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4 Jan. 1991
Finders Keepers
Larry and Balki find a box with a lot of money in it. Larry wants to keep it but Balki wants to find the owner. Later a priest shows up and claims that the money in the box is the proceeds from a fund raiser. Larry is incredulous. They decide to give it to him but the box is missing.
11 Jan. 1991
Larry's grandfather comes for a visit. But Larry is expecting an elderly man who will enjoy a quiet vacation in the apartment playing checkers. Much to his surprise Grandpa is full of energy and wants to go out on the town, date new women and eat spicy food! Larry's not sure he's ready for a grandpa like this one.
18 Jan. 1991
Little Apartment of Horrors
Balki's mama sends a special plant from Mypos to cure Larrys cold. Skeptical as always, Larry doesn't believe it will work, but after he sees the proof with his own eyes, he's determined to make a fortune off this miracle plant!
1 Feb. 1991
I Saw This on TV
Larry lies to Jennifer to get out of going to the ballet with her, so Balki tries to convince him that lying never works and tells him about an episode of the Honeymooners that he saw where Ralph lies to Alice. The guys and girls reenact the episode of The Honeymooners in black and white.
8 Feb. 1991
Speak, Memory
Jennifer's mother is coming to town and wants to meet Larry. Larry is sure he will make a wonderful impression on his mother-in-law to be, except earlier that day Larry has an accident resulting in amnesia!
15 Feb. 1991
Out of Sync
A music producer overhears Balki singing at work and says he can make him a star! Before he knows it, Balki is 'Fresh Young Balki B' and is making his very own music video! But when he finds out the record label isn't being honest he wants out, but how can he quit when he's already signed a contract?
22 Feb. 1991
See How They Run
Balki decides to run for student body president at school but he doesn't want Larrys help. Larry promises that he won't go overboard this time if Balki will just let him assist with his campaign. Balki agrees but quickly finds out that he and Larry have very different ideas on how to run the campaign.
15 Mar. 1991
Climb Every Billboard
When the Chicago Bulls are on a losing streak, Larry proposes a campaign to Mr. Wainwright wherein someone climbs up the paper's billboard and not come down till the Bulls win. Wainwright tells Larry to find someone and if not he has to be the who stays on the billboard. Dreading having to stay on the billboard; Balki tells Larry he needs to make a decision and per his country's custom he needs to find a place high for the decision to come to him. So Larry suggests he climb the billboard. After getting there, Larry's about to leave when Balki says the decision came to...
22 Mar. 1991
A Catered Affair
Balki Starts his own catering business and its become so popular Larry tries to convince him to expand and make more money but Balki doesn't want to. In order to force Balki to branch out, Larry double books him without telling him, unfortunately Balki has also decided to take Larrys advice to expand and books himself another party as well. Now with 3 parties on the go simultaneously how will Balki manage?
5 Apr. 1991
Duck Soup
Mr. Wainwright invites Larry to go hunting with him and when Balki finds out they're hunting ducks he's more than eager to come along. Following a traumatic duck incident on Mypos Balki harbors a grudge against the animals, but when he discovers the ducks Mr. Wainwright is hunting aren't Myposian killer ducks, he tries to stop the hunt.
26 Apr. 1991
Great Balls of Fire
Balki and Larry decide to become volunteer firefighters but it's more than Larry can take.
3 May 1991
See You in September
Larry and Jennifer won't set a date for their wedding because they're both afraid it won't last. Balki offers to help by giving them the Myposian marriage test which will prove if they are truly meant to be together or not.
20 Sep. 1991
Bachelor Party
Balki discovers that as Larry's best man for the wedding he is supposed to throw him a bachelor party. Jennifer is dead set against bachelor parties but since Balki is planning it, she allows it anyways. But things get quickly out of hand when Mr Gorpley arrives with some unexpected party favors.
27 Sep. 1991
The Wedding
Larry and Jennifer's wedding day has finally arrived! But on the way to the ceremony location the boys are arrested and thrown in jail! Will this wedding actually happen, or will the universe do everything in its power to stop these nuptials?
4 Oct. 1991
This New House
Larry tries to trick Jennifer into living in a dump of an apartment, but his plan backfires and they end up in a huge house they can't afford! Can their marriage survive living in a mansion on coach airline leftovers and mini bags of peanuts?
18 Oct. 1991
Weekend at Ferdinand's
The King of Balki's country comes to the US and drops by Balki's first. Later he sits next to Larry and while Larry is talking, the man dies and falls on Larry. When Balki learns of this, he tells Larry as per custom since he was the one who touched him when died, he is now the King. Larry of course doesn't want to be King. Balki mentioned that a member of the King's Cabinet would be a perfect King and he will be there at a function the King was suppose to attend. So Larry decides to make it appear that the King isn't dead and bring him to the function so that the guy...
25 Oct. 1991
Fright Night
The next door neighbors tell Balki that his house is haunted. Thrilled at the idea of sharing his bedroom with a ghost, he runs home to tell everyone but Larry doesn't believe him. So the two decide to spend the night in Balki's room and wait for the ghost to appear.
1 Nov. 1991
The Gazebo
Larry and Balki decide to build a gazebo in the back yard. While Jennifer and Mary Anne watch, they realize the resemblance between Larry and Balki with Laurel and Hardy. The boys build the rest of the gazebo in black and white while paying homage to the classic Laurel and Hardy show.
8 Nov. 1991
Citizenship: Part 1
Balki is about to take his citizenship test to finally become and American citizen. Larry decides to surprise him by flying Balki's mama over from Mypos for the ceremony, but when she realizes what the ceremony is for she gets upset and demands Balki return home to Mypos with her.
15 Nov. 1991
Citizenship: Part 2
Larry arrives in Mypos to try and convince Mama Bartokomous to allow Balki to return to America. Sadly Mama is away on a retreat and won't be back for a week, so Balki invites Larry to stay and enjoy island life while they wait for her. But Larry begins to like it a little too much and wants to stay forever!
22 Nov. 1991
Wild Turkey
Larry gets a deal on 58 wild turkeys and has a plan to sell them for Thanksgiving, so he brings them home to live in the backyard! But when Jennifer's engagement ring goes missing the turkeys take the blame.
29 Nov. 1991
Dimitri's World
Balki's draws a comic of his stuffed sheep Dimitri and Mr Wainwright asks him to turn it into a regular comic strip for the Chicago Chronicle. Larry is assigned to write the Dimitri stories while Balki will do the artwork, sadly the two have very different ideas of what kind of sheep Dimitri should be.
6 Dec. 1991
Car Tunes
Larry installs an expensive new stereo in his car but it keeps getting stolen. Finally having enough of this, Larry hatches a plan to catch the criminals, but he and Balki accidentally get locked in the trunk.
20 Dec. 1991
Door to Door
Larrys got a new get rich quick scheme that's going to make him and Balki millionaires overnight. His new revolutionary cleaning products are a miracle and he's got a plan to make a fortune by selling to one rich client!

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