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2 Feb. 1987
Episode dated 2 February 1987
The challenges of today's dating scene.
23 Sep. 1987
Episode dated 23 September 1987
Snobby, overbearing, or just plain hard to deal with...Rude, obnoxious people turn off their friends, neighbors and co-workers. But are they really as bad as they seem? A psychologist helps us figure them out.
27 Jun. 1988
Episode dated 27 June 1988
Liza Minnelli & Dudley Moore appear to promote their movie "Arthur 2: On the Rocks."
12 Jun. 1989
Episode dated 12 June 1989
The Cast of Ghostbusters II talks about both Ghostbusters movies, their experiences making the movies together, and other stuff.
18 Mar. 1991
Episode dated 18 March 1991
The focus is a woman who was cheated on by her mate, and now her family has gotten involved in the case.
3 Apr. 1992
Episode dated 3 April 1992
Dolly Parton appears to promote her new film Straight Talk (1992). The hour is spent with Oprah talking to Dolly about her upbringing and how that background helped prepare her for her role as a radio personality in the film. Dolly sings three songs from the motion picture soundtrack.
1 Feb. 1993
Episode dated 1 February 1993
Women whose friends and family don't want them to reconcile with the man in their lives.
14 Dec. 1993
Episode dated 14 December 1993
Oprah reunites a woman with the mixed race child whom she abandoned.
10 Mar. 1995
Episode dated 10 March 1995
Parents and their 'Up and Coming' Stars.
Summer Movie Reviews
Oprah asks the movie critics, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, their opinions on the summer movies. Oprah has a trivia quiz for her audience. Siskel and Ebert give their recommendations for video rentals.
22 Oct. 1996
Episode dated 22 October 1996
Liza Minnelli promotes her new CD "Gently"; QVC personality Gale Hayman discusses her book "How Do I Look?" and audience member Mindy Burbano entertains with her uncanny mimicking of the sounds animals make.
1 Sep. 2000
Episode dated 1 September 2000
BeBe Winans launches his album "Love & Freedom," joined by his singing partners from the album.
13 May 2003
Oprah Visits American Idol
Oprah visits American Idol for an exclusive backstage visit with the top 4 finalists of the second season.
19 May 2004
Oprah's Million Dollar Wedding Giveaway
Six Couples go before four expert judges to win their dream wedding worth One Million Dollars.
20 Sep. 2004
Episode dated 20 September 2004
John Travolta Salutes Real Life Heroes.
12 Oct. 2004
Episode dated 12 October 2004
Tatum O'Neal's Hollywood Nightmare.
9 Nov. 2004
Episode dated 9 November 2004
Oprah Cleans Out Her Closet.
2 Feb. 2005
Episode dated 2 February 2005
The biggest dares in the world with Debra Messing.
11 Feb. 2005
Episode dated 11 February 2005
Live Strong with Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow.
25 Mar. 2005
Episode dated 25 March 2005
Beauty Shop Makeovers with Queen Latifah, Andie MacDowell and Kevin Bacon.
4 Apr. 2005
Episode dated 4 April 2005
The Next Best Thing with American Idol's Simon Cowell with performances by Joss Stone and Il Divo.
4 May 2005
Episode dated 4 May 2005
Postpartum Depression and Brooke Shields's struggle with sanity.
23 May 2005
Episode dated 23 May 2005
Tom Cruise promotes War of the Worlds (2005) and enthusiastically professes his love for Katie Holmes.
6 Oct. 2005
Episode dated 6 October 2005
Oprah and the cast of "Crash" discuss how racism is something in which we all participate. Terrence Howard reveals that his father was the assailant in an incident known as the "Santa Line Slaying".
26 Jan. 2006
Episode dated 26 January 2006
Oprah confronts James Frey about the embellishments he added to his best-selling memoir, "A Million Little Pieces". The book's publisher and noted journalists also comment on the controversy
27 Feb. 2006
Episode dated 27 February 2006
The real people behind the big names. Includes Kevin Clash, performer of Elmo from "Sesame Street".
6 Mar. 2006
Oprah's After Oscar Party 2006 from the Kodak Theater
Oprah's next day wrap-up / review of the 2006 Oscars, from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, Ca. Guest included Reese Witherspoon and Jon Stewart. Broadcast the afternoon following the Oscars.
10 May 2006
Episode dated 10 May 2006
Vince Vaughn discusses the Break Up and the Cast of Will & Grace bid farewell after 8 years.
19 May 2006
Overcoming Incredible Odds
Faith, the only bipedal dog in the world demonstrates how she overcame incredible odds of being born without front legs by learning how to walk upright.
25 Sep. 2006
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson talks about her recent weight loss, the Super Bowl Scandal, the new love of her life, and her latest album, 20 Y.O.
17 Nov. 2006
On Location: Oprah on the Set of Grey's Anatomy
In Los Angeles, Oprah visits with the cast of the TV series "Grey's Anatomy".
14 Sep. 2007
High Style on a Budget with Superstar Designer Vera Wang
Vera Wang talks about fashion. Director Julie Taymor talks about her new movie "Across the Universe". The cast of "Across the Universe" perform live, singing songs from the movie.
23 Apr. 2008
What Would You Do?
Oprah interviews reporter John Quinones of ABC Primetime Live, about what people really do when faced with ethical dilemmas.
11 Sep. 2008
Breast Cancer Battles
Christina Applegate discusses her breast cancer. Her Oncologist, Philomena McAndrew, MD, discusses the role that the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes play in breast cancer.
9 Oct. 2008
How to Handle Life's Stickiest Situations
How to handle being propositioned by a friend's spouse, learning that your preteen child is being propositioned for oral sex, criticizing a friend's personal style, telling a friend she has bad breath, and much more! Leading ethics experts sound off on how to handle life's stickiest situations.
21 Oct. 2008
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and Dr. Oz on Stroke
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained brain scientist. When she was only 37, Jill suffered a massive stroke when a blood vessel burst in the left hemisphere of her brain. Jill remained conscious during the whole experience and recounted her life-altering day at the 2008 TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference, a video that has become an Internet sensation. Jill went on to write a NY Times Bestselling book called "My Stroke of Insight"-a detailed account of the day of her stroke and the subsequent years of recovery.
24 Feb. 2009
Episode dated 24 February 2009
Oprah interviews Octomom's father Ed Doud.
23 Mar. 2009
Episode dated 23 March 2009
Steve Harvey gives relationship advice while promoting his best-selling book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like Man."
25 Mar. 2009
Women Leaving Men for Other Women
They had husbands, boyfriends...then, they fell in love with women. Plus, why women are falling hard for Work Out's Jackie Warner. Oprah interviews Rebecca Cardon and Jackie Warner of Bravo's Work Out. Oprah questions Rebecca's sexual preference, and discusses her current relationship status.
17 Nov. 2009
Episode dated 17 November 2009
Oprah explores the interest of women in erotica and pornography and interviews former porn star Jenna Jameson on her career and personal life.
7 Apr. 2010
Episode dated 7 April 2010
Oprah interviews the cast of the ABC series "Glee."
7 Jul. 2010
Episode dated 7 July 2010
Oprah interviews 'Kimberly Reed', who grew up as a high school quarterback and honor student before getting sex-change surgery in his late 20s.
15 Aug. 2010
Episode dated 15 August 2010
Raising children of another race.