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6 Jan. 1987
The Chef
During the taping of her TV cooking show, a chef's ex-husband samples her cooking, then keels over dead.
13 Jan. 1987
The Author
When a woman in a small town writes a book whose characters are actual people in the town and it becomes a best seller, the press converge on the town to interview them. And some of them threaten the woman. When the local reverend goes to visit her, someone takes a shot at her killing the reverend. The police investigate and it leads them to one of the town's doctors who was depicted in the book as being a druggie who denies it and threatened the woman. Ben comes to defend him and he starts by checking some of the other people depicted in the book but learns none of ...
20 Jan. 1987
The Rat Pack
A starlet is murdered.
3 Feb. 1987
The Nurse
Kathy Dawson is a private nurse working for the St. Johns. One night while she was out, the man she was taking care of, Peter St. John, died. When it was determined to be murder, she is the prime suspect. Ben and a woman get into an elevator, at the courthouse, that malfunctions. Ben seems taken by this woman. Ben goes to his arraignment hearing with Kathy Warren and finds out the woman he was tuck with in the elevator is the new A.D.A., Julie March. Kathy Warren hires Ben to defend her, offering her $250,000 engagement ring as a fee. After Lacey St. John tells A.D.A....
10 Feb. 1987
The Convict
A former client of Ben has spent seven years in prison for murder, then he gets a parole but, still in prison, kills a fellow inmate in self-defense. Ben again defends the same client, and he figures out what happened in the previous case.
17 Feb. 1987
The Court-Martial: Part 1
An Army lieutenant pushes his men too hard. Someone stabs him in the back, and he dies. The Army charges one of the soldiers in his company, Ben defends him, and Charlene and Tyler help. During a preliminary hearing the accused disappears.
24 Feb. 1987
The Court-Martial: Part 2
Ben returns the defendant, but a crucial witness (the only witness) disappears. Tyler discovers a drug scheme, Charlene finds out about the background, and Ben figures out the pieces of the puzzle. Ben even learns about the Army.
3 Mar. 1987
The Therapist
A movie star is accused of murdering a movie star.
24 Mar. 1987
The People vs. Matlock
Matlock is accused of bribing a witness.
31 Mar. 1987
The Photographer
A crooked photographer is murdered.
5 May 1987
The Reporter
When a house blows up and a body is found which appears to be that of the owner. The police investigate and think that the man's wife is a suspect. When she is arrested, a reporter tells Ben about her and when he offers to defend her, the reporter hopes to get a story. When they look into the man's background, they discover a lot of irregularities. And even the neighbor saw some peculiar things on the night of the explosion.
12 May 1987
The Doctors
A team of doctors become suspects for murder.
22 Sep. 1987
The Billionaire
An American businessman based in London is killed. His son would be charged, tried, and convicted for the crime. His sister believing in her brother's innocence decides to stage a mock trial hoping that something that they missed will be revealed, and she hires Ben to defend him.
6 Oct. 1987
Blind Justice
A blind man kills the man who blinded him and frames the man's girlfriend.
13 Oct. 1987
The Annihilator
Ben's assistant Cassie convinces Ben to defend a professional wrestler accused of killing a rival wrestler.
20 Oct. 1987
The Husband
When a woman learns her husband has another wife, she confronts him even making threats. Later he is found dead. She is arrested and Ben defends her. He learns that the man has more secrets.
27 Oct. 1987
The Power Brokers: Part 1
Ben defends a popular columnist framed for the murder of a source.
10 Nov. 1987
The Gambler
Ben defends an Atlanta police lieutenant who is accused of murdering his girlfriend after learning of her true identity.
1 Dec. 1987
The Network
Matlock ventures to LA to defend TV producer Paul Bartel who is accused of murdering network programming chief Greg Titleman.
8 Dec. 1987
The Best Friend
A writer is found shot to death while he was writing a tell-all book about Georgia's most prominent political family, the Douglases. James Douglas' ex-wife, Vanessa, is accused of the murder but Matlock agrees to defend her.
15 Dec. 1987
The Country Boy
When a country singer who's a drinker makes a spectacle of himself, his wife decides to leave him. Her sister backs the decision, but then is later found victim of a hit and run. The singer is subsequently arrested and accused of the murder, but Ben decides to defend him.
22 Dec. 1987
The Gift
Ben defends a man who is accused of murdering his ex-wife after having sneaked into her house to visit their daughter.

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