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Season 2

22 Sep. 1987
The Billionaire
An American businessman based in London is killed. His son would be charged, tried, and convicted for the crime. His sister believing in her brother's innocence decides to stage a mock trial hoping that something that they missed will be revealed, and she hires Ben to defend him.
6 Oct. 1987
Blind Justice
A blind man kills the man who blinded him and frames the man's girlfriend.
13 Oct. 1987
The Annihilator
Ben's assistant Cassie convinces Ben to defend a professional wrestler accused of killing a rival wrestler.
20 Oct. 1987
The Husband
When a woman learns her husband has another wife, she confronts him even making threats. Later he is found dead. She is arrested and Ben defends her. He learns that the man has more secrets.
27 Oct. 1987
The Power Brokers: Part 1
Ben defends a popular columnist framed for the murder of a source.
10 Nov. 1987
The Gambler
Ben defends an Atlanta police lieutenant who is accused of murdering his girlfriend after learning of her true identity.
1 Dec. 1987
The Network
Matlock ventures to LA to defend TV producer Paul Bartel who is accused of murdering network programming chief Greg Titleman.
8 Dec. 1987
The Best Friend
A writer is found shot to death while he was writing a tell-all book about Georgia's most prominent political family, the Douglases. James Douglas' ex-wife, Vanessa, is accused of the murder but Matlock agrees to defend her.
15 Dec. 1987
The Country Boy
When a country singer who's a drinker makes a spectacle of himself, his wife decides to leave him. Her sister backs the decision, but then is later found victim of a hit and run. The singer is subsequently arrested and accused of the murder, but Ben decides to defend him.
22 Dec. 1987
The Gift
Ben defends a man who is accused of murdering his ex-wife after having sneaked into her house to visit their daughter.
5 Jan. 1988
The Body
Ben and Michelle stay at an exclusive health spa while investigating the employees after their client is accused of killing an aerobics instructor who had an affair with her husband.
12 Jan. 1988
The Reunion
Ben has a reunion with some friends from law school who are partners in a law firm. The senior partner is killed and one of the partners is accused of killing him. Ben offers to defend him and he learns that the victim was not exactly liked by the other partners so he thinks one of them killed him.
19 Jan. 1988
The Gigolo
Ben Matlock defends a handsome, young dance instructor who is accused of killing his married dance studio business partner after she catches him after hours with another woman.
26 Jan. 1988
The Umpire
Matlock defends an insurance salesman who has been accused of killing his boss, who is also a softball umpire, following a bad call during a softball game.
2 Feb. 1988
The Investigation: Part 1
One of Ben's clients is the son of a mobster but he has chosen to cut all ties with his father, even change his name and not tell anyone about it. But a politician finds out and subpoenas him to appear before a commission. Later the politician is killed and he is arrested. Eventually his father shows up and tries to fix it but Ben tries to solve legally. Ben crosses paths with a couple of other organizations who may have wanted the man dead also.
9 Feb. 1988
The Investigation: Part 2
Matlock decides to continue with the case even though he was the victim of a violent assault. When Tyler returns to the same bar to enquire the whereabouts of Juanita Martinez (Maria O'Brien) on the night of the murders, he meets with physical resistance and ends up lying on the floor. The Gentry Family almost ended up in the middle of the mob war with the Hernandez family.
16 Feb. 1988
The Hucksters
An unscrupulous head of a pyramid scheme selling face cream, dies during a stage infomercial interview. One of the salespeople he swindled, Hal, is blamed for the murder. Ben takes the case despite Hal's lack of funds.
23 Feb. 1988
The Lovelorn
A man pays an angry visit to the Advice Column writer counselor whom he believes ruined his marriage with the advice she gave to his wife. He picks up a desk lamp and threatens her. When she's found dead, murdered with that same lamp, Ben agrees to defend him. The lawyer discovers that the dead woman's own marriage situation was quite unusual, possibly revealing a different suspect and motive.
15 Mar. 1988
The Genius
When Ben's own genius nephew is accused of murder, he assists his uncle in the defense.
22 Mar. 1988
The Magician
Matlock intends to enjoy an evening watching the Amazing Zeigler but the illusionist's contentious relation with his assistant erupts. Her subsequent murder has Matlock defending the magician.
29 Mar. 1988
The Fisherman
A Vietnamese fisherman has been clashing with another fisherman who's a bigot. When the man is killed the Vietnamese is arrested and Ben defends him. And the D.A. is quite helpful to Ben.
3 May 1988
The Heiress
Ben and a friend defend a young heiress who is being tried for murdering the trustee of her trust.

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