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Season 4

10 Nov. 1989
The First Show of the Fourth Season
Garry has his boss over for dinner to meet his new girlfriend, but is worried the boss won't approve of her being on the show.
17 Nov. 1989
Take My Wife, for Example
Garry goes on a talk show and gets himself into trouble when he makes jokes about his girlfriend, Phoebe.
24 Nov. 1989
Nathan's Sheer Madness
Grant's friend tries to hurt his parents with a machete. When he finds out the idea came from a TV show that airs after his, Garry goes to the network exec to get it canceled, but he is threatened by the star of the other show.
1 Dec. 1989
When Grant begins to excel on the football field but has substantial changes in his temperament, Phoebe suspects he is using steroids. Garry becomes a "fly on the wall" to determine if it is true.
8 Dec. 1989
Dinner at Eddy King's House
After a chance meeting in a butcher shop, Garry, his manager Brad, and Phoebe go for dinner at Eddy King's house, but Eddy is the only one having a good time reliving his past.
12 Jan. 1990
The Proposal
Garry and Phoebe go to Colorado so he can meet her family.
19 Jan. 1990
Garry's first movie was a dirty one and it's been edited to imply that he did more than he claims to have actually done. Now he is out to prove his innocence.
26 Jan. 1990
The Day Howard Moved In
Howard Sprague from Mayberry moves to Sherman Oaks, inspiring Garry to see "the goodness in us all."
9 Feb. 1990
The Wedding Show
The president of the network wants Garry and Phoebe to make their wedding a television special.
16 Feb. 1990
The Honeymoon Show
Just when Phoebe and Garry are starting to enjoy their honeymoon, they get bad news - Phoebe's grandfather has died. After two more deaths, they are convinced that somebody dies every time they make love.
9 Mar. 1990
Shandling Vs Mull
When Martin Mull thinks Phoebe overcharged for her interior design services, a feud begins between the Shandlings and the Mulls. It may take God Himself to settle this argument.
23 Mar. 1990
Leonard Gets Metaphysical
Garry is headed out of town, so he turns the show over to Grant. Meanwhile, Leonard Smith has a challenger for Condo Association President.
30 Mar. 1990
Chester Gets a Show
Garry is still on the road, but Phoebe's brother Chester is staying with her. When TV exec Mr. Stravely stops by, Chester pitches a new TV show about two guys with the same name sharing an apartment.
6 Apr. 1990
My Mother, the Wife
Garry keeps seeing visions of his mother every time he tries to make love on his anniversary.
13 Apr. 1990
Family Man
Garry and Phoebe are waiting for the results of a pregnancy test, but he is impatient and attempts to pass the 18 minutes by time traveling. Instead, he skips ahead 18 years and gets a preview of what is to come.
4 May 1990
Mad at Brad
Garry's manager Brad shows up at the house with his newest client, singer Chris Isaak. When Brad's time is increasingly taken up by Chris, Garry fires him and Pete takes over, but the first job he gets Garry is an embarrassing infomercial.
11 May 1990
The Last Show
There's a new guy at the condos. His name is "Death" and he has come for Garry because the show is ending.
18 May 1990
The Talent Show
Garry is at a health club, but back at his place, the gang is doing a talent show hosted by Brad. As the others perform, Phoebe meets the Phantom of the Studio under the audience and he demands that she sing a song he wrote.
25 May 1990
Driving Miss Garry
After crashing his car into the kitchen, Garry's brother arrives to gift him a driver. Although Garry objects at first, he becomes fast friends with Hoke, the driver, in this parody of Driving Miss Daisy.

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