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7 Jan. 1993
Odor in the Court
Mullaney fights against the state mental hospital to prevent the release of a couple's daughter's convicted killer David Orcott (their son-in-law) from the hospital where he was committed. Meanwhile, Brackman can't resist a nasal aphrodisiac in his attempt to revive his sex life with Sheila. Flicker continues to annoy and tempt Becker, and then after much forceful reasoning, he finally allows Arnie to meet with Eric Schuller, who is revealed to be long dead. Also, Morales represents a man suing the hog-finishing plant over the foul odor contaminating his nearby home.
14 Jan. 1993
Spanky and the Art Gang
Morales and Becker are defending a sexual-bondage dominatrix who is being charged for the murder of Eric Schuller and the revelations of Schuller's connections with the prostitution world shake World Wide studios. Meanwhile, Rollins finds himself in the uncomfortable position of defending a sculptor who's right to freedom of expression and his racist work which has caused civil unrest. Brackman and his jailbird ghostwriter disagree over his "autobiography." Also, Gwen's medical history becomes an issue with the firm's insurance carrier, while the unseen stalker ...
4 Feb. 1993
Bare Witness
Gwen's stalker, a darkly sinister woman who claims to be Alison Morales, Daniel's recently diseased wife, continues to plague Gwen and plays a particularly cruel trick on her by tampering with her medical records. Meanwhile, Markowitz takes the stand for the first time at the pretrial preliminary against his two alleged assailants. Brackman represents a man running an adult strip club downstairs in their building and the city attorney involved is the annoying and obnoxious Dana Romney. Becker believes his show business career is over as Schuller's will is read, but he...
11 Feb. 1993
Parent Trap
Rollins represents a man who is fighting to keep his pregnant girlfriend, put in a coma after a car accident, on life-support so their unborn child can be brought to full-term. Meanwhile, Morales finds himself inadvertently holding a piece of evidence in a murder case. Gwen's stalker continues lurking in the hallways and stairwells of the firm and takes advantage of Morales' legal trouble to kidnap his infant daughter Lucy. Mullaney's frail, estranged, alcoholic father pays an unexpected and unwelcome visit to him and Roxanne to reveal startling news about himself. ...
18 Feb. 1993
Hello and Goodbye
Paros represents a widow suing a newsman for allowing her husband to kill himself as the cameras rolled. Meanwhile, Mullaney maintains a hospital bedside vigil for his dying father. Morales contacts the police to help find baby Lucy and protect Gwen from the woman still calling herself Alison Morales after she waylays and wounds Gwen. Also, Dana Romney appears before Kelsey who is now suing the city for negligence in matter of the beating of Markowitz.
25 Feb. 1993
Where There's a Will
McKenzie and Morales pursues a witness Peter Manzo who could clear Frank Osgood whom McKenzie convicted in 1959. Meanwhile, Paros crosses a long-term family friend she is defending in a murder-for-hire case. Kelsey is representing a professor who is clashing with her colleague over the proper authority of a book on Shakespeare. Mullaney finally comes to his senses and returns to Roxanne. After Gwen's stalker, Linda Salerno, murders a police detective, Gwen finds that the 24-hour police surveillance is hard to endure.
1 Apr. 1993
With all the weirdness that has been going on for the past few months, McKenzie gives everyone an ultimatum: cease all outside projects, buckle down and get back to work or get out. Afterward, Becker takes a divorce case of representing a boxer's spirited wife. Meanwhile, Kelsey revels in a lawsuit to help the mentally ill brought by a shady man named, Gerard Samuels, who claims to have connections with the Clinton administration. Also, Morales defends Thomas Quinn, a man who murdered his daughter's recently paroled rapist.
