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A.M. Chicago (1974) (TV Series)


Dr. Phil (2002) (TV Series)
The Dr. Oz Show (2009) (TV Series)

Referenced in 

Saturday Night Live: Oprah Winfrey/Joe Jackson (1986) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned during the Pat Stevens Show
Designing Women: Monette (1987) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name
Saturday Night Live: Bill Murray/Percy Sledge (1987) (TV Episode)
Title referenced during Donahue sketch
Married with Children: Peggy Sue Got Work (1987) (TV Episode)
Dialogue debates over whether or not to tape Oprah.
Growing Pains: A Reason to Live (1987) (TV Episode)
One of Jason's patients says she is going to stop seeing him because of something she saw on Oprah.
Full House: Our Very First Promo (1987) (TV Episode)
Danny tells DJ to stop watching Oprah after DJ clasifies Stephanie's behavior as a "desperate plea for attention."
Splash, Too (1988) (TV Movie)
mentioned that Allen's brother has watched this show
Hot to Trot (1988)
Fred says that Don could appear on this talk show.
ALF: Changes (1988) (TV Episode)
...Oprah, ....
The Golden Girls: Sophia's Wedding: Part 2 (1988) (TV Episode)
Max: "What is this? The Oprah Winfrey Show?"
Saturday Night Live: Danny DeVito/The Bangles (1988) (TV Episode)
Title shown on screen during 'Sex Tonight'.
The Experts (1989)
Mentioned by Travis
Night Court: The Trouble Is Not in Your Set (1989) (TV Episode)
Show reference
Good Morning, Miss Bliss: Stevie (1989) (TV Episode)
It is one of the TV talk shows mentioned by Lisa that Stevie has recently appeared on.
Troop Beverly Hills (1989)
Fred says, "I saw it on 'Oprah.'"
Roseanne: Dear Mom and Dad (1989) (TV Episode)
Roseanne Conner mentions this television show by name as "Oprah"
Cookie (1989)
ALF: Lies (1989) (TV Episode)
Willie refers to the series.
Growing Pains: Coughing Boy (1989) (TV Episode)
Mike pretends he's being interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Growing Pains: The New Deal: Part 1 (1989) (TV Episode)
Title reference
In Living Color: Homey D. Clown Returns (1990) (TV Episode)
One of David Alan Grier's characters asks, "this ain't The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986)?"
Designing Women: Working Mother (1990) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name.
Law & Order: Indifference (1990) (TV Episode)
Max says: "Where did you hear that, Oprah ?"
Designing Women: Friends and Husbands (1991) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name.
Ambition (1991)
Duke Nukem (1991) (Video Game)
Duke mentions the show.
Designing Women: Dwayne's World (1991) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by name.
Parker Lewis Can't Lose: Rock 'n' Roles (1991) (TV Episode)
Parker remarks that he is grateful he "entered puberty before Oprah got her own show."
Married with Children: God's Shoes (1991) (TV Episode)
Jefferson D'Arcy mentioned Oprah.
Saved by the Bell: Date Auction (1991) (TV Episode)
Zack says that he feels like Oprah.
Saved by the Bell: Hold Me Tight (1991) (TV Episode)
Coach Sonski says: "I'm sensitive to dames. I watch Oprah."
High Strung (1991)
Toxic Crusaders: That's No Villain, That's My Mom (1991) (TV Episode)
Toxie's Mom says he's going to watch "Oprah".
Cheers: License to Hill (1992) (TV Episode)
Woody says that on his sick day, he stayed home and watched "Oprah"
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Vying for Attention (1992) (TV Episode)
Carlton mentions the show
Article 99 (1992)
mentioned by name
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Aunt Who Came to Dinner (1992) (TV Episode)
Aunt Viv tells Ashley she can't watch Oprah anymore.
Saturday Night Live: Jerry Seinfeld/Annie Lennox (1992) (TV Episode)
Mentioned on Stand-up and win
Melrose Place: For Love of Money (1992) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Naked Truth (1992)
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: A Night at the Oprah (1992) (TV Episode)
The family appear on the show, and the theme song plays
Seinfeld: The Virgin (1992) (TV Episode)
Kramer dialog
Cheers: The Girl in the Plastic Bubble (1992) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Norm (as Oprah).
Trauma (1993)
Arnie says that he watches this show
Siskel & Ebert: Hollywood's Fear of Love (1993) (TV Episode)
Full House: The House Meets the Mouse: Part 1 (1993) (TV Episode)
Stephanie wisecracks "Women Who Hallucinate In Theme Parks on the next Oprah."
Beavis and Butt-Head: No Laughing (1993) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Weekend at Bernie's II (1993)
Oprah mentioned.
Mad About You: Bing, Bang, Boom (1993) (TV Episode)
mentioned in episode
Animaniacs: Distasterpiece Theatre/Hercule Yakko/Home on De-Nile/A Midsummer Night's Dream (1993) (TV Episode)
Dot says "Don't blame us, you could be watching Oprah"
Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss (1993) (TV Movie)
Mentioned in dialogue
Saved by the Bell: The New Class: Running the Max (1993) (TV Episode)
Mr Belding refers to the series.
The Chase (1994)
Dale tells the reporter that he and Will want to go on this talk show to tell their story after their truck flips on the freeway.
The Ref (1994)
"Why don't you go on Oprah and get it over with?"
Picket Fences: System Down (1994) (TV Episode)
Brought up by a juror as the case is being discussed.
Getting Even with Dad (1994)
Ray says that Timmy has "been watchin' way too much 'Oprah.'"
Wolf (1994)
Talks about morning talk shows including the mention of Oprah
The Nanny: Fran-Lite (1994) (TV Episode)
Niles thinks that Fran's advice emanated from the show.
Desmond's: Do Me a Favour (1994) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Gloria
The Nanny: The Strike (1994) (TV Episode)
Fran compares daytime talk show hosts.
California Dreams: Harley and the Marlboro Man (1994) (TV Episode)
Nobody's Fool (1994)
Vera mentions something she saw on Oprah
Law & Order: Seed (1995) (TV Episode)
The defense attorney says a grand jury will indict, regardless of the evidence, just so they can get home in time for "Oprah."
Zooman (1995) (TV Movie)
mentioned in dialogue
Major Payne (1995)
Married with Children: User Friendly (1995) (TV Episode)
The cable company's "Guy Package" blocks this show on the Bundy's TV.
Ik ben je moeder niet: Drank maakt meer kapot (1995) (TV Episode)
Title mentioned by Manon
The X-Files: Our Town (1995) (TV Episode)
Scully alludes to the show when she debunks the claims of a witness.
Law & Order: Switch (1995) (TV Episode)
When discussing multiple personality disorder with Olivet, Briscoe says he believes its the sort of thing you only see on 'Oprah.'
To Die For (1995)
mentioned in film
Weird Science: What Genie? (1995) (TV Episode)
Lisa tells Phoebe that her talk show has higher ratings than "Oprah".
