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Good show for the time

Author: paul51 from United States
9 February 2005

I used to really like this show when I was....well, I was a kid but I was probably too old for cartoons even in 1986. Thankfully, the cartoon wasn't in the just-for-girls vein the toy line was, so I guess I can salvage SOME dignity ;) There's a movie missing from the database, I've noticed. The original Pound Puppies movie, NOT the Legend of Big Paw (which is in the IMDb database). It has most of the characters that were on the TV series, with some differences. Bright Eyes is actually intelligent (and if I'm not mistaken, is voiced by the same talent that provides the voice for "Bratina" in the TV series). Nose Marie is simply called The Nose and has a thick New York accent instead of being a southern belle. And the story takes place at the City Pound instead of the rather benign-looking suburban setting of the TV show.

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Only as an adult, do I get the real humor of this show.

Author: lockbell
2 April 2003

I watched this show as a child and now only as an adult with the knowledge of Joan Crawford's life as Mommie Dearest do I get the humor of this show, with that horrible mother -- Mommie Dearest -- and her horrible child, Bratina! I don't remember anything about the puppies but the sound of Bratina crying, "But Mommie Dearest" still rings in my ears years later. What a riot.

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One word: Adorable!

Author: anthony-rigoni from United States
3 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I was a kid, I used to watch Pound Puppies on Cartoon Network. The Pound Puppies consists of 5 puppies who vowed to find a owner for needy puppies: Cooler, the silly but good-hearted leader; Whopper, the youngest of the gang; Nose Marie, the loving, mature female; Bright Eyes, the adorable puppy(and my favorite character) who likes cheer leading; and Howler, the inventive puppy who, you guessed it, howls. They are allied with Holly, a nice girl who was forced to be a ward for the evil Katrina Stonehart, an evil lady who will stop at nothing to capture the pound puppies and lock them up for good. Holly has a gift called "puppy power", an ability to understand the pound puppies. As for Katrina, she is aided by her bratty daughter named Brattrina and their evil cat named Cat-Gut. What I liked and remembered about the TV series is the theme song, the story, and the characters(mostly the characters and the theme song). In season one, the animation and character design is good. In the season two, WOW!, that is the best character design ever! This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest TV shows I have ever seen. This TV series is a memorable, wonderful, and adorable classic. Starring Dan Gilvezan(From Transformers) as Cooler, Ruth Buzzi as Nose Marie, Nancy Cartwright(From the Simpsons) as Bright Eyes, Robert Morse as Howler, BJ Ward as Whopper, and Ami Foster(From Punky Brewster) as Holly.

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Another Movie

Author: jdw077 from United States
11 April 2006

There was a previous comment about there being a different movie before This movie. There is a movie before this one. It does take place in a big city dog pound. It has Ed Begley Jr and Joanna Worley and Jonathan Winters in it, but none of them had it in their filmography lists. The movie isn't in the Database. Several voices sound like other famous people. We looked at the opening credits and Sorrell Brooke, famous for playing Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazard, plays the Mayor. We didn't notice any other names that became famous later. The movie is just called "Pound Puppies" It has on the box that it's their first adventure. My wife has the VHS tape and still enjoys watching it with my sons.

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A comforting cartoon

Author: sillydcs1
11 April 2001

I remember this was one of my favorite shows as a kid. My mother and I use to sit in her bed together watching this show. This show had good morals to it. There was nothing better than the comforting viewing each time of the friendship the characters shared. It's a lot better than some of the cartoon series they have on now for kids. I highly recommend this for the young children of today.

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Let's just forget this thing ever existed.

Author: generaallucas
14 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is no way to provide redemption for this show. It fails completely at storytelling basics. For example; in stories plots are the goals characters are pursuing. Therefore, plots are character motivations. When plots intersect, like the one of the protagonist and the one of the antagonist, conflict arises.

The problem thus with the series is that the antagonists don't have a single rhyme or reason to do anything. They are just mean and give the idea that they have borderline or something. Oh, and there is a gigantic Transformers-outcast called Captain Slaughter that wants to kill all the puppies. Why you may ask? Never explained! And the daughter of the main villain, I think she is around age 10, has a crush on that guy. I wish I was joking here.

The story itself is also completely unclear; I found it very hard to understand what was going on. That is really bad, since clarity is very important in storytelling, namely that the audience understands why things are the way they are and why characters are behaving a certain way.

The characters themselves are also completely forgettable. Nothing makes them interesting, except perhaps for Whopper's fantasies.

Fortunately though, the creators realized that they didn't have a story whatsoever, so they started trying to improve the series in the second season, with new designs and whatnot. The problem here is that nothing connects anymore with what came before. The villains first wanted to destroy the pound, now they suddenly rule over it and try to frighten every puppy… just because. All without any explanation whatsoever. And they don't have any motive. They removed captain Slaughter though, so that is why I'm giving them a 2 instead of a 1.

Oh, and the puppies? They're not normal quadruped dogs. They are anthropomorphic dogs with clothes on. How does that connect in any way to the toy franchise it was supposed to represent? Isn't that what these kinds of series are for? You know, create a context children can get lost in that they then want to have toys based on that? Like they did with Transformers, G.I. Joe and My Little Pony?

And the lore itself feels like someone was smoking marijuana. For some reason there is 'puppy power' which allows dogs to talk to children with pure minds.

So, yeah, it's bad. Stay away from this.

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