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Season 3

3 Nov. 1988
Hey, Lick Me Over
Victor represents a terrified family suing a security firm who did not react in a timely manner to a break-in. Meanwhile, McKenzie fumbles over Jennifer Kepler's continued sexual advances to him, and Kuzak lobbies for Benny's right to vote in an oncoming election. Grace prosecutes a man who is accused of licking a woman's ear without permission. Abby receives bad news of her performance review and thinks about quitting the firm. Kelsey reveals her ambivalence of having a baby to Markowitz. Also, Roxanne ponders a marriage proposal from Dave Meyer.
10 Nov. 1988
The Son Also Rises
Grace is prosecuting Lyle Torrey, a young gang member accused of killing two policemen. As the case progresses, Grace stumbles upon a conspiracy by her boss, Bruce Rogoff, to get a conviction and he tells her to look pass an important loop hole that could free the suspected cop-killer. Meanwhile, Roxanne involves Becker in her domestic problems when she asks him to represent Dave Meyer's sister, Madeline, in a divorce from her husband. Kelsey is representing a 13-year-old boy suing his father for slapping him. Also, Abby resigns from the firm to open up her own ...
17 Nov. 1988
Romancing the Drone
Kuzak is involved in a pro-bono case in defending an accused rapist, and his tactics draw scorn from both Grace and his colleges at the firm. Meanwhile, Meyer's boring talks and constant direct-mail sales pitches tests Roxanne's patience. Becker opts to get a prenuptial pack voided from his client who's husband sets her up to watch her have sex with other men. Kelsey and Markowitz continue their efforts to conceive a child. Abby sets up her own office for her practice. Also, Becker and Judge Monica Ryan split up for good.
1 Dec. 1988
Markowitz starts taking fertility pills for his low sperm count which makes him physically sick. Abby takes questionable measures against Whitey Holland, a deadbeat plumber who asks her to take his case of him being sued by a health club owner over his poor work. When Abby decides not to represent Holland anymore, he flips out and assaults her, resulting in her shooting him dead. Meanwhile, Victor and Rollins nearly come to blows of their conduct in a wrongful death case in which their client, Laura Coyle, is suing a corporation who insisted that her husband go on a ...
8 Dec. 1988
The Princess and the Pee
Kuzak learns that Richard Mathers, the opposing counsel in his latest personal injury case which involved a new car, never passed the bar exam. However, Kuzak decides to use this information to his own advantage. Meanwhile, Kelsey and Markowitz grow increasingly wearily of trying to conceive and they begin talk of adoption. While Brackman is going over the final divorce settlement from Sheila, he hires Dorothy Wyler, a 52-year-old lawyer as an associate and who too is a divorcée. Abby, still frightened after her shooting of Holland, allows Police Lieutenant Bill ...
15 Dec. 1988
Dummy Dearest
Rollins represents Kenny Peterson, a mentally disturbed young man who speaks only through his obnoxious, ventriloquist's dummy in an assault case. Meanwhile, Kelsey's celebrity client, Amanda Shaw, sues a tabloid magazine for publishing a false article which resulted in her teenage daughter's suicide and she ends up worse than she started. Markowitz and Kelsey meet with Ross Burnett, a baby broker in their continuing quest to adopt a baby. Victor represents an unusually arrogant Kuzak as he faces a disciplinary court for his conduct over not reporting an unlicensed ...
5 Jan. 1989
To Live and Diet in L.A.
Grace reveals a technicality that could free convicted cop killer Lyle Torrey. But a certain police officer, named Lt. Dolan, tries to prevent Grace from getting Torrey released pending a new trial. Becker forms a partnership with Dave Meyer in trying to make their own do-it-yourself-divorce video tape to market to the masses. Meanwhile, Abby grows more attracted to Lt. Ringstrom and they finally begin a torrid affair. Also, Kelsey and Markowitz meet with a possible birth mother to adopt her baby.
12 Jan. 1989
I'm in the Nude for Love
Kuzak returns to the firm after his suspension and represents Lawrence Stone, the head of a nudist colony who is faced with being closed down due to nuisance complaints from the neighbors while one of the members, Tracy Shoe, is revealed to have a hidden agenda to the case. Meanwhile, Benny develops a crush on Becker's current girlfriend, Allison Gottlieb, the director for his divorce video, after he saves her from a rude bar patron. Also, Victor represents a hospital that does not want to let a brain-dead woman be taken off life support.
19 Jan. 1989
Grace once again faces off against Lee Atkins, the conniving and racist black lawyer, who again uses the issue of race in which he is defending a middle-aged black man who shot and killed a white man in his apartment whom he thought was an intruder, whereas Grace's argument is that it was a drug deal gone wrong. Seeing that the odds are against him this time, Atkins resorts to low and underhanded means against Grace to get a mistrial declared rather than lose. Meanwhile, Abby unwisely advices a client of hers to accept a settlement because her own practice is in ...
