he arrives she claims that she didn't send him a letter. And it seems that Forrester was not exactly a good son and neither his mom nor the rest of the town like him. But he and Scott try to make it a good Christmas for her because she's dying.
9 Jan. 1987
The System
When Forrester is arrested on a minor thing, an old warrant is served on him. It seems that the real Forrester took a photo of a man who was suspected of a crime which he claims he didn't commit. So Forrester is being asked to reveal the man's location but because he doesn't know he can't tell them so he's placed in jail. Scott is taken in by a lawyer representing Forrester. Fox eventually learns of this so tries to get Forrester but the police stonewall him. But when a mistake gets Forrester released he goes to Scott who shows him the photo and he thinks he can find ...
16 Jan. 1987
When a blind girl receives acid burns, Paul heals her. Unfortunately she wants her eyes healed as well.
30 Jan. 1987
The Probe
Paul falls in love with an astronomer who is having a crisis of conscious over the military's funding of her research.
6 Feb. 1987
While in Las Vegas Paul and Scott pick up a hitchhiker who takes off with their car. They later go to a hotel that Paul Forrester frequented and are taken in. They find the woman who they discover is a compulsive gambler. They try to get back the spheres but discover she sold their things. They try to help her.
13 Feb. 1987
Paul is taken to Mexico and is held prisoner. He must escape and help a pregnant women sneak into the United States to look for the father of her child.
13 Mar. 1987
Paul and Scott are tricked into a scam by two con-man.
21 Mar. 1987
The Wedding
The owner of a fishing fleet hires Paul to photograph his daughter's wedding.
28 Mar. 1987
Fathers and Sons
When Forrester and Scott meet with one of the real Forrester's friends who gives him a job. At the same time a young man is following them. When Scott confronts him he reveals that Forrester's his father.
4 Apr. 1987
Starscape: Part 1
Paul recognizes his home star in a painting. He seeks out and finds the artist who painted it: Jenny Hayden.
11 Apr. 1987
Starscape: Part 2
Paul convinces Jenny that he really is who he says he is. Together they search for Scott who has gone missing.
2 May 1987
The Test
Forrester takes a job as a dish washer in a diner. Scott goes to school. His teacher tells Forrester that she doesn't approve of their nomadic life and that Scott needs stability. Forrester discovers that a guy he works with is illiterate and tries to get the teacher to help him.

 Season 1 

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