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14 Jan. 1993
The Ghost
A murdered man's ghost pays Ben a visit, pleading with him to defend his wife, who's falsely accused of the murder.
21 Jan. 1993
The Class
Impressionable young college students may have learned a little too much from guest lecturer Matlock when he tells them about committing the perfect murder. A hated classmate of theirs disappears, and evidence of foul play is found in his garage.
28 Jan. 1993
The Singer
Evidence tampering, both by the police Lieutenant in charge of the case and his own client, complicates Matlock's defense of a personal manager accused of killing his client, a country music star.
14 Feb. 1993
The Mark
Billy Wheeler, the down-on-his-luck country singer whom Matlock hired to paint his house, needs the lawyer's help once again, when he's accused of killing a con artist.
11 Feb. 1993
The Juror
As a juror in the trial of a man accused of killing his wife, Ben angers the other jurors by being the only holdout. He believes the accused man is innocent, and he even holds a demonstration to prove his point.
18 Feb. 1993
The Fortune
An eccentric millionaire seemingly commits suicide, but when the details don't add up, and too many women come forward as the heiress, executor Bens' job becomes a mess of finding the heir/heiress, and determining the true cause of death.
18 Mar. 1993
The Debt
Leanne takes on the case her ex-husband Peter who is charged with the murder of his friend and boss.
25 Mar. 1993
The Revenge
Ben, scheduled to appear as a witness in a robbery case, is joined by Conrad and Cliff in reviewing three of his past cases to determine which exposed murderess is engaged in a campaign to make him seem senile.
1 Apr. 1993
The Obsession
Matlock defends a TV star who is accused of killing a therapist at a drug rehab centre. His dreams are guiding him to the real killer.
8 Apr. 1993
The Divorce
Doctors Farmington want an amicable divorce and ask their friend Ben to handle the paperwork. Meanwhile, Ben is sued by a man who fell off Ben's porch and the divorce becomes less than amicable.
29 Apr. 1993
The Final Affair
A lawyer is accused of murdering his lover and her husband, a high school football coach and aspiring minister.
6 May 1993
The Competition
The apparent suicide of a piano student doesn't ring true to Matlock.
23 Sep. 1993
The Play
An actress is murdered and Ben agrees to represent the director of a local community play.
30 Sep. 1993
The Fatal Seduction: Part 1
Ben defends a man against murder charges stemming from a date-rape shakedown scheme.
7 Oct. 1993
The Fatal Seduction: Part 2
Ben defends a man against murder charges stemming from a date-rape shakedown scheme.
14 Oct. 1993
The Diner
Ben takes Leanne to meet the wife of his first client back in the early 60s. Mr. Shaw was the cook at the local diner where he was accused of killing the local sheriff after a disagreement in the diner.
28 Oct. 1993
The View
When Ben and Leanne go to a wedding out of town, Ben witnesses what could be a crime from his hotel window.
4 Nov. 1993
The Last Laugh
When a mouthy has-been comedian is accused of murder Matlock defends him in court.
11 Nov. 1993
The Capital Offense
Two weeks before con man Adam Spangler's appointment with the electric chair, Det. Campbell Buchard convinces Ben and Leanne to shake the eyewitness testimony that put Spangler on death row and find the real killer.
18 Nov. 1993
The Haunted
A dissatisfied patient is suspected of murdering her plastic surgeon, but Ben thinks otherwise.
25 Nov. 1993
The Conspiracy
Matlock defends a young lawyer accused of murdering his old boss.
2 Dec. 1993
Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream
After visiting a jazz nightclub, Matlock has a nightmare set during 1930's prohibition.
16 Dec. 1993
The Defendant
Leanne falls for a client, a philanthropist accused of murdering his partner.

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