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8 Jan. 1987
Prince Kuzak in a Can
Kuzak has difficulty getting over Sid Hershberg's suicide and seems to assume the dead lawyer's identity by taking over Hershberg's cases. Then Kuzak faces a dilemma when his latest client, lacking confidence in the overworked lawyer, arranges an alibi for himself in a vehicular manslaughter case. When Kuzak has an attack of conscious and withdraws from the case, he is thrown in jail for contempt. Meanwhile, Kelsey works to land Cromwell Industries, a key aircraft manufacturer's account. Roxanne comforts Andrew Putnam, a lonely teenage computer hacker and Victor's ...
15 Jan. 1987
The Douglas Fur Ball
Brackman (recovering from a broken ankle) asks Becker to represent him after his wife, Sheila, serves him with divorce pagers and she retains Becker's former girlfriend and law associate, Lisa Weston, to represent her. Meanwhile, Markowitz feels very jealous after Kelsey wins the court case for Cromwell Industries and the personal appreciation from Mr. Cromwell himself. Judge Hood, a retiring superior court judge, pressures McKenzie for a job at the firm, and Victor uses statistical evidence as he accuses another judge of bigotry for his Hispanic client. Also, Roxanne...
22 Jan. 1987
December Bribe
While McKenzie is dealing with Judge Morris Hood facing bribery charges, he's asked by another senior partner from a national firm in New York, named Marshal Taft & Associates, to merge their two organizations which raises many expectations. Meanwhile, Roxanne and the other secretaries resent the intrusion of two efficiency experts from Marshal Taft. Also, Abby has her first solo court appearance and gets burned for her poor preparation.
5 Feb. 1987
Beef Jerky
Grace returns to day court and has problems keeping the prosecution of a man accused of stealing bull semen on the serious side. Meanwhile, Victor goes beyond professional bounds in urging a troubled family to seek redress for the death of their son in a car accident. Becker insists to Carolyn, his latest client, on aggressively pursing evidence against her husband's marital infidelities despite her objections, and then regrets it when she attempts to shoot her husband in Becker's office. Abby assists with Victor's case while searching for a suitable escort for a ...
12 Feb. 1987
Becker on the Rox
A top pharmaceutical company tries to repackage Kuzak after hiring him to win a product-liability case. But he and Victor show them a few things about swaying a jury during a mock trial. Meanwhile, Roxanne asserts herself and demands a pay raise from Becker. Markowitz learns a lot about Kelsey when he handles her massive tax return. Also, Abby takes another court case when she defends Benny Stulwicz, a retarded man against charges of robbery.
19 Feb. 1987
Fifty Ways to Floss Your Lover
Grace pushes hard for the death penalty against a convicted gang member and murderer of a prison guard in which she gets rewarded with threats against her life by his gang members. Meanwhile, Victor becomes intimately involved with Jocelyn Pennebaker, a dentist he defended in a malpractice suit. Becker suffers trying to go on a date with his new temporary secretary while Roxanne is away on jury duty and holds firm against the acquittal of a man facing an assault and battery charge.
26 Feb. 1987
The Grace of Wrath
Brackman's sudden self-consciousness about his baldness prompts anxiety in the other men of the firm as well. Meanwhile, Grace's brush with death at the hands of a gang member leaves her fearful and resentful of Kuzak's and everyone's protective attitude. Roxanne inspires strength in Becker's timid client, but warns her about rebound romances. Also, Victor gains a courtroom admirer after he defends a man's use of marijuana as a religious sacrament.
26 Mar. 1987
Sparky Brackman R.I.P. ????-1987
Brackman's quarrel with an eccentric neighbor's complaint about his barking dog escalates dramatically when the fight turns ugly and physical. Meanwhile, Kuzak faces a tough opposing counsel when he represents a young woman suing a football jock in a date rape civil suit. Kelsey and Markowitz argue over the sale of her condominium, and Abby tentatively tries a new romance with George Handeman.
2 Apr. 1987
Oy Vey! Wilderness!
Kelsey takes Markowitz on a camping trip in the hills which turns disastrous. Meanwhile, Kuzak tries to help Ron Messer, a fisherman who lost his boat when the IRS confiscated it in a tax dispute. Becker falls hard for a young model, named Lucinda, but later discovers that she's only using him to make her current boyfriend jealous. Grace's addiction to pills and hard liquor catches up with her. Also, Brackman involves Victor and Abby in his continuing dispute with his neighbor over the death of his dog, and Iris worries when an unusually moody McKenzie hesitates to ...
9 Apr. 1987
Victor and Abby defend a woman accused of murdering her baby. Kuzak's fisherman client, Ron Messer, wins his case against the IRS, but loses his boat anyway to bank foreclosure. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Markowitz wind up in Las Vegas while celebrating their six-month anniversary together, complete with an Elvis impersonator at a wedding chapel. Becker's client makes some astounding accusations against her husband, a kiddie-show TV host, concerning the family pig. Also, Grace leaves Kuzak for a while to sort out her feelings. McKenzie finally clears the air with Iris ...
