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3 Jan. 1991
Brackman, Rollins and Markowitz go out on an overnight rigorous paint gun competition where Markowitz freaks out and becomes "Rambowitz," in beating the other teams single-handedly. Meanwhile, Victor is finally named a partner, and he hesitates on starting a romance with Grace due to Kuzak presence. Abby, frustrated after secretly learning from C.J. that she has been passed over for partner, appears on the Phil Donahue TV show to talk about her experiences with a handgun. Mullaney represents the wife of a brain-damaged boxer who's suing his manager. At the end, Kelsey...
10 Jan. 1991
Pump It Up
After Kelsey and Markowitz discover the intimate relationship between McKenzie and Rosalind, they spearhead a movement to confront him about his highhanded ways. Meanwhile, Kuzak allows his jealous feelings about Grace to his influence his reactions after learning about her involvement in the kidney broker affair. Victor hates himself after he's compelled to defend Lionel Sands, an alleged sociopath murderer be believes has blatantly lied under oath. Becker takes a difficult divorce case of representing a young woman in her divorce from Leonard Bey, a vain, aging ...
31 Jan. 1991
Rest in Pieces
Brackman takes temporary charge of the firm after McKenzie passes it to him. Meanwhile, Grace appears before an unsympathetic military tribunal to defend a soldier who refused to shoot at civilians during the December 1989 Invasion of Panama. Corrinne throws Becker out of her house after learning of his infidelities from Roxanne, and Becker retaliates by firing her. Also, C.J. represents a couple and the owners of a reputed haunted house who are suing the real estate broker for selling it to them.
7 Feb. 1991
He's a Crowd
Kuzak has his hands full in defending a murder suspect with multiple personalities who is being prosecuted by Zoey Clemmons, Mullaney's young ex-wife. Meanwhile, McKenzie seeks help from Rosalind in keeping a major client with saving his company from a hostile takeover. Mullaney represents Becker in his divorce with Corrinne, with Roxanne subpoenaed who reveals everything about Becker's flings with other women, including Gwen. Brackman makes Roxanne the new office administrator. After C.J. defends Abby's recent legal actions to Brackman, they go out to dinner where ...
14 Feb. 1991
Dances with Sharks
Rollins is arrested and brutalized by the police when he's spotted jogging in a white neighborhood, which quickly turns into a complex political situation involving D.A. Bruce Rogoff and the LAPD. Mullaney then goes to Zoey to help find any evidence of a payoff involving Rollins's beating. Meanwhile, C.J. travels to Arizona to a Navaho court to represent a woman suing her Navaho ex-husband who kidnapped his half-Caucasian son to seek a ruling to raise his infant son on his reservation. Back in Los Angeles, Becker takes out his frustrations from his divorce on a ...
21 Feb. 1991
The Gods Must Be Lawyers
Victor asks Grace to have dinner with him and his family, but the evening ends in tragedy when his brother is put in a coma of as a result of a car accident, in which Victor pushes the hospital to let his brain-damaged, comatose brother taken off life support. Meanwhile, Kuzak and Mullaney are hired by Rikki Davis, a well-known heiress, to defend her against charges that she and her boyfriend murdered her 72-year-old husband for his money. Also, Zoey opposes Brian Byrd, a sleazy attorney who is representing a smug, wealthy executive accused of raping a 16-year-old ...
14 Mar. 1991
The Beverly Hills Hangers
The Rikki Davis murder trial begins when Kuzak and Mullaney, added by the firm, deal successfully with the case. But later, both Kuzak and Mullaney are dealt with a body blow when Rikki's former boyfriend, David Schaeffer suddenly testifies against her. However, Kuzak counters by putting Rikki's late husband's lawyer, Mark Chelios, on the witness stand where he catches him in a series of lies about Mr. Davis will and his greedy daughter. Meanwhile, Rosalind proposes to an astonished McKenzie on his 62nd birthday, where he confides in Kelsey about it.
21 Mar. 1991
Good to the Last Drop
While representing a couple suing a hospital that gave the woman an unnecessary hysterectomy, Victor rashly counsels the couple to refuse a settlement that would keep the hospital's malpractice a secret. Meanwhile, Markowitz goes to federal court to represent Upton Weeks, a long-term client and tax rebel. Zoey becomes stressed out in dealing with two cases simultaneously which involve trying to prosecute two gang members who accidentally killed a woman's child in a drive-by shooting, and a mugger who robbed an elderly man. Grace discovers that she is pregnant with ...
28 Mar. 1991
Mutinies on the Banzai
McKenzie announces his decision to leave Brackman as the senior partner as he sorts out his feelings, prompting Kuzak to protest. When Kuzak mounts a revolt to turn the senior partnership over to him, Brackman fires him. Meanwhile, Grace and Victor mull over her unexpected pregnancy. Rollins represents three executives suing a Japanese-owned firm that replaced all of its American employees with Japanese. Also, Becker is tormented by his inability to sustain a relationship and suffers a nervous breakdown in front of one of his clients.
4 Apr. 1991
As God Is My Co-Defendant
Kuzak strikes back at the firm with a vengeance by trying to drain it of all its financial assets as well as trying to lure away Grace, Victor, Abby and Rollins to help form his own law firm, prompting McKenzie and Brackman to file a lawsuit against him. But Kuzak counters by filing a suit against the firm to be put in receivership. Mullaney defends a Christian Science couple accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of their son. Jack Sollers is hired by McKenzie and Brackman as their new head litigator for a two month period. Meanwhile, C.J. travels with Zoey...