Mind Ripper (1995)
It is referenced.
The Nanny: Pen Pals (1995) (TV Episode)
Maxwell mentions Oprah's daytime television show.
Hang Time: Let's Get Ready to Rumble (1995) (TV Episode)
Samantha refers to the series.
Law & Order: Angel (1995) (TV Episode)
"The Oprahification of America ended with the conviction of the Menendez brothers."
Friends: The One with Phoebe's Dad (1995) (TV Episode)
Rachel asks Phoebe, "how have you never been on Oprah?"
The Weinerville Chanukah Special (1995) (TV Movie)
Boney - "Someone call Oprah!"
The Right to Remain Silent (1996) (TV Movie)
Mentioned by Paley.
Two If by Sea (1996)
Girls Town (1996)
Ca. 30 minutes into the film the girls sit in Pattis room and laugh about her neighbour, who's "probably watching 'Oprah' right now".
Bed of Roses (1996)
Lisa mentions it to Lewis.
Girl 6 (1996)
3rd Rock from the Sun: Frozen Dick (1996) (TV Episode)
The truckers give Dick advice they learned by watching "Oprah."
Animaniacs: One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock (1996) (TV Episode)
Slappy watches "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on TV.
Animaniacs: A Very Very Very Very Special Show/Night of the Living Buttons/Soda Jerk (1996) (TV Episode)
Mindy's mother says, "I'm a guest on 'Oprah,' since today's topic is overprotective mothers."
Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Letter (1996) (TV Episode)
Annie says Vicki is as big as the guy she saw on "Oprah" who sleeps in a piano case.
Children of the Corn: The Gathering (1996) (Video)
Mentioned in dialogue
Night Falls on Manhattan (1996)
Mentioned in dialogue
Bullet (1996)
show is referenced by name
Michael (1996)
That Darn Cat (1997)
Touch (1997)
Ca. 58 minutes into the film, the TV-show is mentioned in dialog between Juvenal, Lynn and Kathy Worthington.
Melrose Place: Men Are from Melrose (1997) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Nightwatch (1997)
3rd Rock from the Sun: Same Old Song and Dick (1997) (TV Episode)
Sally calls the show's producers.
No Sweat: No Sweat (1997) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Carly.
Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Critics (1997) (TV Episode)
When Caroline tries to help Earl and Wanda with their marriage, she says she's seen something like that "on a very special Oprah".
ER: Calling Dr. Hathaway (1997) (TV Episode)
Open reference by a character
Air Bud (1997)
Cop Land (1997)
Stargate SG-1: Emancipation (1997) (TV Episode)
Jack says, "Damn! Guess I'm gonna have to cancel that 'Oprah' interview." Teal'c replies, "What is an Oprah?"
Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Blind Date (1997) (TV Episode)
Caroline: "I don't hate opera... I love 'A Night at the Opera', I saw 'Phantom of the Opera'... and I watch a lot of 'Oprah'!"
Saturday Night Live: Jon Lovitz/Jane's Addiction (1997) (TV Episode)
Mentioned on Weekend Update
King of the Hill: Husky Bobby (1997) (TV Episode)
Hank says to Peggy, "And if that means one day he winds up on Oprah with nothing to say, then so be it."
Jack Frost (1997) (Video)
The Tiger Woods Story (1998) (TV Movie)
Hang Time: Nothing in Common (1998) (TV Episode)
Boomer is an avid fan of the series.
Saturday Night Live: David Spade/Eagle-Eye Cherry (1998) (TV Episode)
Referenced in 'Monica's interviewers'
NewsRadio: Stinkbutt (1999) (TV Episode)
in dialogue
Jawbreaker (1999)
True Crime (1999)
The Man Show: Oprahization (1999) (TV Episode)
Denouces 'Oprah' for brainwashing women
The Wood (1999)
The Best Man (1999)
He says Oprah's interested in his book being featured in her show.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (1999) (TV Episode)
Crow comments that Merlin's book of spells is "on the Oprah list."
A Map of the World (1999)
mentionend several times in dialogue, they even reenact a show in prison.
Becker: Point of Contact (1999) (TV Episode)
Jake tells Becker that he needs to stop watching this show.
Saturday Night Live: Game Show Parodies (2000) (TV Special)
Referenced on Stand Up and Win
South Park: Quintuplets 2000 (2000) (TV Episode)
characters go on Oprah
Road Trip (2000)
Kyle insists he's a fan of Oprah to dispell accusations of racism
Screwed (2000)
Sordid Lives (2000)
Woman on Top (2000)
Beautiful Joe (2000)
Ca. 90 minutes into the film Lee references the show in dialogue
Beautiful (2000)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Place Like Home (2000) (TV Episode)
Buffy: "I want you to relax all day, keep your feet up, plenty of Oprah."
Gilmore Girls: Cinnamon's Wake (2000) (TV Episode)
Sookie mentions this show
Charmed: Power Outage (2000) (TV Episode)
Prue tells Piper and Phoebe, "Who needs Oprah when we can do it ourselves? She is referring to Oprah Winfrey and the syndicated talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show, where family members often go to resolve issues with each other.
DAG: The Return of Kathering Twigg (2000) (TV Episode)
Morton mentions the show.
Camouflage (2001)
Jack says: "it is from an Oprah show"
Edgemont: Just Friends (2001) (TV Episode)
Kat refers to the series.
Exit Wounds (2001)
The X-Files: Alone (2001) (TV Episode)
Mulder mentioned he watch this show a lot to know what a pregnant woman goes through.
Storytelling (2001)
Scooby mentions it.
The Zack Files: Searching for Zack Greenburg (2001) (TV Episode)
Cam refers to the series.
Law & Order: Criminal Intent: One (2001) (TV Episode)
Lenny says: "I'm watching Oprah and eating Cheerios"
Gilmore Girls: Hammers and Veils (2001) (TV Episode)
Luke interrupts Lorelai's analysis of her relationship with her mother with, "It must have been a really good Oprah."
The West Wing: Manchester: Part 1 (2001) (TV Episode)
Leo and Bruno briefly discuss the show.
Call Me Claus (2001) (TV Movie)
Whoopi suggests that Ralph should call Oprah.
Family Guy: Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows (2002) (TV Episode)
Lois mentions that she was watching the show while Brian was out.
Jane White Is Sick & Twisted (2002)
mentioned in dialogue
Showtime (2002)
South Park: Freak Strike (2002) (TV Episode)
One of the freaks talks about having been on the show.
Andy Richter Controls the Universe: Little Andy in Charge (2002) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Andy
The Shield: Pay in Pain (2002) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Vic
Bad Company (2002)
Living with the Dead (2002) (TV Movie)
Drumline (2002)
Never Get Outta the Boat (2002)
mentioned in dialogue
Phone Booth (2002)
Friends: The One with the Blind Dates (2003) (TV Episode)
Monica tells Chandler to stop watching the show.