15 Oct. 1987
The Lung Goodbye
Kuzak lets his anti-smoking feelings enter into his latest civil case involving a man dying from emphysema who is suing a tobacco company. Meanwhile, Becker's position as the lawyer for a man being divorced by a wealthy film star calls for some close personal negotiations with the lady. Victor experiences nothing but bad luck after leasing an expensive new sports car that repeating gets broken into and eventually stolen. Jonathan Rollins, a young black lawyer and prospective new associate, pumps Abby for information about the firm. Also, Kelsey's anxiety over her ...
22 Oct. 1987
The Wizard of Odds
Kelsey defends Dr. Peter Warren, a psychiatrist against a civil suit based on his failure to warn one of his patients about the dangerous obsession displayed by another patient. Meanwhile, Victor vies with Hamilton Schuyler (a.k.a.: Mighty Mouse), a crafty dwarf attorney, in a dramatic civil case concerning the disfigurement of a little boy in a fire whose mother is suing the pajama company Victor is representing. Abby finds herself intrigued by the new associate, Anthony Gianelli, who's worried about failing the bar exam and having to return to "the family business."...
29 Oct. 1987
Cannon of Ethics
Kelsey takes her dilemma concerning Dr. Warren to a retired DA. Meanwhile, Brackman assigns another associate to the Rohner vs. Gradinger case. Abby helps a dying Mrs. Stulwicz set up a trust to care for Benny and gets him a job with the firm as a messenger. Becker follows his usual pattern with Nina, then breaks up with her when she brings up talk of marriage. Victor continues his case against Hamilton Schuyler and finds himself fighting a losing battle. Markowitz and Kelsey are both angered when Brackman suggests that married partners are not welcome in the firm. ...
5 Nov. 1987
Brackman Vasektimized
Becker turns over a losing case concerning a case of "car homicide" to Leslie Kleinberg, a pretty new associate, then pursues the case and the associate when Leslie decides to leave the firm. Meanwhile, Kelsey defends a water company CEO against charges that they've polluted the drinking water of a nearby trailer park, causing birth defects. Brackman, after another humiliation by his insanely jealous wife Sheila, turns to Rhonda for comfort. Grace becomes upset and jealous when she meets Lynn Palmer, Kuzak's ex-wife whom he never mentioned. Also, Abby learns how much ...
12 Nov. 1987
The Brothers Grimm
Brackman learns some upsetting things about his late, revered father as he peruses some old papers of his and finds Rusty Farrell, a former film actress and his father's mistress along with her balding son (and his half-brother) Erroll, a sleazy attorney. Meanwhile, the Rohner vs. Gradinger case ends up back in Kelsey's lap, who passes it on to Abby. Markowitz asks Kelsey to sign a prenuptial agreement just to test her love of him. Victor handles a civil suit for a woman raped at a deserted bar while an off-duty police officer stood by. Benny's mother dies and the ...
19 Nov. 1987
Auld L'Anxiety
Brackman agonizes when his half-brother, Erroll, catches him making out with his bailiff, Rhonda, in which he blackmails Brackman for use of his office at the firm. Meanwhile, McKenzie is reluctant to go back into the courtroom for the first time in years to handle an age-discrimination case with his hearing impairment. Rollins aggressively deposes a divorcing spouse, despite the partners objections to his tactics. Markowitz tries without success to apologize to an elusive Kelsey over the prenuptial agreement. Also, Grace persuades a reluctant mother to testify ...
3 Dec. 1987
Rohner vs. Gradinger
Kuzak has little sympathy for his celebrity client, Patrick Boyd, in defending him for drug possession. Rhonda creates a scene at the firm after Brackman breaks off his affair with her. Meanwhile, Victor meets Lauren Sevilla, an unhappy woman he met after getting stuck in a elevator whose marriage is on the rocks. Rollins goes ahead on his own to retrieve a client angry with Markowitz, and then lands his for himself. Kelsey's anti-Semitic and racist mother arrives in town to meet with Markowitz. The Rohner vs. Gradinger case comes to a climax, and dramatically changes...
10 Dec. 1987
Goldilocks and the Three Barristers
Grace gets a lot of criticism from her co-workers at the D.A.'s office when she willingly agrees to prosecute three lawyers accused of sexual battery against an underage stripper. Meanwhile, Abby loses the Rohner vs. Gradinger case to Rollins, and Kelsey and Markowitz finally set a wedding date. A despondent Becker tries to raise his spirits by redoing Benny in his own image. Also, Brackman worries about having AIDS after his tryst with Rhonda Vasek.
17 Dec. 1987
Divorce with Extreme Prejudice
Victor's love for Lauren is tested when she's arrested after she shoots and kills her ex-husband and it appears to have been premeditated. Although Victor gets the murder charges against Lauren dropped, he's still skeptical about her story of self-defense and breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Abby discovers Erroll in Brackman's office and learns of his arrangement with him while Sheila seduces Erroll as payback after learning of Brackman' affair, in which he suffers an anxiety attack. Grace prosecutes Reuben Mendez, a teenager who has been accused of killing his own ...

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