8 Apr. 1993
Cold Shower
Celeste Bauman, a temperamental businesswoman, causes Markowitz no end of problems when she takes exception to the attitude of an IRS auditor. Meanwhile, Rollins defends a gay art theft who claims that the arresting policeman entrapped him by becoming his lover. Also, Mullaney's prosecution of a juvenile offender charged with the shooting death of another youth raises his doubts about his own ability to be a parent to Roxanne's baby.
15 Apr. 1993
That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp
Two quarreling siblings get a big surprise when they ask McKenzie to evaluate their late father's stamp collection, and they find a secret collection of pornography with it. Meanwhile, Paros represents Brian McAlister, a US postal worker who holds his employer responsible for the death of his wife at the hands of a disgruntled sorter. Also, Brackman, Becker and others wonder if Benny's new gambling friend, Dominic Nuzzi, is such a good influence on him.
22 Apr. 1993
Come Rain or Come Schein
Becker represents Mitchell Schein, a greedy man who holds out for material concessions before agreeing to grant his wife a divorce following Jewish law. Meanwhile, Kelsey is representing Aaron Voss, a stiff, no-nonsense meteorologist suing the TV station manager who replaced him with a stand-up comic to boost its ratings. Also, Morales represents a Latino construction worker who claims he was stiffed by a wealthy couple looking to save a few dollars.
29 Apr. 1993
Vindaloo in the Villows
Paros represents the descendants of a slave seeking the return of their ancestor's paintings from the collection of the original slave owner's descendants. Meanwhile, Markowitz is representing a Indian restaurant owner being sued by an obnoxious couple after a temperamental waiter spilled food on them. Also, Dominic introduces Benny to Rosalie Hendrickson, another retarded woman, who later tells Benny about a friend who raped her in the past in which Benny persuades her to press charges against her so-called assailant.
6 May 1993
Testing, Testing, 1... 2... 3... 4
Kelsey represents a former elementary school teacher seeking to get his job back after being cleared of sexual molestation charges. Meanwhile, Rollins is representing a baseball player being sued for assault by a relentlessly critical, heckling fan. After breaking up with Morales, Gwen feels the stress of studying for her bar exam and accepts help from her attractive tutor.
13 May 1993
Bourbon Cowboy
Becker represents Mason Paine, an aging country music singer who tries to fight a divorce action brought by his rising star wife. Meanwhile, Gwen gives her law tutor a second chance not to come on to her, and regrets it when he turns out to be a Lothario who will not take 'no' for an answer. Mullaney tries to convince Rosalie and her overprotective mother not to back out in testifying against Rosalie's rapist. Also, Paros defends Christine Rowan, a teenage prostitute for robbery while dealing with the biased judge in her case who sees the case that parallels his own ...
27 May 1993
Hackett or Pack It
Roxanne helps out her ex-husband, Dave Meyer, with financial backing and a celebrity, Buddy Hackett, for his new "Fetal Phone," product he's mailing out for a spot on a shopping channel. Meanwhile, Mullaney begins his case in prosecuting Rosalie's attacker where she nervously takes the stand to testify against him. Gwen plays hardball with her bar exam tutor when she hires Kelsey in a sexual harassment suit.
7 Oct. 1993
Book of Renovation, Chapter 1
Five months later. Things have changed for the firm which is now named McKenzie, Brackman, Kelsey, Markowitz, and Morales, as the partners begin to interview candidates for a new associate at the firm which is under a massive interior renovation. Meanwhile, Stuart Markowitz's cousin, Eli Levinson, arrives in town from New York to defend Sandy Morris, the mentally ill son of some old friends who's accused of murdering a social worker. Eli's former secretary, Denise Iannello, arrives in Los Angeles to re-start her life and asks Eli to give her a job as his secretary ...
14 Oct. 1993
Leap of Faith
New associate Jane Halliday represents a Gulf War veteran in declining health, who charges a VA doctor with negligence in treating his baffling illness. Meanwhile, Rollins is representing a TV shopping network executive being sued by a man for enticing his "shopaholic" wife to spend beyond her means. Eli enters a plea of not guilty for Sandy and hires an attractive private investigator, Jinx, to look into the murder victim's husband a potential suspect while Sandy's parents, Ed and Rae, quarrel with Eli and each other over what's best for Sandy.
