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4 May 1986
Episode #1.1
George Hazard and Orry Main are for two opposite sides of a Civil War, that has just started. But for twenty years they have been the best friends ever (see: "North and South" (1985) (mini)). So, when they get in trouble, they can still count on each other. While, the men are fighting, women must take care of their houses. But not all the people are good and honest. Elkanah Bent, a big enemy of George and Orry, with help from Orry's sister; Ashton, smuggle precious goods from Europe. George's brother and sister-in-law want to become rich from the war. Times get harder...
5 May 1986
Episode #1.2
The ebb and flow of war has begun with victories and defeats on both sides. Brett and Semiramis make it safely back to Mont Royal, after a dangerous encounter with Northern troops. When Orry hears of what happened at Mont Royal, he rescues Madeline and they are soon married. Virgilia meets Dorothy Dix who accepts her as a nurse on the basis of Congressman Sam Greene's recommendation. Orry needs to stop the blockade runners and is almost captured by a Northern patrol. By the purest luck, he meets George on the trail. Elkanah Bent has ambitions of megalomaniacal ...
6 May 1986
Episode #1.3
By September 1862, the South appears to be on the verge of victory. President Lincoln wants to emancipate all slaves but recognizes he needs a victory on the battlefield before he can do so. Disatisfied with his current commander, he sends George Hazard to sound out Gen. Ulysses S. Grant on whether he would take on overall command of the Northern forces. After Salem Jones kills a runaway slave from Mont Royal, the family decides to offer safe passage to any of their slaves who wish to leave. Soon after, Ashton arrives and is shocked to find Brett and Madeline working ...
7 May 1986
Episode #1.4
Ulysses S. Grant is made commander of the Armies of the Potomac and is having an immediate effect, but at a very high cost in terms of casualties. George Hazard, now a Brigadier General, has received his long sought after field assignment but is taken prisoner and transported to Libby Prison in Richmond. There he meets the prison warden, Capt. Thomas Turner who will go to any length to be obeyed. Having been admonished by Mrs. Neal, her superior at the field hospital, to treat all soldiers will equal care regardless of what side they are fighting on Virgilia finds ...
8 May 1986
Episode #1.5
Charles and Orry set out to rescue George Hazard, who is being held at Libby Prison in Richmond. They make sure he gets back to Union Lines and he makes it home for Christmas. As he recovers however, he learns that a warrant has been issued for his arrest for selling faulty cannons to the Army. He goes after Morgan the black marketeer and his brother Stanley does the right thing. At Mont Royal, Brett has an unfortunate encounter with Salem Jones. Madeline has been continuing her good works in Charleston helping those living in the shanty town and gets Rafe Baudeen's ...
11 May 1986
Episode #1.6
The war is coming to a close and the Union armies under Ulysses S. Grant now appear to have the upper hand. At the Battle of Petersburg in April 1865, George Hazard sees his friend Orry Main through binoculars. After the battle, George is unable to locate him. The battle proves decisive however leading to Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. With the war over, Billy travels to Mont Royal, followed a while later by Orry after George finds him in a field hospital. Mont Royal hasn't seen the last of Salem Jones however, leading to a death. Virgilia ...


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