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Season 4

19 Sep. 1989
The Hunting Party: Part 1
Matlock travels to Manteo, North Carolina, to defend Spencer Hamilton, the brother of Frank, who was killed in a duck-hunting accident. After Ryan Bartell was shot, immediately after Spencer's brother, Matlock also was approached by a handsome young sheriff, Conrad McMasters, to find evidence in killing Ryan.
19 Sep. 1989
The Hunting Party: Part 2
After Conrad calmed Matlock down, realizing he was framed for all the dope that he had in his car, he investigates the three guys who killed Ryan Bartell, each of whom were all liars. In the end, Matlock hired Conrad as a full-time partner and private investigator in Atlanta, after leaving his hometown of Manteo, North Carolina.
26 Sep. 1989
The Good Boy
A woman's son who resents that his mom has a new husband and doesn't hide it. Her husband feeling that her son needs to be straightened out, wants to send him to a military school. But when he refuses, her husband tells him that unless he goes, his mother is going to know what he has been doing. So he kills him. Eventually his mother is arrested and Ben defends her.
10 Oct. 1989
The Best Seller
Ben Matlock defends the husband of a very successful romance novelist who is accused of killing his wife's best friend.
17 Oct. 1989
The Ex
Ben goes to Baltimore to help Julie defend her best friend's husband only to find that the prosecutor is Julie's ex-husband.
24 Oct. 1989
The Clown
Ben defends a professional circus clown accused of murdering his performing partner.
31 Oct. 1989
The Star
7 Nov. 1989
The Con Man
When a client of Ben's is taken by some con artists, he decides to get back at them. When one of them is killed and when another one decides to testify against him Ben defends him. Michelle tries to work on another member of the team and is taken with him.
28 Nov. 1989
The Fugitive
Matlock knew Drew Carey since he was a little boy. He is actually framed for the murder of his uncle, prior to his crazy temper tantrums. Matlock thought Drew was a nice person, when Drew himself turned into a corrupt, young man, who refused to follow his lawyer's orders suspecting that Valerie (a young woman who married her husband) actually had done it, when she was having an affair with a construction worker. Despite Drew finding himself innocent for not killing his uncle, the judge also sentenced him to an indefinite community service, due to his behavioral ...
2 Jan. 1990
The Witness
Prominent attorney Sandra Townsend leads a double life by "playing the field" and living on the edge. She winds up being blackmailed by her boyfriend to stay in the relationship, and he has the compromising pictures to seal the deal. She plots to murder him and frame an innocent bar patron who vowed to get even after her boyfriend throws him out of the nightclub. Ben's assistant, Michelle is given the job of defending the accused, and in the process is reacquainted with old friend, Sandra Townsend. As the sole "witness" to the crime, Townsend must face Michelle in ...
13 Feb. 1990
The Pro
20 Feb. 1990
The Informer: Part 1
Ben takes a case representing a fellow lawyer who is accused of murdering a mobster Ben considers dropping him after he starts manipulating is case.
27 Feb. 1990
The Informer: Part 2
Ben continues to investigation the murder of a mobster and finds a chain of events that leads to a murder several years earlier.
20 Mar. 1990
The D.A.
After successfully getting a man convicted of killing his wife's lover, Julie is threatened by the man's brother and becomes the target of a stalker.
1 May 1990
The Blackmailer
Matlock defends Peter Dolan, a state senator accused of murdering Ron Winfield, a comic strip artist who was going to go public on Dolan's affair with another senator's wife.
8 May 1990
The Cookie Monster
Matlock investigates the murder of a cookie queen who was out to crumble her competitors with a hostile takeover.

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