View from the Top (2003)
Sally mentions her appearance on the show.
Marci X (2003)
The Human Stain (2003)
referenced in film
Gilmore Girls: The Lorelais' First Day at Yale (2003) (TV Episode)
When she finds out that Paris has hired a life coach, Lorelai exclaims, "Just like on Oprah!"
Have I Got News for You: The Best of the Guest Presenters (2003) (Video)
Discussion of the guide pony that went on the Oprah show (very difficult to get guests during summer!)
Law & Order: Compassion (2003) (TV Episode)
At arraignment court, the judge asks Dr. Allison, "Didn't I see you on Oprah," to which Allison's defense attorney replies "Charlie Rose, your honor."
Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)
A crew purportedly from that show is going to tape in the Baker home
Opraholic (2003) (Short)
main character is an addict of the show
If Only (2004)
Dialog at the pub
Charmed: The Courtship of Wyatt's Father (2004) (TV Episode)
Phoebe: "What you said was very Springer, What I said is very Oprah."
101 Biggest Celebrity Oops (2004) (TV Special)
Oprah Winfrey sings her show's theme song
Chappelle's Show: Episode #2.9 (2004) (TV Episode)
Mentioned during the Oprah sketch.
Saturday Night Live: Donald Trump/Toots and the Maytals (2004) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in Live with Regis and Kelly
Chris Rock: Never Scared (2004) (TV Special)
Knuckle Sandwich (2004)
"What is this, 'Oprah'?"
Soul Plane (2004)
Said by character
Queer as Folk: Proposal of Two Kinds (2004) (TV Episode)
The show is mentioned.
Wimbledon (2004)
Dialog when Ron Roth uses his mobile phone at the end of the movie
Degrassi: The Next Generation: Islands in the Stream (2004) (TV Episode)
Paige sarcastically refers to Hazel as "Oprah."
Love on the Side (2004)
the guy says; oprah couldn't have said it better
Saturday Night Live: Luke Wilson/U2 (2004) (TV Episode)
Mentioned during cold opening
Tripping the Rift: Santa Clownza (2004) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Bob during the opening credits
Inside Deep Throat (2005)
Jon Lewis mentions it.
The Salon (2005)
"You been watching 'Oprah'?"
My Big Phat Hip Hop Family (2005)
"I've got him watchin 'Oprah' "
Gilmore Girls: Pulp Friction (2005) (TV Episode)
Lorelai says that she is familiar with the concept of "friends with benefits" because she watches Oprah.
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005)
Dialog when Hart and Fuller travel to Las Vegas
The Office: Diversity Day (2005) (TV Episode)
Michael says, "Where was my Oprah moment?"
Law & Order: Publish and Perish (2005) (TV Episode)
Joe refers to the series.
Adam & Steve (2005)
"He has a degree, we just have Oprah"
Grey's Anatomy: If Tomorrow Never Comes (2005) (TV Episode)
Cristina says if the procedure goes well, she is calling Oprah.
Saturday Night Live: Johnny Knoxville/System of a Down (2005) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in Weekend Update
Her Minor Thing (2005)
"you should go on 'Oprah'."
Witches of the Caribbean (2005) (Video)
"You should be on 'Oprah'."
Pterodactyl (2005)
A character says "this ain't 'Oprah.'"
Wedding Crashers (2005)
John refers to Oprah's Book Club
The Quiet (2005)
"Words of wisdom from Deepak Chopra Winfrey."
Veronica Mars: Driver Ed (2005) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Veronica
Kinky Boots (2005)
"All this way for my advice. I feel like Oprah."
Drake & Josh: Foam Finger (2005) (TV Episode)
Drake to Josh (while fighting): "I hope they cancel 'Oprah!'"
Grey's Anatomy: Make Me Lose Control (2005) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Richard.
ER: Dream House (2005) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Supernatural: Bugs (2005) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Dean
Joey: Joey and the Sex Tape (2005) (TV Episode)
Joey compares the Ellen Show to Oprah
Gilmore Girls: The Prodigal Daughter Returns (2005) (TV Episode)
Lorelai says, "Books are back. Oprah says so."
Kathy Griffin Is... Not Nicole Kidman (2005) (TV Special)
kathy talks about going on the Oprah Show
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jon Lovitz (2005) (TV Special)
Half Nelson (2006)
Dan and the two girls in the nightclub briefly talk about the show and Miss Winfrey.
Will & Grace: Cop to It (2006) (TV Episode)
Jack talks about having his Oprah moment
Drake & Josh: Little Sibling (2006) (TV Episode)
When Sammy asks Josh if he's busy, he says he was just watching "Oprah."
The Boondocks: Let's Nab Oprah (2006) (TV Episode)
They plan to kidnap Oprah from her show
Degrassi: The Next Generation: Our Lips Are Sealed: Part 1 (2006) (TV Episode)
Manny compares Emma to Bob Greene from "Oprah".
Still Standing: Still Saying I Love You (2006) (TV Episode)
Judy has to take her mother in law Louise to the Oprah show
American Dreamz (2006)
Referenced in dialogue.
Failure to Launch (2006)
Sue says Oprah talks about low self-esteem being a root cause all the time
Saturday Night Live: Matt Dillon/Arctic Monkeys (2006) (TV Episode)
Referenced in Appalachian Emergency Room
The West Wing: Welcome to Wherever You Are (2006) (TV Episode)
Otto mentions that he saw something on Oprah about Jon Bon Jovi's volunteerism campaign
Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas (2006)
"I've had deeper thoughts watching 'Oprah'."
Howard Stern on Demand: Howard's Press Tour (2006) (TV Episode)
Howard mentions the show
Howard Stern on Demand: Best of 02/20-02/24, 2006 (2006) (TV Episode)
Roger Ebert talks about the show
Stalking Santa (2006)
Casey says, "We're not 'Oprah'; we can't give away cars."
South Park: A Million Little Fibers (2006) (TV Episode)
Towelie goes on the Oprah show
Grey's Anatomy: Blues for Sister Someone (2006) (TV Episode)
Gwen says she has recently discovered the show.
Just My Luck (2006)
Scrubs: My Déjà Vu, My Déjà Vu (2006) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Kathy Griffin: Strong Black Woman (2006) (TV Special)
Pepper Dennis: Curtis Wilson's a Total Nut Job (2006) (TV Episode)
Brianna watches the show instead of doing her work.
Room 6 (2006)
"Just don't go filling her head with all that 'Dr. Phil' and 'Oprah' shit"
Joey: Joey and the Holding Hands (2006) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Joey
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)
When Ricky tells Cal how much his friendship means he says it's like an Oprah moment. He also calls out for Ms. Winfrey to save him from allegedly being burned alive, along with Tom Cruise, and God (by many names).
The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006)
"Something tells me you'd rather be at home watching Oprah with your friend."
Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006)
radio program referred to as " 'Oprah' on radio"
Weeds: A.K.A The Plant (2006) (TV Episode)
The lady from the power company asks Nancy, if she can't miss "Oprah" for one day or why she so desperately needs her to accept her (fake) Canadian ID.
American Dad!: Camp Refoogee (2006) (TV Episode)
Stan nicknames one of the refugees "Lil' Oprah."
Shark: Pilot (2006) (TV Episode)
Stark compares his daughter to Oprah in her shows.
Drake & Josh: Josh Runs Into Oprah (2006) (TV Episode)
Josh hits Oprah with his car when attending a filming of her show.
The Office: The Convention (2006) (TV Episode)
Michael asks Pam if she watched this show the previous day.
Man of the Year (2006)
Tom jokes about 'Oprah' being booked
Blackwater Valley Exorcism (2006) (Video)
"I was watching that Oprah show one time..."
Gray Matters (2006)
Oprah's show is mentioned
Black Lagoon: Greenback Jane (2006) (TV Episode)
Revy aims to Jane with her pistol and says: Would you believe me if I was watching The Oprah Winfrey Show?
The Hunt (2006)
(after being asked a question) "Well, Oprah..."
Sleeper Cell: Salesman (2006) (TV Episode)
Agent Russell mentions the show in dialog with Gayle.
Dead & Deader (2006) (TV Movie)
TV: The Movie (2006)
"The Six Million Year Old Man" is on after "Oprah"
ER: Breach of Trust (2007) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
30 Rock: The Head and the Hair (2007) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Kenneth
My Kid Could Paint That (2007)
Anthony Brunelli mentions that the show contacted him about this story.
Ugly Betty: I'm Coming Out (2007) (TV Episode)
Hilda says she watched Oprah.
Screenwipe: Episode #3.1 (2007) (TV Episode)
Breach (2007)
30 Rock: The Fighting Irish (2007) (TV Episode)
Mentions by Liz
The Killing Floor (2007)
"Two weeks on The Times, no 'Oprah'."
Shark: Porn Free (2007) (TV Episode)
Oprah mentioned by Jessica Devlin
Veronica Mars: I Know What You'll Do Next Summer (2007) (TV Episode)
it is mentioned that Piz got Apollo on his show before Oprah
Ocean's Thirteen (2007)
"Are you watching 'Oprah'?"
Sister's Keeper (2007)
mentioned in dialogue
Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious (2007) (TV Special)
Mentioned by Tosh
Brutal (2007) (Video)
a man says he watched this show
Entourage: The WeHo Ho (2007) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Masters of Science Fiction: A Clean Escape (2007) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Halvermann.
Psych: Rob-a-Bye Baby (2007) (TV Episode)
Juliet mentions Oprah's "nursery theme week."
Californication: LOL (2007) (TV Episode)
Hank wants to go on Oprah's show
Mr. Woodcock (2007)
Maggie tries to book John to appear on the show.
Dexter: It's Alive! (2007) (TV Episode)
Dexter notes that Batista got his new spiritual philosophy from a rerun of 'Oprah'.
Californication: Filthy Lucre (2007) (TV Episode)
Hank jokingly says Bill and Karen will end up on Oprah's big yellow couch if they keep arguing about whether or not Becca's band can play at the wedding.
Enchanted (2007)
When Robert is berated after Giselle makes a scene talking to the divorcing couple, his superior says "there is a woman crying, like we're on Oprah."
Three Can Play That Game (2007)
"forgot to tape Oprah"
ER: Skye's the Limit (2007) (TV Episode)
Dr. Kovacs says that while in Chicago, his brother wants to see a taping of "Oprah"
30 Rock: Secrets and Lies (2007) (TV Episode)
C.C. says "we were going to go on Oprah!"
The Bucket List (2007)
Edward mentions that he was a guest in the show.
Tripping the Rift: Extreme Takeover (2007) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Gus
Kinderen voor kinderen: Kinderen voor kinderen 28 (2007) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Isolde Hallensleben after she asks the audience members to look under their chair
Jumper (2008)
taxi driver mentions going on Oprah
The Hottie & the Nottie (2008)
Cristabel mentions that she saw an episode of this show that discussed dreaming.
Psych: Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead (2008) (TV Episode)
Shawn wonders aloud whether Henry "watched an emotional 'Oprah.'"
Saturday Night Live: Jonah Hill/Mariah Carey (2008) (TV Episode)
Mentioned on the Suze Orman Show
Saturday Night Live: Christopher Walken/Panic at the Disco (2008) (TV Episode)
Referenced in Weekend Update
Day of the Dead (2008) (Video)
Referenced in dialogue.
South Park: Eek, a Penis! (2008) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Mr. Garrison
Without a Trace: A Bend in the Road (2008) (TV Episode)
Olczyk, turning on the TV in Jack's hospital room, says, "How about we watch some Oprah, huh?"
Saturday Night Live: Ashton Kutcher/Gnarls Barkley (2008) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Jamie Lee Curtis (Kristen Wiig)
Baby Mama (2008)
Angela mentions the episode of "Oprah" in which she gets her ears pierced.
ER: Under Pressure (2008) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Morris
The Love Guru (2008)
Pika wants to be on her show.
Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008)
Perez Hilton sings about Oprah's show
Dark Reel (2008)
mentioned in dialogue
Righteous Kill (2008)
Mentioned by Rooster.
Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare (2008) (Video)
"...while I watch 'Oprah'."
The Family That Preys (2008)
mentioned that Oprah and Gayle went across the country which happened on her show
High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)
Mentioned during a song that Oprah wants Sharpay and Ryan on her show.
The Mentalist: Red Hair and Silver Tape (2008) (TV Episode)
Hector refers to Lisbon and Jane, respectively, as "Oprah" and "Dr. Phil."
Watch Out (2008)
Mentioned in dialogue
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #7.25 (2008) (TV Episode)
Reference in a $100 question
Saturday Night Live: Josh Brolin/Adele (2008) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Suze Orman
Little Mosque on the Prairie: The Ties That Blind (2008) (TV Episode)
Sarah mentions the show by name.
The Starter Wife: Das Booty Call (2008) (TV Episode)
When Lou asks Molly how she became so perceptive, she replies "Oprah."
Californication: Coke Dick & First Kick (2008) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Little Mosque on the Prairie: Let Prairie Dogs Lie (2008) (TV Episode)
Rayyan mentions that she did something Oprah recommended on her show.
30 Rock: Believe in the Stars (2008) (TV Episode)
Liz talks to Oprah about watching her show, and opens up about her life as if she is a guest on the show.
My Name Is Earl: Earl and Joy's Anniversary (2008) (TV Episode)
Joy says, "Saw it on 'Oprah.'"
