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Season 4

2 Nov. 1989
The Unsterile Cuckoo
Victor represents a furrier against an animal rights group suing him for the death of many animals. Meanwhile, Leo Hackett insists on sterilization for Alice after learning that she and Benny are now sleeping together, which ends up diving the lawyers. Markowitz finds his day disrupted as he tries to make the firm's softball match and Kelsey's Lamaze class. Also, Abby returns full fold to the firm after Dorothy Wyler leaves.
9 Nov. 1989
Captain Hurt
Kuzak has to battle racial prejudice and too much media coverage as he tries to defend Earl Williams, a black college professor against charges that he murdered a white college co-ed who was his lover. Meanwhile, a domineering Grace earns the devotion of an insurance claims adjuster she is prosecuting for fraud, who gets turned on by S&M. Becker finds himself inspired in negotiation a settlement for his latest divorce client, Corrinne Hammond. Also, McKenzie asks Victor to give advice to Benny on the niceties of safe sex.
16 Nov. 1989
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
The Earl Williams murder trial continues as Kuzak tries to evaluate witnesses sympathetic to Earl Williams as the case draws to a close. But then, Kuzak makes the colossal mistake of putting Earl Williams on the witness stand where after Kuzak's gentle direct examination, the aggressive prosecutor, Margaret Flanagan, grills Williams about his past domestic abuse to provoke a violent reaction from him. Earl Williams' arrogant and defensive behavior on the witness stand dooms him to a quick conviction from the conservative and predominately white jury. Meanwhile, Becker...
23 Nov. 1989
The Mouse That Soared
Victor once again faces off against the crafty dwarf attorney, Hamilton Schuyler, who's the opposing counsel representing a nightclub owner where Victor's client brings a complaint to stop dwarf tossing contests at the club. Kuzak discovers a witness who may be able to clear Earl Williams, but has some complications when the witness, a convicted drug dealer, may not be reliable. Meanwhile, Kelsey feels pressure from many of her peers when she agrees to help a friend sue pro-life abortion activists who have been harassing abortion clinics. Also, Roxanne volunteers to ...
30 Nov. 1989
One Rat, One Ranger
Grace is prosecuting a man accused of sexually molesting his five-year-old daughter and has to put the young victim on the witness stand. Meanwhile, Markowitz begins his first litigation case for the defense of a dating service company when a woman sues them for failing to provide her with her "Mr. Right." Brackman's mail-order melons bring a rat to the office and a comedy of errors ensues as everyone spends the rest of the day trying to capture it. With the firm in serious financial trouble, the partners are divided at bringing in a "rainmaker"; a new partner to ...
7 Dec. 1989
Lie Down and Deliver
Abby is co-counsel with a very pregnant Kelsey who are defending a doctor accused of malpractice by a woman which resulted in the death of her newborn baby. Meanwhile, Becker and Dave Meyer are both sued over their divorce video by a woman who claimed the result made her broke and Becker feels betrayed when he's left to fend for himself when the other partners want nothing to do with the suit. Brackman asks Rollins and Diana to help him peruse a case against a cereal company who botched a cash give-away contest. Also, Victor and Allison have dinner with Rosalind Shays...
14 Dec. 1989
Placenta Claus Is Coming to Town
Kuzak goes the final mile as tries to lighten the sentence on Earl Williams, who is facing the death penalty after being convicted of murder. Meanwhile, Markowitz loses his cool when Kelsey goes into labor early and 20 hours later give birth to a baby boy. Benny celebrates the Christmas holidays by planning to propose to Alice and asks both Becker and Leo Hackett on advice on how to do so. Also, Becker faces the holidays alone when Corrinne decides to let Chloe's father spend the weekend with them at her home, and Victor plays Santa at the annual office Christmas ...
4 Jan. 1990
The Good Human Bar
Paula Lights, Rollins old law school girlfriend, asks him to represent her suing the state for her constitutional right to be frozen alive for she has an inoperable brain tumor. Meanwhile, Victor pleads with Grace to prosecute an actor who raped Allison. Becker gets an offer by Sheldon Gatz, an old friend and Dave Meyer's lawyer, to join another firm doing entertainment law and he decides to make a change. Roxanne goes on stage at a nightclub during amateur night to test her performing skills, and Rosalind Shays officially joins the firm.
11 Jan. 1990
Noah's Bark
McKenzie and the rest of the firm retaliate at Becker's underhanded withdrawal. Meanwhile, Allison feels humiliated after her testimony during her rape trial despite Victor's support. Rollins represents Noah Cowan, a businessman with Torretts Syndrome, who's uncontrollable bursts of tics and swearing have gotten him fired from his job and is now suing his former boss. Also, Kuzak explores his new single status by dating Roxanne's young dance coach and Laker Girl choreographer, Kimberly Dugan.
18 Jan. 1990
The Pay's Lousy, But the Tips Are Great
Victor faces troubling issues both at home and in court as he tries to deal with the after-affects of Allison's rape trial and a sexual discrimination case concerning a woman court clerk suing a judge who fired her after their brief affair. Meanwhile, Markowitz takes another litigation case where he defends an elderly and senile Orthodox rabbi being sued for malpractice when a knife slipped during a circumcision. Becker returns to his hostile co-workers as a named partner to the firm now named 'McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney, Kuzak and Becker.' Also, the devious, ...
25 Jan. 1990
True Brit
Kuzak questions the methods of a charismatic British barrister, named Nigel Morris, during his case of representing an American candy maker suing a British candy maker. Meanwhile, a friend places Diana and Rollins in a very difficult position in a hit-and-run traffic case where the victim's body cannot be found. Becker longs for his friends to wish him well on his elevation to full partner. Rosalind continues her plan to take over the firm when she uses Abby by making her look bad to a new client in order to land the client herself. Kelsey returns to the firm after ...
