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6 Jan. 1991
Just Desserts
After Lovejoy is released from a low security prison after an eight month sentence for theft, he is determined to find out who framed him.
13 Jan. 1991
The Italian Venus
Lovejoy utilizes all his wiles for a sting which will help the disinherited brother of a snobbish aristocrat recover some of his rightful fortune.
20 Jan. 1991
Bin Diving
Eric becomes involved in a territorial dispute with with garbageman Brian Nunn over his right to salvage valuables from the garbage.
27 Jan. 1991
Montezuma's Revenge
After Lovejoy is recruited to sell an ancient Colombian funerary figure with a curse on it, and it soon lives up to its reputation as murders soon follow.
3 Feb. 1991
Who Dares, Sings
When Lovejoy agrees to fit out for Tinker's old army friend Linden Walker's new pub he buys a houseload of furniture of former prison officer George Palmer. Unfortunately it turns out to be stolen and to make things worse the victims turn up at the pub's opening night and recognise it,causing Lovejoy to go on the run to clear his name. He does also discover that Tinker lied to him about being an officer in the army when he was in fact a corporal.
10 Feb. 1991
One Born Every Minute
Lovejoy is intrigued by a painter using the name Ashley Wilkes, squandering his talent on kitschy paintings of cottages and seducing the lady of the house.
17 Feb. 1991
National Wealth
Lovejoy agrees to help Madeline Gilbert,a once famous film star fallen on hard times,to sell her valuables but she is burgled by an armed French gang who have crossed the Channel after killing a gendarme. Lovejoy has an alibi - auctioneer Melanie Ford - but he wonders if she has been coerced into tipping off the villains. Before the gang is caught Tinker puts himself in danger by boarding a boat belonging to Lovejoy's chief suspect,a respected army major.
24 Feb. 1991
Sugar & Spice
Having bought a collection of erotic prints by Fuseli from teen-aged Khadija, Lovejoy joins his his ex-wife Susan for the speech day at their daughter's school where Lovejoy recognises Khadija as a pupil. She has stolen the pictures from the school as an act of revenge on headmistress Miss Hemmingway for her treatment of her older sister when she was a pupil but is being duped by a blackmailer out to gain money from discrediting Khadija's family to whom she has passed on the collection. Lovejoy sets out to retrieve it in the knowledge that success means that Miss ...
3 Mar. 1991
Raise the Hispanic
Having agreed to furnish Ralph Peagram's daughter Amanda's new house after her marriage to philandering Roger Hall,Lovejoy attends the wedding and overhears Ralph and Roger argue. Soon after the reception Roger disappears and Lovejoy discovers his corpse in a suit of armour though when the police arrive it is nowhere to be find. At Amanda's request Lovejoy sets out to solve the mystery,which has its roots in an incident of accidental death and blackmail dating back a quarter of a century.
10 Mar. 1991
Lily's Pearls
When brash upstart financier Joe Gruber offers to buy land from Lady Jane's husband to create a wildlife sanctuary both Jane and Lovejoy are suspicious of his motives and discover that he has not been exactly honest over his motives. At the same time Lovejoy finds himself in the middle when both Gruber and his dizzy wife Lily admit to having,independently of each other,pawned her pearls when they were short of cash and both engage him to get them back.
17 May 1991
Riding in Rollers (1 of 2)
After Lovejoy meets Harry Catopodis at a party thrown by a rich American widow, he discovers that the Emporer Hirohito teabowl he is selling is a fake.
24 May 1991
The Black Virgin of Vladimir (2 of 2)
Lovejoy colludes with rich American widow and a Japanese businessman to con the Greek antiques dealer who conned them.

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