Strongbad_email.exe: Disc Six (2008) (Video)
In "4 Branches", The Show AM parodies this show (and other talk shows) by mentioning a makeover as well as Homestar's singsong voice during the process of using mustard in a makeover being reminiscent of Oprah's singsong voice used to make grand announcements on her show
Law & Order: Sweetie (2008) (TV Episode)
Witness to Lupo: "Don't you watch Oprah?"
Saturday Night Live: Hugh Laurie/Kanye West (2008) (TV Episode)
During the opening monologue, Hugh Laurie refers to Oprah's "favorite things" episode.
General Hospital: Episode dated 15 December 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Alexis
Scrubs: My Happy Place (2009) (TV Episode)
"You get a paycheck! You get a paycheck!"
Precious (2009)
Precious asks Miss Rain if she watches the show.
The Slammin' Salmon (2009)
mentioned in dialogue
World's Greatest Dad (2009)
Referenced by name.
ER: Love Is a Battlefield (2009) (TV Episode)
Frank says, "you gals watch too much Oprah"
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #7.84 (2009) (TV Episode)
Oprah's Book Club is the subject of a $50,000 question
Saturday Night Live: Bradley Cooper/TV on the Radio (2009) (TV Episode)
In the opening segment, Nancy Pelosi (Kristen Wiig) says she would like to get the mother of the octuplets on Oprah's show.
1000 Ways to Die: Death Over Easy (2009) (TV Episode)
In death "#97 Oprah Winfried" a death row inmate accidentally electrocutes himself when sitting on a metal toilet while watching his favorite TV show.
My Name Is Earl: Friends with Benefits (2009) (TV Episode)
Rich Lady says, "I'm gonna get you on 'Oprah.'"
RuPaul's Drag Race: Queens of all Media (2009) (TV Episode)
The queens are asked to emulate Oprah Winfrey for the main challenge and the show is referenced throughout.
The Cell 2 (2009) (Video)
a doctor mentions he will get a movie deal out of this case "and then 'Oprah' "
Hooking Up (2009)
John cites it as his source for learning about rainbow parties.
RuPaul's Drag Race: Extra Special Edition (2009) (TV Episode)
The queens are asked to emulate Oprah Winfrey and interview celebrities like in her show.
I Hate Valentine's Day (2009)
"Do I sound like I'm on Oprah's couch?"
30 Rock: The Natural Order (2009) (TV Episode)
Liz mentions the show and Oprah's advice.
Saturday Night Live: Justin Timberlake/Ciara (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Seth Meyers on Weekend Update
The Proposal (2009)
Margaret convinces a novelist who usually doesn't do interviews to appear on Oprah
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List: Kathy Is a Star... Kind Of (2009) (TV Episode)
Kathy mentions the show.
Whip It (2009)
mentioned in dialogue
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.1 (2009) (TV Episode)
Oprah talks to Jerry Seinfeld about her upcoming episodes
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.6 (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned when guest expert Ali Wentworth is introduced
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.8 (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned when guest expert Ali Wentworth is introduced
Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday: Episode #2.1 (2009) (TV Episode)
Amy mentions Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.10 (2009) (TV Episode)
Mentioned when guest expert Ali Wentworth is introduced
Drop Dead Diva: Dead Model Walking (2009) (TV Episode)
Jane mentions it.
Jeopardy!: Episode #26.20 (2009) (TV Episode)
Reference in a $400 clue in the category "'Time''s 100 Most Influential People"
Grown Up Movie Star (2009)
Ruby kids about possibly appearing on the show because of her issues.
Nostalgia Critic: Casper (2009) (TV Episode)
Oprah is referenced.
The Middle: The Trip (2009) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Live Evil (2009)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.45 (2009) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that Sarah Palin will appear on the show
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.50 (2009) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that Sarah Palin was on the show
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.51 (2009) (TV Episode)
Arnold Schwarzenegger says he might take over the show after his term as governor expires
Little Mosque on the Prairie: Saving Sarah Hamoudi (2009) (TV Episode)
Amaar states sarcastically that Sarah probably got Reverend Thorne a guest appearance on the show as part of their PR campaign.
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.59 (2009) (TV Episode)
Jay says that Oprah Winfrey invited Tiger Woods to talk about his marital problems on her show
The Jay Leno Show: Episode #1.60 (2009) (TV Episode)
Gabourey Sidibe mentions going to Chicago to be on the show
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.69 (2009) (TV Episode)
Guest expert Chuck Nice refers to the show while answering a $25,000 question
Californication: Mia Culpa (2009) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Wheel of Fortune: Wheel Across America 2 (2009) (TV Episode)
Title used as puzzle
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.81 (2010) (TV Episode)
Included in a $500 question
Cougar Town: Stop Dragging My Heart Around (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Being Human: Long Live the King (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode #8.100 (2010) (TV Episode)
Subject of a $15,000 question
Jeopardy!: 2010 College Championship Semifinal 2 (2010) (TV Episode)
Reference in a $200 clue in the category "21st Century Women"
Skins: Cook (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010)
"Dang Oprah, you grunt louder than a church yard chicken"
House M.D.: Private Lives (2010) (TV Episode)
Oprah Book Club mentioned by House
Cougar Town: Turn This Car Around (2010) (TV Episode)
Travis says it's lame with grown men that watch Oprah, and Jules says she's not afraid of Oprah.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.20 (2010) (TV Episode)
Jay says Jenna Jameson was on the show
10 Things I Hate About You: Da Repercussions (2010) (TV Episode)
When asked by her teacher about being suspended, Kat says if she was, she'd be home watching Oprah - to which Ms. Somers replies that she was on the show once.
QI: Geometry (2010) (TV Episode)
Dr. Phil is mentioned by Rob
United States of Tara: The Truth Hurts (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.30 (2010) (TV Episode)
Jay says that Rielle Hunter will go on the show
Adventures of a Teenage Dragonslayer (2010)
Officer Annie: "This is what happens when you don't Tivo 'Oprah' and 'Dr. Phil'."
Rules of Engagement: The Score (2010) (TV Episode)
Audrey mentions women watch the show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.39 (2010) (TV Episode)
an ad for a "nonsurgical facelift" describes the product as having been seen on the show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.42 (2010) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that Rielle Hunter was on the show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.45 (2010) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that John Edwards' staff claimed that Rielle Hunter lied in her appearance on the show
Grey's Anatomy: Death and All His Friends (2010) (TV Episode)
April mentions seeing something on Oprah
The Apprentice: Episode #9.11 (2010) (TV Episode)
Holly mentions the Oprah show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.74 (2010) (TV Episode)
Dakota Fanning says she has been to Chicago only to be on the show
You Should Meet My Son! (2010)
Rose mentions hearing about Google on Oprah
Burning Bright (2010)
mentioned in dialogue
Circle (2010)
Mentioned in dialogue
Melissa & Joey: Seoul Man (2010) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Mel.