8 Feb. 1990
On Your Honor
Victor represents an Iranian immigrant woman using the U.S. government who's husband died on the A300 Airbus jet that was shot down by the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf on July 3, 1988. But Victor's case leads to arguments with others in the firm, and with McKenzie as well. Meanwhile, Roxanne and the other secretaries rebel over Brackman's strict lunch hours. Also, Grace is offered a position for judge on the bench and immediately faces a major decision of whether or not to send a teenage boy to life in prison for murder.
15 Feb. 1990
Whatever Happened to Hannah?
Rollins represents a comedian suing his ex-wife for heckling him on stage. Meanwhile, Abby emphasizes with Diane Campbell, a divorcée suing her ex-husband for years of spouse abuse and who feels more abuse by the process. Kelsey declares an all-out personal war against Rosalind Shays when she discovers Rosalind taking over cases that Kelsey worked hard to bring in. But Rosalind successfully counter-attacks by play-acting as the poor victim and making it look to McKenzie and everyone else at the firm that Kelsey is the aggressor. After a brief fling, Grace and Kuzak ...
22 Feb. 1990
Ex-Wives and Videotape
A desperate Kuzak sweats out of preparations for his appeal before the California Supreme Court in a final attempt to overturn the conviction on Earl Williams on a technicality. Meanwhile, Rollins becomes upset when Rosalind brings in another big client; a factory with substantial South African holdings. Also, Becker's new client is Al Vogel, the bitter ex-husband of a TV newswoman who threatens to go public with a pornographic video tape of her.
15 Mar. 1990
Blood, Sweat and Fears
Kuzak uses new evidence and a testimony by a very hostile witness to plead for a new trial for Earl Williams. Meanwhile, Victor defends Dr. Michael Dayan, a surgeon being sued for wrongful death by a woman after he refused to perform emergency surgery on her injured husband who was infected with AIDS, and the opposing counsel, Mark Gilliam, who himself secretly has AIDS, tries to get the jury and Victor to look on the positive side of a man with the disease. The firm is rocked by the resignation of Leland McKenzie after 25 years, but the scramble to succeed him starts...
22 Mar. 1990
Bound for Glory
Kelsey stands before Judge Grace Van Owen in a wrongful death suit in representing the parents of a deceased black youth, killed by a skinhead, who are suing the skinhead's parents. Meanwhile, a drug addict's father pressures Abby to steer his son into jail for his own good. Rollins is representing a country fair packager who is being sued by a man who claims he was disqualified from entering a frog-jumping contest because of the size of his frog, and the reptile demonstrates his jumping powers in the courtroom. Also, Markowitz helps out Benny when he tries to sell ...
29 Mar. 1990
Justice Swerved
Victor is co-counsel in defending a woman accused, along with her husband, of murdering their intellectually disabled newborn baby and who claim it was the result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Meanwhile, Markowitz is arrested for drunk driving while on his way to a lunchtime tryst with Kelsey. At McKenzie's suggestion, Brackman starts seeing a sex therapist, named Marilyn Hopkins, to revise his non-existent sex life.
5 Apr. 1990
Watts a Matter?
Racial tensions threaten to explode in city-wide rioting when Rollins represents an innocent black family suing the Los Angeles Police Department for excessive violence when the police destroyed their home after mistaking it for a crack house. Meanwhile, Judge Grace Van Owen ponders the appropriate sentence for an eight-year-old crack delivery boy who murdered a policeman after he tried to take his cocaine package away. Brackman, cured of his impotence, begins dating Marilyn. Also, Rosalind interferes with Victor's case concerning a couple suing a liquor company for ...
26 Apr. 1990
Bang... Zoom... Zap
Roxanne has to deal with her difficult father, Murray, after he is kicked out of his retirement home and he keeps showing up at the office. Judge Grace Van Owen thinks that her days as a judge are numbered due to criticism from her harsh rulings. Meanwhile, Markowitz cuts his courtroom teeth on his latest civil case concerning a man tortured in an Argentine prison suing the former prison guard who tortured him. Victor starts a rebellion when Rosalind sells out his client to the highest bidder, and McKenzie blames himself for all the chaos at the firm resulting from ...
3 May 1990
Forgive Me Father, for I Have Sued
Victor represents a priest charged with causing a parishioner's nervous breakdown for not forgiving his wife of her sins. Meanwhile, Becker represents Roxanne when she goes forward with petitioning the court for conservator ship for her father. Rosalind and the rest of the firm faces dissolution when McKenzie retracts his resignation and returns to the firm determined to seek reinstatement as senior partner.
10 May 1990
Outward Bound
Kuzak represents a gay former policeman suing a journalist who "outed" his homosexuality without permission. After Rosalind resigns from the firm, McKenzie seeks another star litigator and hires Grace Van Owen who resigns her judgeship. Meanwhile, Benny becomes jealous when Alice kisses another man and breaks off their engagement. Becker proposes to Corrinne, but ends up having a one-night-stand with his temporary secretary, Gwen Taylor.
17 May 1990
The Last Gasp
Victor is moved by a mother's pleas and agrees to make an emotional appeal for clemency for Hector Rodriguez, a old friend on death row facing execution. Meanwhile, Grace tackles her first case for the firm in defending an elderly man for the mercy killing of his wife who was dying from Alzheimer's Disease. Kelsey represents a frustrated Chicago Bears fan who is suing the team's staff. Kuzak's plans to leave the firm suddenly change when his father decides to come live his last days in Los Angeles. Also, Becker worries about his past life and about his mother's advice...

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