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Season 7

22 Oct. 1992
L.A. Lawless
April 29, 1992. On the first day of the major L.A. riots, Becker stretches his practice and defends a theme-park employee fired for inappropriate behavior while in costume. Meanwhile, Rollins continues his leave of absence to be elected for City Counsel and canvass the riot torn South-Central district. Mullaney brings Zoey home to his house from the hospital to recover after the shooting. Becker's former secretary, Gwen Taylor, begins her law internship. With the departure of Grace Van Owen, C.J. Lamb, Alex DePalma, Frank Kittredge, and Susan Bloom, the firm hires ...
29 Oct. 1992
Second Time Around
October 29, 1992. Six months after the trauma of the L.A. riots, McKenzie finds himself haunted by a murder case he prosecuted in 1959 of Frank Osgood, and that Morales has reopened the case after another man has confessed to the crime. Meanwhile, Markowitz returns home from the hospital shaky and frightened after his head injuries. Brackman find himself in legal trouble as he tries to fight the new fledgling D.A., the self-assured Dana Romney who's prosecuting him for resisting arrest. An all-new Becker returns from a six-month trip around the globe. Mullaney ...
5 Nov. 1992
Zo Long
Due to the stress of her return to work, Zoey opts to be out of the D.A.'s office and decides to leave L.A., and Mullaney. Meanwhile, Rollins's campaign sinks lower and lower as the election draws near. Becker looks inward to his future, but Roxanne sees just the same old Becker. In jail, Brackman learns about his new life from behind the bars. Markowitz is slow to heal and frustrations set in for him and Kelsey. Mullaney becomes aroused in his first case for the D.A.'s office in prosecuting a man in a child-abuse case, who is being defended by a nun lawyer.
12 Nov. 1992
Wine Knot
Brackman's first day back at the firm begins badly when Markowitz also returns prematurely and takes off on an irresponsible spree with Benny. Meanwhile, Gwen takes the reins in a divorce case where the husband is determined to blackmail his wife into relinquishing her claims to his real estate business. Becker represents a wine maker in a court case over the property of the family winery. Roxanne, frazzled and overworked, yearns for something more in her life: a baby. Rollins comes back to work at the firm after losing the election and tries to apologize to an angry ...
19 Nov. 1992
My Friend Flicker
Becker meets with Ben Flicker, a movie studio mogul, when he handles a family divorce involving his daughter. Markowitz recoils in fear when he is asked to identify his attackers from that day. Meanwhile, Brackman begins writing his memoirs about being in jail, but he has some trouble concentrating. Roxanne approaches Mullaney about her dream of having a baby with him after stepping down as office manager. Gwen receives an anonymous gift and assumes it's from Morales. Rollins tries to find a home for Markowitz's stray dog that he found. Also, McKenzie becomes involved...
3 Dec. 1992
Love on the Rox
Kelsey fights for a man's right to choose not to procreate with an injection to stop his ex-wife from using their frozen embryos. Meanwhile, Gwen begins her first unsupervised litigation case, bothered by the feeling that she's being watched. Roxanne and Mullaney make a decision about conception. An immature Markowitz shares his deadly secret with Benny when he shows him the big gun he now keeps on him. Also, Rollins tries to get his damage deposit back for the South-Central apartment he rented during the campaign, but never used.
10 Dec. 1992
Helter Shelter
Melina Paros, the Greek-born City Attorney, joins the firm as an associate. But she has one last case to finish which involves the prosecution of an accused abusive mother against her newborn baby. The unbalanced Markowitz loses control of reality completely when he pulls his gun on a dog pound owner while trying to help Benny find his runaway dog. Meanwhile, Becker gets more deeply involved in the intrigue for control of World Wide Studios which involves Flicker and his mysterious silent partner, Eric Schuler, who's crippled wife is the apparent heir to the studio. ...
17 Dec. 1992
Christmas Stalking
Melina Paros receives an anonymous helping hand which is a videotape in her child-abuse case for the Attorney-General's office. Meanwhile, Markowitz finds some understanding during his stay in the psycho ward at the hospital and learns that his mental problems are purely physical in nature. Roxanne surprises a moody Mullaney with the news that she is pregnant. The dog Lincoln finally finds the missing pocket watch with a chain and give it to Brackman. Becker is kidnapped at knife point during his search to find Eric Schuler for Mr. Flicker. Also, Gwen finds out that ...
7 Jan. 1993
Odor in the Court
Mullaney fights against the state mental hospital to prevent the release of a couple's daughter's convicted killer (their son-in-law) from the hospital where he was committed. Meanwhile, Brackman can't resist a nasal aphrodisiac in his attempt to revive his sex life with Sheila. Flicker continues to annoy and tempt Becker, and then after much forceful reasoning, he finally allows Arnie to meet with Eric Schuler, who is revealed to be long dead. Also, Morales represents a man suing the hog-finishing plant over the foul odor contaminating his nearby home.
14 Jan. 1993
Spanky and the Art Gang
Morales and Becker are defending a sexual-bondage dominatrix who is being charged for the murder of Eric Schuler and the revelations of Schuler's connections with the prostitution world shake World Wide studios. Meanwhile, Rollins finds himself in the uncomfortable position of defending a sculptor who's right to freedom of expression and his racist work which has caused civil unrest. Brackman and his jailbird ghostwriter disagree over his "autobiography." Also, Gwen's medical history becomes an issue with the firm's insurance carrier, while the unseen stalker ...
