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4 Jan. 1987
Family Secrets
Jessie's older sister comes for a visit; Molly recovers from a tonsillectomy; David has a crush on the pretty teacher who runs the computer club; Gus is upset when David finds an old manuscript of stories in the attic.
11 Jan. 1987
A Point of View
Molly befriends a new classmate named Dana who is blind, and tries to understand what Dana experiences by wearing a blindfold. Meanwhile, Gus is opposed to allowing a successful female attorney to join his all male service club. And fire safety becomes an important issue in the household.
18 Jan. 1987
The Best Intentions
Abuse is suspected when the baby Kris is sitting for needs to go to the hospital; David and Molly run the household for a weekend; Mr. Kaplan enters a chili cook-off.
1 Feb. 1987
The 100 Year Old Weekend
Gus convinces the family to try living for a weekend without 20th century conveniences; an international crisis puts everyone on edge.
8 Feb. 1987
Past Tense, Future Tense: Part 1
Kris hopes to reunite Gus with his estranged son Ben during a trip to an Air Force base; Jessie and Molly prepare for a charity fashion show; David and J.R. take Gus's car out for a joyride.
15 Feb. 1987
Past Tense, Future Tense: Part 2
Kris and Chris wait for help; Gus ignores his health while searching on horseback with Ben; Jessie and Mr. Kaplan try to keep news of the crash from David and Molly.
22 Feb. 1987
Gus's friend Lou Lefkowitz dies and his last request is for Gus to deliver a moose head to Lou's first love Lila; Kris's busy social life makes Jessie feel neglected; and David makes a new friend in a talented but unhappy tennis player.
1 Mar. 1987
Giving 'em the Business
Jessie's new used car is a lemon and Gus hatches a plan to get some satisfaction from the dealer. Kris works on an experiment to drop an egg unbroken.
15 Mar. 1987
Growing Up, Growing Old
Kris makes plans for her sixteenth birthday; the Witherspoons take care of cranky Mrs. Taft when she hurts her back; Molly doesn't want to be left-handed.
22 Mar. 1987
The Road Out of Briarpatch
Kris tutors a girl to help the hard luck student win a scholarship; David is impressed by the storytelling plumber hired by the Witherspoons, but Gus is not; Molly is led to believe that she qualifies for the gifted class.
3 May 1987
The Children's Crusade
A young man delivers a letter to Gus at his late mother's request which reveals that his father is Gus's old friend J.J. Moon; J.J. is reluctant to accept fatherhood; David's Japanese-American classmate doesn't want to debate Hiroshima, putting his and David's grades in jeopardy; Kris shops for a formal dress; Molly takes care of Bertha's pet rat, Pookie, who winds up loose in the Witherspoon house.
13 Sep. 1987
Sounds from a Silent Clock: Part 1
Kris wants to take flying lessons, but her mother disapproves; Gus decides to go back to work and needs a bank loan to buy a truck; Jessie enjoys taking care of a baby whose mother abandoned him; David is about to turn thirteen; Molly is worried after a series of tremors hits the area.
20 Sep. 1987
Sounds from a Silent Clock: Part 2
Gus is trapped in an elevator with the baby after an earthquake; Kris is a passenger in a small plane without Jessie's permission; David becomes friends with a handyman while his class is stuck at a church in the country, then tragedy strikes; Jessie is reluctant to give up the baby.
27 Sep. 1987
A Silent, Fallen Tree
During a teachers' strike, Gus substitutes at Kris's school, and Kris supports the picketers; Molly and Bertha have a falling out over potential sweepstakes winnings; Jessie's new boss gives her a beeper.
4 Oct. 1987
Dancing in the Dark
Kris leads a petition to reopen the teen dance club; Gus disapproves of Kris's new friend; David takes up surfing and skips school; Molly and Bertha decide to become blood sisters.
18 Oct. 1987
The Witherspoon War
When Gus and Jessie have a fight, Kris urges them to seek help from a talk radio therapist; David shoots a home video; Molly thinks she may be adopted.
25 Oct. 1987
The Haunting
There's a Halloween heatwave; a friend of Gus's dies and leaves him a horse; David wonders about the afterlife and decides to explore a supposedly haunted house.
1 Nov. 1987
Candles and Shadows
After a bicycle accident puts David in a coma, he is visited by his late father, John, who helps David work through his unresolved feelings about his death.
15 Nov. 1987
The Stringtown Treasure
David and his friends go on an overnight camping trip without permission to search for buried treasure after finding an old map; Gus goes to work at a stable and discovers a mutual attraction with his pretty employer.
22 Nov. 1987
They Also Serve
A tough ROTC instructor causes Kris to doubt her dream of going to the Air Force Academy; Gus's service club plans a memorial for Vietnam war dead and Gus can't understand Lt. Col. Trask's ambivalence towards it; Molly grows squash and befriends caterpillars; David regrets his gift to a pretty classmate.
29 Nov. 1987
Like Father, Like Son
Encouraged by memories of his father's past glory, David joins the school basketball team, but doesn't enjoy it; Molly and Bertha mistakenly believe Mr. Kaplan is dying; Kris and Nikki have a falling out after Kris accuses Nikki of keeping secrets; Jessie dates an old friend.
6 Dec. 1987
Sunday's Hero
When Gus takes the family and Joe Kaplan to a friend's cabin for the weekend, they unexpectedly meet the friend's son, a troubled professional football player; David makes an expensive bet with J.R.; Molly works on a poem for school.

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