25 Apr. 1991
Speak, Lawyers, for Me
Dave Meyer comes back to the firm as a receiver and has some drastic recommendations to keep the firm solvent. Meanwhile, Brackman takes a rare litigation case of representing Susan Convors, a transsexual model who was fired after her sex change operation was discovered. Mullaney represents the family of a deceased college football player suing the university because he was allegedly made suicidal by steroid usage. Benny suffers a depression-related breakdown after witnessing the verbal fighting at the firm in which Kuzak drops his lawsuit. At the end, Kuzak, Grace ...
2 May 1991
There Goes the Judge
Zoey must deal with Judge Adam Biel, her former law school professor, who appears to be losing control of his mental faculties during a trial. Meanwhile, Rollins allows his personal experiences to color his defense of a fearful black man who led the police on a high-speed car chase after seeing a videotape of the police beating of Rodney King. Becker tries to help Benny recover from his mental breakdown. Abby seeks advice on relationships while deciding whether or not to pursue one with the bisexual C.J. Arnie is reluctant to open up to his therapist and eventually ...
9 May 1991
On the Toad Again
Kelsey and Sollers represent Suzanne Hamel, an obsessive woman charged with murdering her married lover, in which both her and Sollers resort to drastic measures to get their client acquitted by placing suspicion on the widow. Meanwhile, C.J. tries to defend a retiree accused of licking his Cane toad to get high. Also, McKenzie becomes a part-time arbitration judge to rule on a blues singer's lawsuit against his manager.
16 May 1991
Since I Fell for You
Kelsey faces disbarment for revealing knowledge of her former client Hamel's murder obtained through attorney-client privilege. Victor, now an independent lawyer, is representing his old friend Mark Gilliam, an AIDS-stricken lawyer, suing an insurer for not providing coverage for his medical needs, while he and Grace finally marry. Meanwhile, Becker tells Roxanne that he has feelings for her and they end up falling through the ceiling while engaged in a little romp. Abby is finally made a partner, and McKenzie inherits Rosalind Shays' estate.
10 Oct. 1991
Something Old, Something Nude
Since the departure of Michael Kuzak, Victor Sifuentes, Abby Perkins, and Jack Sollers from the firm, McKenzie and Brackman are looking for more litigator power. Grace, having suffered from a miscarriage and leaving Victor, returns to the firm and is immediately given a high-profile case with Mullaney in defending Elsa Chandler, a woman charged with murdering her abusive husband. McKenzie tries to adjust himself to the brash new tenant sharing office space, the crude, smart-mouthed, entertainment lawyer Susan Bloom, to boost revenues for the sagging firm. Meanwhile, ...
17 Oct. 1991
TV or Not TV
The Elsa Chandler murder trial continues with Grace and Mullaney trying to elicit an emotional testimony from Elsa about her years of abuse so the jury will not convict her. Meanwhile, Rollins is representing a man against his brother in a civil action suit to make the U.S. government accountable for continuing MIA's in Vietnam. Also, Becker gets a lifetime opportunity by Susan Bloom to appear on TV as the co-host of an evening talk show.
31 Oct. 1991
Do the Spike Thing
Brackman accidentally becomes the victim of a gay-bashing incident and tries to keep the incident a secret despite pleas from a gay former college friend to testify against his attacker. Kelsey is defending a logging company owner being sued, along with an environmental activist, by a maimed sawmill worker after an accident that involved the activist spiking redwood trees. Meanwhile, Mullaney goes out on a limb, with Zoey's help, to defend a woman who wants to plead guilty for possession of drugs in her apartment, knowing her boyfriend left it there. C.J.'s father, a ...
7 Nov. 1991
Spleen It to Me, Lucy
Zoey's latest case involves her pushing for the execution date of David Lee, a death-row schizophrenic murderer. Meanwhile, Bill Castroverde is representing a splenectomy patient suing a doctor's right to profit from her donor cells. Bloom gets into a territorial dispute with Roxanne over the office, and Benny becomes afraid of Kittredge after he yells at him for not doing a good job. Also, Mullaney becomes depressed after he learns that Zoey and Rollins are seeing each other and deeply in love.
14 Nov. 1991
Monkey on My Back Lot
McKenzie unwillingly becomes the surrogate parent for a chimpanzee that's involved in a divorce case between two animal trainers. Becker and Roxanne face the trauma of moving in together. Meanwhile, Mullaney is representing the owner of an inner-city housing project being sued by a tenant for the right to defend himself since guns have been banned where he lives. At the request of a Women's Rights group, Grace petitions the court on behalf of a former drug addict woman facing involuntary sterilization.
21 Nov. 1991
The firm worries about its reputation when Kittredge takes a high-profile criminal case of defending a mobster leader for allegedly murdering a rival mob leader and the new D.A., Ruby Thomas, becomes determined to see the case won at any cost. Meanwhile, Markowitz takes a rare court deposition in representing two women basketball players suing the Hollywood Hoopsters for wrongful termination.
12 Dec. 1991
Lose the Boss
Brackman's former sister-in-law, Veronica Berg, approaches Grace to help her in suing the school board for failing to pay for her developmentally-disabled son's private education. Meanwhile, Susan Bloom takes on a case of defending a lunch wagon proprietor being sued by an overweight man who assaulted him after accusing him selling him high-calorie drinks on a daily basis. Also, Roxanne helps an overworked and stressed out Gwen get back at Becker who's in between client meetings and his TV show.
19 Dec. 1991
The Nut Before Christmas
C.J. takes a close interest in Becker's case involving a custody suit of her former lover, Maggie Barnes, whose past lesbian love affair with C.J. has threatened to take Maggie's children away and put them in the care of her ex-husband. Castroverde is fired for his unsatisfying work performance. Low staff morale makes it difficult for Brackman to organize the annual Christmas party, so Benny and Castroverde take over the chores and intend to go all out. Meanwhile, Kelsey fumes as Markowitz is forced to go out of town to miss their son's 2nd birthday party. Zoey and ...

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