21 Oct. 1993
How Much Is That Bentley in the Window
The Sandy Morris murder trial begins where Eli acts on his suspicions and calls the murder victim's husband, Jonah, to the stand. Meanwhile, Becker longs to buy a classic $275,000 Bentley Convertible, a dream that could come true pending the outcome of a messy divorce case involving his latest client, Jessie Wilks, and her wealthy CEO husband. Also, Morales' artistic eye puts him in charge of the office renovation and meets with the renovator, Lauren Chase, to discus the costs.
28 Oct. 1993
Foreign Co-respondent
McKenzie offers Eli a partnership in the firm and proposes him for membership in his restricted, all-WASP mens club. Meanwhile, Becker is representing an obnoxious couple suing their travel agent, Marty Schiff, for a disastrous vacation that ended up in Azerbaijan. Mullaney is prosecuting Ronald Chow, a Chinese financier when an illegal immigrant died while in his custody. Also, Morales manages to agree with Lauren Chase on the right budget restrictions and starts a romance with her.
4 Nov. 1993
The Green, Green Grass of Home
Markowitz is approached by Barry Glassman, an old friend who reveals that he's a fugitive named Jay Ellison wanted for attempting to help a Black Panther member escape from prison in 1968 and asks him to help arrange his surrender. Meanwhile, Morales is representing a pot-smoking couple suing the school system for encouraging their daughter to turn them into the police. A casting agent raises Denise's expectations about an acting career. Also, Benny develops a crush on Denise and begins to ignore Rosalie who wants to move in with him.
11 Nov. 1993
Safe Sex
Becker urges that the firm employ a security consultant in constructing a "safe room" for the employees, then falls prey to the innovation when he and Denise get locked in it after hours. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Halliday square off against each other while they are representing Karl Bullon, a self-righteous department store employer being sued by an ex-employee for eavesdropping on her who was having an extra-marital affair with a co-worker, where Halliday learns a courtroom lesson while cross-examining a witness. Also, Rollins decides to represent Glassman and seeks ...
18 Nov. 1993
Pacific Rimshot
Becker gets into a minor car accident when a illegal Chinese truck driver accidentally crashes into his Bentley which prompts a spate of anti-Asian sentiments, which in turn inspires the minority members of the firm who include Morales and Rollins. Meanwhile, the Glassman case reaches its conclusion as Rollins and Markowitz try to turn the jury against the U.S. government. Eli handles the divorce of the wife of a marriage counseling guru reluctant to give up on the marriage or his wife's money. Also, Jinx helps Eli with his case while showing him the wonders of Los ...
9 Dec. 1993
Eli's Gumming
Eli, on a caffeine high diet while studying for his California bar exam, tries to juggle the attentions of Jinx and his New York girlfriend, Audrey (from the series 'Civil Wars'), who shows up for a surprise visit. Meanwhile, McKenzie handles the case of Arthur Emmrich, a vocal teacher being sued by a very vocal and very dissatisfied student. Also, Mullaney prosecutes Rick Turner, a wealthy man accused of raping a prostitute he saw on a daily basis, while Mullaney is drawn to the superior court judge, Carolyn Walker.
16 Dec. 1993
Rhyme and Punishment
Eli is representing Nat Pinkus, an aging comic whose son is trying to have him declared incompetent to take possession of his estate. Meanwhile, Brackman handles a small poetry society suing over the use of their mailing list by a much larger direct-mail organization. Mullaney is surprised when Roxanne and Dave Meyer walk into his office and ask him to give up any custody rights to their baby daughter. Denise takes offense at Halliday's questions about her religious convictions, and McKenzie plays Santa at the annual office Christmas party.

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