The Middle: The Diaper Incident (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Saturday Night Live: Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars (2010) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Seth on Weekend Update
Dexter: Practically Perfect (2010) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Rules of Engagement: Mannequin Head Ball (2010) (TV Episode)
Jeff mentions that Audrey wanted to sell cookies after watching Oprah
Conan: A Prayer for Dick Butkus (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien mentions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
Conan: What the Rowboat Saw (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien mentions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
Conan: Paper or Plastique? (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien (while interviewing actor Joel McHale) mentions this show
Conan: One If by Land, Two If by a Slightly Longer Land-Route (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien mentions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
Conan: No Time for Tetherball (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien mentions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
Conan: Do You Want Lies with That? (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien mentions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
Conan: A Sleigh Full of Slay (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien showed a new clip of a guy reporting on a guy gliding and mentions this show
Private Practice: If You Don't Know Me by Now (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Sheldon
Saturday Night Live: Jim Carrey/The Black Keys (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Anthony Crispino on Weekend Update
Conan: Houston, We Have a Murder (2011) (TV Episode)
While Conan O'Brien is talking about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, in a joke Jimmy Vivino's thoughts are being heard and he mentions this show
Conan: Hello and Dubai (2011) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien menions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
Flypaper (2011)
"Oprah's Book Club" mentioned
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (2011) (TV Movie)
mentioned in dialogue
Conan: A Finger Un-Pulled (2011) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien mentions this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
The Middle: Valentines Day II (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Tosh.0: Crying Wrestling Fan (2011) (TV Episode)
Tosh pretends to be interviewed by Oprah
30 Rock: It's Never Too Late for Now (2011) (TV Episode)
Liz says her heart is pounding like she's watching Oprah's final season
The Middle: Hecks on a Plane (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Conan: The Double-Fudging of Vanessa Del Rio (2011) (TV Episode)
Conan says 'Oprah gives cars away' during Basic Cable Name that Tune
Modern Family: Two Monkeys and a Panda (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Raising Hope: The Cultish Personality (2011) (TV Episode)
Virginia talks about wanting to be on the show.
Justified: Cottonmouth (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Hot in Cleveland: LeBron Is Le Gone (2011) (TV Episode)
Melanie mentions that the episode where Oprah and Gail go camping is on TV
The Middle: Spring Cleaning (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Chuck: Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialog by Casey.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.130 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that Barack and Michelle Obama will appear on the show
Mike & Molly: Samuel Gets Fired (2011) (TV Episode)
Soo-Jin (to Abe): What is it now? I'm watching Oprah, waiting for my Aha! Moment - and you're not it!"
Something Borrowed (2011)
Ethan calls Rachel "Oprah"
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.134 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jay mentions that President Obama flew to Chicago to tape an episode of the show
How I Met Your Mother: The Perfect Cocktail (2011) (TV Episode)
Robin and Lily talk about the end of the series.
The Middle: Mother's Day II (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Late Show with David Letterman: Episode #18.128 (2011) (TV Episode)
Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan read from the transcript of an interview with Shirley MacLaine
You Got Served: Beat the World (2011)
mentioned in dialogue
Conan: Tomorrow's Episode (2011) (TV Episode)
Oprah's last show mentioned during the Conologue
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.151 (2011) (TV Episode)
With regard to the predicted end of the world, Jay says the show is just a TV show
Saturday Night Live: Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga (2011) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Seth on Weekend Update
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Episode #3.82 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jimmy and "audience members" read letters to Oprah regarding her show's finale
Late Show with David Letterman: Episode #18.144 (2011) (TV Episode)
Pat and Kenny read from a transcript of Oprah talking with Martha Stewart
Tosh.0: The Naked Wizard (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.157 (2011) (TV Episode)
Katie Couric says her future talk show will do some of the things that Oprah did on her show
Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode #1.22 (2011) (TV Episode)
Ignatiy says that the subject of "Buck" compares everything to horses, and suggests that he might compare watching "Oprah" to horses too
Conan: Dragonpuncher 3: The Punchening (2011) (TV Episode)
Leslie Bibb talks about winning the Model Search on Oprah
Alphas: Pilot (2011) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Friends with Benefits (2011)
mentioned by Dylan
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.183 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jay says that American politicians don't have secrets because they go on the show
Ugly Americans: Mummy Dearest (2011) (TV Episode)
Twayne mentions Oprah's favorite things and asks if he has won a car.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #20.4 (2011) (TV Episode)
Jamie Foxx talks about men saying things because they would be considered acceptable on the show
Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos (2011) (TV Special)
When Achmed talks about TV in hell, he says there's only one channel, the Oprah Winfrey network, to which Jeff says that a lot of people like "The Oprah Winfrey Show"
Lobos de Arga (2011)
Oprah's "Book Club" mentioned.
Desperate Housewives: School of Hard Knocks (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned by name
Suburgatory: Don't Call Me Shirley (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Psych: This Episode Sucks (2011) (TV Episode)
Referenced by the vampire bartender
Supernatural: The Mentalists (2011) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Conan: Dead Men Tell No Amusing Anecdotes (2011) (TV Episode)
Show referenced during the Conologue
Saturday Night Live: Steve Buscemi/The Black Keys (2011) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Barack Obama (Fred Armisen) in the cold opening
Hart of Dixie: Hairdos & Holidays (2011) (TV Episode)
Wade: "What is this, the Oprah show?"
Hot in Cleveland: How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway? (2012) (TV Episode)
Melanie mentions the Oprah show, and how it won't last
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #20.74 (2012) (TV Episode)
Ross Mathews talks about seeing his mom watch the show made him want to become a talk show host
Raising Hope: Tarot Cards (2012) (TV Episode)
Virginia says, "Don't you watch 'Oprah'?"
Raising Hope: Single White Female Role-Model (2012) (TV Episode)
Burt says, "You know when it started? Right when 'Oprah' went off the air."
Scandal: Enemy of the State (2012) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
30 Rock: The Return of Avery Jessup (2012) (TV Episode)
Liz mentions "Oprah does her last show" in her review of the last year's pop culture for Avery
Piranhaconda (2012) (TV Movie)
Mentioned in dialogue
The Mob Doctor: Change of Heart (2012) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Private Practice: The Next Episode (2012) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Amelia
Joan Rivers: Don't Start with Me (2012) (TV Special)
Mentioned by Rivers before the show begins.
Parenthood: Trouble in Candyland (2012) (TV Episode)
mentioned in dialogue
Wedding Band: I Don't Wanna Grow Up (2012) (TV Episode)
Rachel: "Are we on 'Oprah' right now?"
Raising Hope: Burt Mitzvah: The Musical (2013) (TV Episode)
Burt says, "I saw that on 'Oprah.'"
Veep: Helsinki (2013) (TV Episode)
Ben tells Kent to "tell that to Oprah when you mount your comeback".
We're the Millers (2013)
Comment about giving away cars like Oprah did on her show
Perception: Neuropositive (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue by Daniel Pierce.