9 Feb. 1989
The Plane Mutiny
Becker grows resentful when the other partners enforce a partnership pose that forces him to share his do-it-yourself divorce video profits. Meanwhile, Brackman gets arrested after he causes a scene on an airplane that's stranded on the LAX airport runway. Also, Victor and Grace are pitted against each other in the courtroom where he defends a man accused of hiring a hit man to kill his wife.
16 Feb. 1989
Izzy Ackerman or Is He Not
McKenzie helps a widow and her family try to retrieve the parts of her husband's body after it was accidentally donated to a lab for medical research. Roxanne, constantly on the edge because of her diet and Meyer's constant direct-sales pitches, is arrested for assault and battery after she hits a smug, rich woman who makes a joke about her weight. Meanwhile, Kuzak represents Ray Davis, a young man who is suing a hospital that allegedly let his wife die because they didn't have insurance to cover their medical bills.
23 Feb. 1989
The Accidental Jurist
Kuzak secretly picks a retired gay judge to hear his case of Matt Leonard, a gay Olympic athlete, whose recent announcement of his homosexuality has apparently voided his endorsement contract with an advertising company. Meanwhile, Abby learns that Lt. Ringstrom is marred with two children and decides to break up with him. Kelsey and Markowitz have problems over looking after their newly adopted baby daughter. Roxanne tells Meyer that she thinks they should separate for a while to sort out their feelings for each other. Meyer then crashes a romantic date between ...
23 Mar. 1989
Barstow Bound
McKenzie's candidacy for federal judgment ship has strict conditions, which include conflicts of interest within the firm. Meanwhile, Victor represents the wife of a dead construction worker who is suing the company for negligence and a congressman involved in the incident tries to protect his name. Becker's stardom for his divorce video grows and he receives unwanted attention from a deranged man whose wife left him after watching the video.
30 Mar. 1989
Leave It to Geezer
Grace has difficulty prosecuting four elderly bank robbers and facing their elderly lawyer. Due to his losing streak in the courtroom for the past several months, Kuzak gets passed over for an important case and is given a second chair with Becker on a contract dispute between film producer Melanie Hayes and her studio. McKenzie finally tells Jennifer Kepler that they can't see each other anymore because of their age differences. Also, Rollins takes on his first murder case in defending Wanda Havens, a poor young woman charged with murdering her abusive husband.
6 Apr. 1989
The Unbearable Lightness of Boring
Roxanne and Meyer attend a ceremony where he will receive the Direct Mail Man of the Year award, and she glimpses a view of her future with him. Meanwhile, Markowitz and Kelsey get an unpleasant surprise when the teenage birth mother of their child says that she wants her baby back to raise it by herself. Abby's latest client cons her and skips on his bail, which makes her look bad to Grace. The firm goes to pieces after Brackman hands the office managing responsibilities to Markowitz for the week. Also, Rollins falls for the new law associate, Diana Moses.
27 Apr. 1989
His Suit Is Hirsute
Victor represents Markowitz and Kelsey when Tammy Harris, the teenage birth mother of their baby, brings a claim to get her baby back. Meanwhile, Abby's latest client, mobster Frank Weiland, cons her in getting himself off murder and drug dealing charges, and later frames her for money laundering to get rid of his drug cash. Kuzak has problems facing a comedian lawyer during his case of representing a man suing the owner of a heating system for injuries, while he finally expresses dissatisfaction to Grace over their relationship and heats up his other relationship ...
4 May 1989
America the Beautiful
Grace has mixed feelings when she prosecutes a wealthy businessman for killing a homeless man for scourging around the garbage outside his house, as well as dealing with a crazed activist supporting the homeless. Meanwhile, Kuzak represents Abby when she agrees to testify before a grand jury seeking to indite her for money laundering. Brackman enlists Benny as a silent partner when he goes to interview Leo Hackett, a potentially new client. Hackett then introduces Benny to his retarded and withdrawn daughter, Alice, whom Benny develops a crush on. Rollins volunteers ...
11 May 1989
Urine Trouble Now
Victor represents the owner of a maligned Mexican brewery suing their American competitor who allegedly spread rumors of urine in their product. Meanwhile, Kuzak represents The Sensations, an old blues singing group, suing their younger counterparts, The New Sensations, over a new version of their music. Rollins allows his desire for Diana get in the way of representing her during her divorce. Dave Meyer, resenting his divorce, takes his anger out on Becker as the depositions get increasingly nasty, but ends on a positive note. Also, Abby makes a list of demands to ...
18 May 1989
Consumed Innocent
Grace prosecutes Pete Bostik, a Morton Downey-type TV talk show host accused of inciting his studio audience to kill a guest in the parking lot after his appearance on the show. Meanwhile, Allison prevails on a cold-stricken Victor to settle a dispute of a baby pig eaten by a pet python during a music video shoot. Leo Hackett worries over Benny's attention to Alice. At the end during an office party outing at a local restaurant, Kuzak and Grace break up by tentatively agreeing to resume a platonic relationship, and Kelsey announces that she's pregnant.

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