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Season 3

21 Oct. 1988
Goin' Places
Because of the writers' strike, Garry has gotten a job at a travel agency and is doing quite well. Nancy is also working there, but her work is suffering due to a distraction - her new boyfriend.
28 Oct. 1988
Pete's Got a Secret
Pete is angry and being mean to everyone and Garry is determined to find out why. Using his dream helmet, Garry tunes in to Pete's dreams to find out what's bothering him.
4 Nov. 1988
What's Happening to Me?
Garry does a song and dance during an operetta about Grant and a mature female classmate to impress Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley.
11 Nov. 1988
Live Election Show
Garry is giving his viewers live election results and is convinced that Michael Dukakis has beaten George H. W. Bush to become the 41st President of the United States.
2 Dec. 1988
The Natural
Garry attempts to make a comeback at ping pong in spite of an incident that put an end to his ping pong days 18 years ago.
30 Dec. 1988
Home Sweet Home
When it is pointed out at a residential association meeting that businesses are not allowed to be run out of the apartments, Garry might be evicted if he doesn't stop filming his TV show in his home.
6 Jan. 1989
Vegas: Part 1
Garry is throwing a party at his place before the friends all leave for Vegas to celebrate Leonard Smith's wedding.
13 Jan. 1989
Vegas: Part 2
When the gang lands in Vegas, they find out Leonard's fiancé is a magician's assistant.
3 Feb. 1989
Save Mr. Peck's: Part 1
When Garry finds out that Mr. Peck's club is closing so a mall can be built, he decides to seek some help from some celebrity friends to save the club where he got his start in stand-up.
10 Feb. 1989
Save Mr. Peck's: Part 2
It's the all-star benefit show to try to save Mr. Peck's night club. Things threaten to fall apart, though, when Red Buttons doesn't show up as Garry has promised.
17 Feb. 1989
Ruth's Place
Ruth discovers that mentioning her pet store on Garry's show increases business, but when Garry tells her to stop advertising, they have a fight.
24 Feb. 1989
Garry Acts Like a Moron
When Garry fails his driver's license renewal test, he begins to feel really dumb. After a conversation with his brain, he realizes that he needs to exercise it a bit more.
3 Mar. 1989
Kramer vs. Grant
Grant is having trouble with a bully and is accused of fighting back a bit too hard, putting the bully in the hospital, but he maintains his innocence.
10 Mar. 1989
Grant Goes to the Dogs
When Pete mentions that Grant is looking for a job, Garry gets his mom to hire Grant at the pet store. Then Pete and Garry imagine the worst scenario - that Grant and Ruth won't get along - which would destroy their friendship.
18 Mar. 1989
Big Brother
When Pete tells Garry that Jackie is going to have another baby, Garry starts to long for a family. He decides to try being a Big Brother, but the kid doesn't seem to be having much fun.
31 Mar. 1989
Going, Going, Gone
Garry is supposed to go whale watching with Sheena Easton, but he has a conflicting responsibility to Marshall, his Little Brother.
7 Apr. 1989
Garry Goes Golfing
Martin Mull asks Garry to participate in a charity golf event. He agrees to play, despite not being a good golfer.
14 Apr. 1989
Mum's the Word
Garry's mom decides to go back into show business, but without Garry's knowledge. She tries out her show for the rest of the gang, but they are not impressed.
21 Apr. 1989
Worry Wart
Garry takes pain medication and inadvertently reveals a secret that puts Ian's plans with Molly in jeopardy.

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