The Middle: The Drop Off (2013) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
13/13/13 (2013)
Mentioned in dialogue
Duck Dynasty: Life of Si (2014) (TV Episode)
Si Robinson and Jase Robinson both mention the host of this television show, Oprah Winfrey, as Oprah
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Billy Crystal/Garth Brooks/Final Show (2014) (TV Episode)
Oprah Winfrey sings to Jay, "So long, farewell, you really raised the bar/If you were me, you'd buy them all a car"
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Apartment (2014) (TV Episode)
Gina says she is watching the show when Jake visits her.
Ryan & Ruby: Online Dating (2014) (TV Episode)
Referenced in Episode
Raising Hope: Baby Phat (2014) (TV Episode)
Virginia says, "I feel like I'm on 'Oprah.'"
Veep: The Choice (2014) (TV Episode)
Gary says that Selina does not like the show.
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Oprah Winfrey/Idina Menzel (2014) (TV Episode)
Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey talk about the giveaways on Oprah's show and her interaction with her audience.
The Jack and Triumph Show: Something Racist (2015) (TV Episode)
Triumph try to get Jack to be on Oprah in order to say sorry for being racist.
Addicted to Fresno (2015)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Coronation Street: Episode #1.8605 (2015) (TV Episode)
Leanne mentions the show.
iZombie: Flight of the Living Dead (2015) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Tosh.0: Girl Dunks (2015) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Tosh
Young Love: Episode #1.6 (2015) (TV Episode)
Referenced by name
Fifty Shades of Black (2016)
Mentioned in dialogue.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)
Fahim discovers who Oprah Winfrey is.
Supergirl: Worlds Finest (2016) (TV Episode)
Cat refers to the series.
Join or Die with Craig Ferguson: History's Greatest Gangster (2016) (TV Episode)
Craig mentions Oprah's talks show.
Join or Die with Craig Ferguson: History's Biggest Fraud (2016) (TV Episode)
James Frey's appearances on the show is mentioned.
Orange Is the New Black: People Persons (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue
Ghostbusters (2016)
When Patty drives up with the hearse, she yells, "YOU get a free car...and YOU get a free car!"
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Ben Affleck/Sarah Paulson/Green Day (2016) (TV Episode)
Jimmy refers to the car giveaways as Tre Cool throws albums into the audience
The Exorcist: Chapter Six: Star of the Morning (2016) (TV Episode)
Kat references the show.
The Goldbergs: The Greatest Musical Ever Written (2016) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Barry.
To Tell the Truth: Martha Plimpton/Tom Bergeron/Sherri Shepherd/David Arquette (2017) (TV Episode)
Contestant Margaret Kent mentions she was the first guest on the show.
Talk Show the Game Show: National Treasure (2017) (TV Episode)
Scott Adsit mentions this television show by name
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return: Reptilicus (2017) (TV Episode)
"We're going on Oprah!"

Featured in 

Throw Momma from the Train (1987)
Margaret appears on the show.
Designing Women: Reservations for Eight (1988) (TV Episode)
Watched on TV in the cabin.
Scrooged (1988)
Back to the Future Part II (1989)
A clip from the series is shown in the Café 80s.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Ill Will (1992) (TV Episode)
Will watches Oprah on TV in the hospital.
Roadkill: The Last Days of John Martin (1994) (Short)
On television in John's house.
Behind the Music: M.C. Hammer (1997) (TV Episode)
Siskel & Ebert: Remembering Gene Siskel (1999) (TV Episode)
Brief clip of Oprah Winfrey's tribute to Gene Siskel is shown.
A Map of the World (1999)
inmates watching the show on TV in prison
Last Party 2000 (2001)
In the opening segment, we see a clip from the show.
TV Guide's 50 Best Shows of All Time: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (2002) (TV Special)
"The Oprah Winfrey Show" is #49.
Beauty Shop (2005)
James is watching it on TV
Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Episode #12.134 (2005) (TV Episode)
A clip of Tom Cruise on the show is shown during the "Rejected Star Wars Characters" sketch.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
One of the Oompa Loompas is seen watching Oprah.
Class Dismissed: How TV Frames the Working Class (2005) (Video)
avoidance in lieu of mythos
SexTV: The Low Down on the Down Low/The Art of Exploitation/Pornogami (2006) (TV Episode)
Clip from show is used in this episode.
Ocean's Thirteen (2007)
airing on TV
I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA (2007)
Clip of Ingrid Newkirk as a guest.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 22 January 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Clips of this TV show are shown during 'The Great American Culture Quiz' segment.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 3 April 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Clips of the 4/3/2008 show are featured with Thomas Beatie 'the pregnet man'.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 12 May 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Featuring clips of an undated show with Barbara Walters.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 27 May 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Features clips of and undated show with guest Barabar Walters.
The O'Reilly Factor: Episode dated 6 June 2008 (2008) (TV Episode)
Clips from an undated show were featured with guest Sen. Barack Obama.
Live from Studio Five: Episode #1.2 (2009) (TV Episode)
Clips shown.
This Morning: Episode dated 16 September 2009 (2009) (TV Episode)
Clip shown.
Live from Studio Five: Episode #1.50 (2009) (TV Episode)
Clips shown.
It's Complicated (2009)
Jane and Jake watch it on TV at hotel.
Live from Studio Five: Episode #1.66 (2009) (TV Episode)
Clip shown.
Waiting for 'Superman' (2010)
clip shown, confirmed in end credits
20 to 1: Adults Only 20 to 1: Sex on the Screen (2010) (TV Episode)
Clips of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt from various episodes shown in a segment on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.1 (2010) (TV Episode)
a clip of Kirstie Alley talking to Jamie Foxx on the show is shown
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.43 (2010) (TV Episode)
an altered clip of Rielle Hunter on the show is shown
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.49 (2010) (TV Episode)
an altered clip of Dr. Phil after having his mustache shaved is shown
The Wright Stuff: Episode #13.37 (2010) (TV Episode)
Clip highlighted discussion topic.
RTL Boulevard: Episode dated 14 September 2010 (2010) (TV Episode)
The episode in which Oprah reveals that the audience is granted a trip to Australia is highlighted.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.5 (2010) (TV Episode)
a clip of Oprah announcing that she is giving the audience a trip to Australia is shown
Conan: Wanted: Dead... Or with Chives (2010) (TV Episode)
Conan O'Brien makes reference and shows a clip of this show in a joke at the beginning of the show
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #19.53 (2010) (TV Episode)
an altered clip from the show is shown
Conan: The Indiscriminate Highlighter (2011) (TV Episode)
Clips of Oprah's hysterical audience are intercut with a Donald Trump speech
Conan: Murder at the Murder Trial (2011) (TV Episode)
Various clips included in fake promo
Conan: Mr. Smith Goes to Hades (2011) (TV Episode)
Various clips included in fake promo
Conan: Willy Wonka & His Much Less Popular Beef Jerky Factory (2011) (TV Episode)
Altered clip from the series finale, and various other audience shots
Conan: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Pink Berry (2011) (TV Episode)
Clip from season finale
Late Show with David Letterman: Episode #19.2 (2011) (TV Episode)
Altered clip of Oprah presented as a greeting on Dave's 18th anniversary show
Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode #2.11 (2011) (TV Episode)
a clip of Chaz and Roger on the show is shown
Late Show with David Letterman: Episode #19.19 (2011) (TV Episode)
Clip of Hugh Jackman's zipline accident
Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time (2012) (TV Movie)
Oprah Winfrey is the #3 Best TV Host.
