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7 Jan. 1988
Full Marital Jacket
Markowitz and Kelsey experience prenuptial jitters as they prepare to make their wedding vows in a formal ceremony at their house. Meanwhile, Benny is arrested for sexual assault after he confesses, and Kuzak and Becker search for proof that the charges are bogus. Rollins represents former McKenzie Brackman associate Anthony Gianelli, now a circus stuntman, whose entire crippled family is being sued by an audience member claiming that he was injured during a show. Roxanne meets Jimmy Markham, a stockbroker after they accidentally hit each other in the garage parking ...
14 Jan. 1988
Gorilla My Dreams
Victor takes Benny to the zoo where he soon becomes involved in pleasing Benny's questions about life and love when he becomes involved in a case involving the mistreatment of a zoo gorilla. Becker's client, Ken Seaver, accused of molestation, disappears with his young daughter. Meanwhile, Roxanne ignores Becker's suspicions about Jimmy with his stock tips that may be from insider trading while she gives some stock tip advice to Kelsey, Abby and others at the firm whom Kelsey spends her shares on a $10,000 Rolex wristwatch as a gift for Markowitz.
21 Jan. 1988
Hand Roll Express
Brackman unwittingly gets arrested for solicitation by an inexperienced undercover policewoman who mistakes his reading of a Japanese restaurant menu for come-ons. Meanwhile, Roxanne tells Kuzak and Becker that she is willing to reject immunity to stand by Jimmy during his trial for insider trading. Victor represents Lorna Landsberg, a food critic being sued by a restaurant owner after she gave a scathing review of the place that cost it heavily. Grace receives and accepts a lucrative partnership offer with an old friend from law school. At the end, Kelsey tells ...
11 Feb. 1988
Beauty and Obese
Kuzak represents Lynn Stetler, a lawyer suing the law firm she was fired from because of her obesity. Meanwhile, Grace refuses to take the case of John Vincent, her first client offered in her new partnership arrangement because of his alleged mafia connections. Markowitz inherits $30 million after an elderly, senile client dies and he faces a dissenting chorus which include Kelsey, a televangelist, and the client's disgruntled children all after the money. Also, Rollins makes a self-serving TV appearance on a talk show that rankles his co-workers, which leads to them...
18 Feb. 1988
Petticoat Injunction
Benny has a date with another retarded young woman from his support group that doesn't go well at all. After witnessing the murder of John Vincent, Grace angrily quits her new partnership after learning of all the mob connections her place has and starts to develop her "domestic side." Meanwhile, Kelsey and Markowitz go to court to testify against the so-called "yuppie bandit" who stole Markowitz's Rolex watch that Kelsey bought with money from Roxanne's insider stock tips. Becker goes beyond the bounds of propriety while representing Jack Seiling, an actor attempting...
25 Feb. 1988
The Bald Ones
After Brackman' estranged mother dies, he learns that he has yet another bald half-brother, named Gordon Salt, from another one of late father's mistresses. Gordon, a psychiatrist, tries to help Douglas with his marital problems with Sheila, when really he wants her for himself. Meanwhile, Abby and Rollins learn more about each other as they work late hours to document a potential class action suit. McKenzie tries to help Victor settle a lawsuit brought by a woman against August Redding, a elderly legendary lawyer who's mental facilities are slowly leaving him. Kuzak ...
3 Mar. 1988
Fetus Completus
Brackman looks to Rusty for sympathy when his reconciliation with Sheila falls through after she begins an affair with Gordon. Kelsey argues for a Caesarean section to save the unborn child of a dying woman. Also, Kuzak and Grace have a major disagreement about how to conduct their defense of Andy Prescott and Thomas Mullaney who blame each other for the murder of the convenience store clerk.
14 Apr. 1988
Belle of the Bald
Victor begins a complicated case concerning the undo influence of a younger woman over a much older man. Grace's return to the D.A.'s office is marked by dark humor over her prosecuting a man who clubbed a swan to death on a golf course. Meanwhile, Kuzak defends Megan Penny, a woman who killed a foreign diplomat Wilfred Arguayo who raped her and walked away because of his diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, Benny fears for his job when he accidentally shreds an important file. Also, Brackman continues his secret affair with Rusty, until Erroll finds out.
21 Apr. 1988
Open Heart Perjury
Becker becomes smitten by Monica Ryan, an attractive judge hearing one of his divorce cases and shortly thereafter she hires him to handle her own divorce from her husband. Meanwhile, Rollins and Markowitz use questionable means in a desperate attempt to win a lawsuit against Robert Bolland, a shady business manager accused of defrauding an old woman. A revenge-seeking Erroll launches an all-out war with Brackman when he causes a scene at a formal dinner party by announcing that he has decided to represent Sheila suing for divorce from Brackman. Elizabeth Brand, ...
