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19 Sep. 1987
Open House
Pee-wee is in the process of completely renovating the Playhouse and he has to get his friends to beg him to help him. After the Playhouse is finished, the gang has a tea party and new neighbor Mrs. Rene introduces herself.
26 Sep. 1987
Puppy in the Playhouse
The secret word was "over." Cowntess shows home movies of her trip to Europe, a puppy shows up at the Playhouse and Pee-wee names him Aloyisious, Jambi is allergic to him. When Reba the mail lady shows up, they find out that Alouisious is really her lost puppy... they are reunited and Pee-wee shows us how to make "macaroni art" with a portrait of the puppy.
3 Oct. 1987
Inside Magic Screen, Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis get chased by a train! Then, at Herman's Department Store, Miss Yvonne and Cowboy Curtis decide to buy Chairry.
10 Oct. 1987
Pee-wee Catches a Cold
Poor Pee-wee overdoes it and comes down with a cold. Ricardo and Miss Yvonne learn what an impatient patient he really is! But after some time in bed and chicken soup, Pee-wee feels way better.
17 Oct. 1987
Why Wasn't I Invited?
Cowntess is having a birthday party and everyone else in the Playhouse has received an invitation - everyone, that is, except Pee-wee. First his feelings are hurt, then he gets mad. Just when he is about to give Cowntess a "piece of his mind" Reba shows up with his invitation.
24 Oct. 1987
Tons of Fun
The secret word is "cool." Pee-wee lip-synchs to an old record, the Playhouse gang visit and they have a dance contest. Cowboy Curtis drops by with his guitar and sings a song to the Flowers. Miss Yvonne teaches everyone to clog dance, and Cowboy Curtis shows them how to make "Ice Cream Cake Pudding."
31 Oct. 1987
Schooltime has never been so fun when Pee-wee is the teacher! There are no tests and no homework! Then there are some thoughts on the future as Pee-wee and friends discuss what they want to be when they grow up.
7 Nov. 1987
The secret word is "begin." It's Spring - Cowboy Curtis stops by and he and Pee-wee plant a seed and watch it grow. The King of Cartoons brings his wife (The Queen of Cartoons) and their new baby (The Prince of Cartoons) over and introduces them to Pee-wee.
14 Nov. 1987
Playhouse in Outer Space
The entire Playhouse is carried off into outer space to an alien planet, where they meet Zyzzybalubah, a lonely alien who brought the Playhouse to his planet so he can have friends to play with.
21 Nov. 1987
Pajama Party
Pee-wee is hosting a pajama party sleepover at the Playhouse, but no one can sleep! After all the games and dancing, why not stay up all night?

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