20/20: Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of Our Time (2012) (TV Episode)
features clips of the show when discussing Oprah Winfrey who was voted #3 Best TV Host
Fruitvale Station (2013)
Watched on TV
Life Itself (2014)
Footage shown.
Nostalgia Critic: We Wish You a Turtle Christmas (2015) (TV Episode)
recalling the time the Turtles appeared on Oprah to promote their tour
The Eighties: Raised on Television (2016) (TV Episode)
clips shown

Spoofed in 

Saturday Night Live: John Lithgow/Tracy Chapman (1988) (TV Episode)
Spoofed during the cold opening
DuckTales: A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity (1989) (TV Episode)
Oprah Webfeet makes an appearance
Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation (1992) (Video)
Oprah Winfrey is spoofed.
Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie: Episode #2.1 (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as the 'Oompah Winfrey Show'
Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie: Episode #2.2 (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as the Oompah Winfrey Show
Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie: Episode #2.4 (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as the Oompah Winfrey Show
Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie: Episode #2.6 (1994) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as the Oompah Winfrey Show
Beavis and Butt-Head: Dream On (1995) (TV Episode)
Butt-head dreams he is on The Oprah Winfrey Show discussing his sleeping with over 5,000 women.
Saturday Night Live: Pamela Lee/Rollins Band (1997) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah's book club skit
Saturday Night Live: John Goodman/Jewel (1997) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in cold opening
Saturday Night Live: Sylvester Stallone/Jamiroquai (1997) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in cold opening
Saturday Night Live: Garth Brooks (1998) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah skit
Police Academy: The Series: Bring Me the Turtle of Commandant Hefilfinger (1998) (TV Episode)
The cadets stage an "Oprah!" TV show to fool Hefilfinger.
Saturday Night Live: David Duchovny/Puff Daddy/Jimmy Page (1998) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah skit
Saturday Night Live: Cameron Diaz/Smashing Pumpkins (1998) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah 2002
Saturday Night Live: Tom Green/David Gray (2000) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah skit
Saturday Night Live: Megan Mullally/Clay Aiken (2004) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah skit
Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005) (TV Movie)
The movie makes fun of the previous title.
Saturday Night Live: Ashton Kutcher/Gwen Stefani (2005) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in Oprah skit
Robot Chicken: Midnight Snack (2005) (TV Episode)
Oprah gives away free stuff on her show
Avid Merrion's XXXmas Special (2005) (TV Movie)
Sketch spoofing the show
Saturday Night Live: Steve Martin/Prince (2006) (TV Episode)
Maya Rudolph portrays Oprah Winfrey
WrestleMania 22 (2006) (TV Special)
Goldust dresses up in a wig and a dress and calls himself "Oprahdust."
South Park: ManBearPig (2006) (TV Episode)
Al Gore constantly misusing the word "serial" is a parody of the time he confused it with "cereal" on Oprah
Robot Chicken: A Day at the Circus (2006) (TV Episode)
action show with Oprah and Dr. Phil using methods from their shows to fight crime
The Simpsons: Ice Cream of Margie: With the Light Blue Hair (2006) (TV Episode)
We see a show called Opal with a hostess that looks and acts just like Oprah Winfrey.
30 Rock: The Source Awards (2007) (TV Episode)
Tracy and Liz spoof the way she introduces her guests, and Tracy invokes her "under the seat" giveaways.
Saturday Night Live: Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Snow Patrol (2007) (TV Episode)
Spoofed with Maya Rudolph as Oprah
Scrubs: Their Story (2007) (TV Episode)
Parodied as "Jordan"
Saturday Night Live: Zach Braff/Maroon 5 (2007) (TV Episode)
Spoofed in TV Funhouse
The Simpsons: Husbands and Knives (2007) (TV Episode)
The Opal Show is a direct spoof of The Oprah Show.
The Simpsons: Funeral for a Fiend (2007) (TV Episode)
Opal is a parody of Oprah.
The Game (2008) (Video Game)
The Tom Cruise "jumping on the couch" incident is parodied in the "Couches :the game:" level.
Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday: Episode #2.3 (2009) (TV Episode)
Oprah (Maya Rudolph) makes an appearance and gives away free gold medals to the members of the studio audience.
30 Rock: Live Show (2010) (TV Episode)
Tracy plays Oprah in a "TGS" parody of the show
The Women of SNL (2010) (TV Movie)
Spoofed in the "Oprah" sketch
The Onion News Network: Oprah Invites Hundreds of Lucky Fans to Be Buried with Her in Massive Tomb (2010) (TV Episode)
Oprah announces on her show that she will be buried in a massive tomb
The Cleveland Show: Your Show of Shows (2011) (TV Episode)
spoofed in the talk show "Cleveland"
Mad: Pooh Grit/Not-a-Fan-a-Montana (2011) (TV Episode)
The Cobra skit is a spoof of this show.
2011 Primetime Creative Arts Emmys (2011) (TV Special)
a clip of Maya Rudolph playing Oprah on "Saturday Night Live" is shown
Tosh.0: Face Bumper Smash (2011) (TV Episode)
Tosh as Oprah
Funny Show Part Two: The Video - Movie (2012) (Video)
comedy style
Superjail!: Planet Radio (2012) (TV Episode)
The Warden Show parodies this one.
Raising Hope: Burt Bucks (2013) (TV Episode)
Burt's and Virginia's giveaway spoofs the famous "You get a car! And you get a car!" giveaway from "The Oprah Winfrey Show," except it's lobsters instead of cars.
Tosh.0: Where Are They Now (Again)? (2014) (TV Episode)
Gravity Falls: Stanchurian Candidate (2015) (TV Episode)
In a scene that parodies the "You get a car! And you get a car!" episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Bud Gleeful looks around the room and tells audience members: "You get half-off a used car! And you get half-off a used car!" etc.
Robot Chicken: The Unnamed One (2016) (TV Episode)
Parody skit
Saturday Night Live: Russell Crowe/Margo Price (2016) (TV Episode)
spoofed during 'Oprah Winfrey A Life of Love'
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)
In a party, "Oprah" has everyone look under their seat; "Everyone gets a beer"
One Day at a Time: Quinces (2017) (TV Episode)
Penelope: "You get a seat! You get a seat! Everybody gets a seat!"

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