4 Feb. 1993
Bare Witness
Gwen's stalker, a darkly sinister woman who claims to be Alison Morales, Daniel's recently diseased wife, continues to plague Gwen and plays a particularly cruel trick on her by tampering with her medical records. Meanwhile, Markowitz takes the stand for the first time at the pretrial preliminary against his two alleged assailants. Brackman represents a man running an adult strip club downstairs in their building and the city attorney involved is the annoying and obnoxious Dana Romney. Becker believes his show business career is over as Schuler's will is read, but he ...
11 Feb. 1993
Parent Trap
Rollins represents a man who is fighting to keep his pregnant girlfriend, put in a coma after a car accident, on life-support so their unborn child can be brought to full-term. Meanwhile, Morales finds himself inadvertently holding a piece of evidence in a murder case. Gwen's stalker continues lurking in the hallways and stairwells of the firm and takes advantage of Morales' legal trouble to kidnap his infant daughter Lucy. Mullaney's frail, estranged, alcoholic father pays an unexpected and unwelcome visit to him and Roxanne to reveal startling news about himself. ...
18 Feb. 1993
Hello and Goodbye
Paros represents a widow suing a newsman for allowing her husband to kill himself as the cameras rolled. Meanwhile, Mullaney maintains a hospital bedside vigil for his dying father. Morales contacts the police to help find baby Lucy and protect Gwen from the woman still calling herself Alison Morales after she waylays and wounds Gwen. Also, Dana Romney appears before Kelsey who is now suing the city for negligence in matter of the beating of Markowitz.
25 Feb. 1993
Where There's a Will
McKenzie and Morales pursues a witness Peter Manzo who could clear Frank Osgood whom McKenzie convicted in 1959. Meanwhile, Paros crosses a long-term family friend she is defending in a murder-for-hire case. Kelsey is representing a professor who is clashing with her colleague over the proper authority of a book on Shakespeare. Mullaney finally comes to his senses and returns to Roxanne. After Gwen's stalker, Linda Salerno, murders a police detective, Gwen finds that the 24-hour police surveillance is hard to endure.
1 Apr. 1993
With all the weirdness that has been going on for the past few months, McKenzie gives everyone an ultimatum: cease all outside projects, buckle down and get back to work or get out. Afterward, Becker takes a divorce case of representing a boxer's spirited wife. Meanwhile, Kelsey revels in a lawsuit to help the mentally ill brought by a shady man named, Gerard Samuels, who claims to have connections with the Clinton administration. Also, Morales defends Thomas Quinn, a man who murdered his daughter's recently paroled rapist.
8 Apr. 1993
Cold Shower
Celeste Bauman, a temperamental businesswoman, causes Markowitz no end of problems when she takes exception to the attitude of an IRS auditor. Meanwhile, Rollins defends a gay art theft who claims that the arresting policeman entrapped him by becoming his lover. Also, Mullaney's prosecution of a juvenile offender charged with the shooting death of another youth raises his doubts about his own ability to be a parent to Roxanne's baby.
15 Apr. 1993
That's Why the Lady Is a Stamp
Two quarreling siblings get a big surprise when they ask McKenzie to evaluate their late father's stamp collection, and they find a secret collection of pornography with it. Meanwhile, Paros represents Brian McAlister, a US postal worker who holds his employer responsible for the death of his wife at the hands of a disgruntled sorter. Also, Brackman, Becker and others wonder if Benny's new gambling friend, Dominic Nuzzi, is such a good influence on him.
22 Apr. 1993
Come Rain or Come Schein
Becker represents Mitchell Schein, a greedy man who holds out for material concessions before agreeing to grant his wife a divorce following Jewish law. Meanwhile, Kelsey is representing Aaron Voss, a stiff, no-nonsense meteorologist suing the TV station manager who replaced him with a stand-up comic to boost its ratings. Also, Morales represents a Latino construction worker who claims he was stiffed by a wealthy couple looking to save a few dollars.
29 Apr. 1993
Vindaloo in the Villows
Paros represents the descendants of a slave seeking the return of their ancestor's paintings from the collection of the original slave owner's descendants. Meanwhile, Markowitz is representing a Indian restaurant owner being sued by an obnoxious couple after a temperamental waiter spilled food on them. Also, Dominic introduces Benny to Rosalie Hendrickson, another retarded woman, who later tells Benny about a friend who raped her in the past in which Benny persuades her to press charges against her so-called assailant.
6 May 1993
Testing, Testing, 1... 2... 3... 4
Kelsey represents a former elementary school teacher seeking to get his job back after being cleared of sexual molestation charges. Meanwhile, Rollins is representing a baseball player being sued for assault by a relentlessly critical, heckling fan. After breaking up with Morales, Gwen feels the stress of studying for her bar exam and accepts help from her attractive tutor.
13 May 1993
Bourbon Cowboy
Becker represents Mason Paine, an aging country music singer who tries to fight a divorce action brought by his rising star wife. Meanwhile, Gwen gives her law tutor a second chance not to come on to her, and regrets it when he turns out to be a Lothario who will not take 'no' for an answer. Mullaney tries to convince Rosalie and her overprotective mother not to back out in testifying against Rosalie's rapist. Also, Paros defends Christine Rowan, a teenage prostitute for robbery while dealing with the biased judge in her case who sees the case that parallels his own ...
27 May 1993
Hackett or Pack It
Roxanne helps out her ex-husband, Dave Meyer, with financial backing and a celebrity, Buddy Hackett, for his new "Fetal Phone," product he's mailing out for a spot on a shopping channel. Meanwhile, Mullaney begins his case in prosecuting Rosalie's attacker where she nervously takes the stand to testify against him. Gwen plays hardball with her bar exam tutor when she hires Kelsey in a sexual harassment suit.

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