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10 Jan. 1988
Balance of Power
Kris meets her Russian pen pal, a talented pianist whose teacher tries to keep them apart; Jessie objects to being paid less than a male colleague; Molly and Bertha enjoy a soap opera.
17 Jan. 1988
Call It a Draw
After Gus identifies the young man who mugged him, the mugger's brother begins a campaign of intimidation against the Witherspoon family to keep Gus from testifying in court; Molly and Bertha build an ant colony for a school project; Kris is overwhelmed when she studies for an important test.
24 Jan. 1988
Finish the Day
Kris and Gus compete together on a game show; Jessie discovers a lump in her breast; David receives an anonymous love note.
7 Feb. 1988
Two Beat, Four Beat
Gus convinces Joe Kaplan to join his service club, but when Joe is blackballed for unknown reasons, it causes a rift between the friends; David's band gets a female drummer and David and J.R. both fall for her; Molly awaits a reply from Jason Bateman after writing him several fan letters.
28 Feb. 1988
Out of Step
Jessie becomes an advisor to the high school newspaper and allows a satirical article to run poking fun at student council candidates--including Kris; Kris is upset at being labeled a goody two-shoes; David and his friends decide to get their ears pierced; Molly and Bertha take up tap dancing.
6 Mar. 1988
The Ashton Street Gang
David and J.R. are convinced that the new neighbors are criminals; Joe Kaplan feels old and tries to be more adventurous; Molly gets a magic set.
13 Mar. 1988
The Fifth Beatle
David's band is offered a chance to record an album by a young music producer, but Gus believes it's a scam; Jessie feels guilty that she doesn't have the financial means to help David with his dream; Molly takes a cue from Ghandi when a cranky neighbor complains about Arthur.
1 May 1988
Neighborhood Watch
A rash of home burglaries rattles the Witherspoons' neighborhood; Molly discovers her new friend has a secret; Gus is put in charge of the neighborhood watch; Kris enjoys chatting on a party line.
8 May 1988
Artful Dodging
Molly shoplifts to join a secret club; Kris takes a job; David gets a crash course in horseback riding to impress a girl; Gus is confused by his new romance; Mr. Kaplan damages one of Gus's toy trains.

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