28 Apr. 1988
Leapin' Lizards
Kelsey represents Julius Goldfarb, a former TV actor consumed by his crime fighting alter ego, the Salamander. Becker has a very happy birthday when he invites Judge Monica Ryan to spend it with him. But later, a deranged gunman holds Judge Ryan, Becker, and a whole courtroom hostage during a custody dispute with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Victor stomps briefly before setting out on his case to meet with the twins involved in a civil claim. Markowitz tries to help Roxanne get through her monumental tax problem and forces her to declare bankruptcy. Brackman tries to ...
5 May 1988
Chariots of Meyer
Vernon Kepler, an old friend and client of McKenzie, peruses a frivolous lawsuit against an old card playing rival of his and introduces McKenzie to his beautiful granddaughter, Jennifer, as a possible associate for the firm. Meanwhile, Grace is frustrated in her attempts to prosecute a young black man who accidentally shot and crippled a security guard who stopped him for suspected shop lifting because the defending lawyer Lee Atkins, a civil rights black activist, goes to the limits of ethics to derail Grace's case by bringing up the issue of racism, and even ...
3 Nov. 1988
Hey, Lick Me Over
Victor represents a terrified family suing a security firm who did not react in a timely manner to a break-in. Meanwhile, McKenzie fumbles over Jennifer Kepler's continued sexual advances to him, and Kuzak lobbies for Benny's right to vote in an oncoming election. Grace prosecutes a man who is accused of licking a woman's ear without permission. Abby receives bad news of her performance review and thinks about quitting the firm. Kelsey reveals her ambivalence of having a baby to Markowitz. Also, Roxanne ponders a marriage proposal from Dave Meyer.
10 Nov. 1988
The Son Also Rises
Grace is prosecuting Lyle Torrey, a young gang member accused of killing two policemen. As the case progresses, Grace stumbles upon a conspiracy by her boss, Bruce Rogoff, to get a conviction and he tells her to look pass an important loop hole that could free the suspected cop-killer. Meanwhile, Roxanne involves Becker in her domestic problems when she asks him to represent Dave Meyer's sister, Madeline, in a divorce from her husband. Kelsey is representing a 13-year-old boy suing his father for slapping him. Also, Abby resigns from the firm to open up her own ...
17 Nov. 1988
Romancing the Drone
Kuzak is involved in a pro-bono case in defending an accused rapist, and his tactics draw scorn from both Grace and his colleges at the firm. Meanwhile, Meyer's boring talks and constant direct-mail sales pitches tests Roxanne's patience. Becker opts to get a prenuptial pack voided from his client who's husband sets her up to watch her have sex with other men. Kelsey and Markowitz continue their efforts to conceive a child. Abby sets up her own office for her practice. Also, Becker and Judge Monica Ryan split up for good.
1 Dec. 1988
Markowitz starts taking fertility pills for his low sperm count which makes him physically sick. Abby takes questionable measures against Whitey Holland, a deadbeat plumber who asks her to take his case of him being sued by a health club owner over his poor work. When Abby decides not to represent Holland anymore, he flips out and assaults her, resulting in her shooting him dead. Meanwhile, Victor and Rollins nearly come to blows of their conduct in a wrongful death case in which their client, Laura Coyle, is suing a corporation who insisted that her husband go on a ...
8 Dec. 1988
The Princess and the Pee
Kuzak learns that Richard Mathers, the opposing counsel in his latest personal injury case which involved a new car, never passed the bar exam. However, Kuzak decides to use this information to his own advantage. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Markowitz grow increasingly wearily of trying to conceive and they begin talk of adoption. While Brackman is going over the final divorce settlement from Sheila, he hires Dorothy Wyler, a 52-year-old lawyer as an associate and who too is a divorcée. Abby, still frightened after her shooting of Holland, allows Police Lieutenant Bill ...
15 Dec. 1988
Dummy Dearest
Rollins represents Kenny Peterson, a mentally disturbed young man who speaks only through his obnoxious, ventriloquist's dummy in an assault case. Meanwhile, Kelsey's celebrity client, Amanda Shaw, sues a tabloid magazine for publishing a false article which resulted in her teenage daughter's suicide and she ends up worse than she started. Markowitz and Kelsey meet with Ross Burnett, a baby broker in their continuing quest to adopt a baby. Victor represents an unusually arrogant Kuzak as he faces a disciplinary court for his conduct over not reporting an unlicensed ...

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