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Season 1

25 Sep. 1986
Kayo on Call
A second-year surgical resident deals with patients and staff at a Manhattan hospital.
2 Oct. 1986
Don't Bother Kayo It's Chinatown
A Chinatown merchant is wounded in a shootout and needs a kidney transplant, and his brain-dead assailant may be the only suitable donor; Kayo's parents breeze into town.
9 Oct. 1986
Big Vacation
Kayo treats two emergency patients: a young woman who refuses surgery for religious reasons, and a terminally ill photojournalist who wants to get the most out of his remaining days.
16 Oct. 1986
Taking the Heat
Rosa spots a potential problem with a doctor's orders and Kayo later supports the doctor.
23 Oct. 1986
A Foreign Concept
Wallach's best friend suffers a mild stroke but insists he doesn't need to be hospitalized; misunderstandings abound with a Sri Lankan physician anxious to learn about American surgery techniques.
30 Oct. 1986
Lesson Learned
Kayo turns to an old friend for consolation after losing a patient; Cliff becomes the object of ridicule among his peers; Moffitt considers a position with another institution.
6 Nov. 1986
Princess of the City
A wealthy suitor brings excitement to Kayo's social life, while a stern pediatrician frustrates her life at the hospital; a psychiatrist takes an unusual interest in Cliff's genes.
13 Nov. 1986
Dollars and Sense
A street punk dukes it out with Doyle after the doctor insults his ailing mother; a male nurse learns there are drawbacks to dating Dr. O'Brien
20 Nov. 1986
Behind Closed Doors
The ER is quarantined, which prevents Kayo from going to her sister's wedding, detains Doyle's accountant and jeopardizes a sick runaway.
Wreck the Halls
A department-store explosion creates a major disaster as patients are rushed to Manhattan General during the midst of the Christmas season.
Little White Lies
Cliff puts a patient's life at risk when, concentrating more on his social life than on work, he fails to prescribe an essential medication, and Kayo takes the blame.
Kayo faces a dilemma in obstetrics: whether to save the life of her patient or the patient's unborn child.
Stop and Smell the Linen
A workaholic clothing designer refuses treatment after collapsing at the hospital; without official sanction, Nat sets up shop in the linen closet to sell imported goods.

 Season 1 

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