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4 Jan. 1989
Born to Run
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18 Jan. 1989
First Date
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25 Jan. 1989
Maria'a dating a hunk and tries to downplay her intelligence so as not to make him feel inferior. Dennis then gets her to work on a project and when it's done he claims that he did all the work when in fact it was Maria who did all the work. And he's counting on her keeping her intelligence from her boyfriend from claiming she did the work. Mr. Moore tries to convince she has to stand up.
1 Feb. 1989
Arvid's Sure Thing
Rhonda, probably the most popular girl in school, sets her sights on Arvid. He feels like the luckiest man alive. But Mr. Moore gets him to wonder why she's so popular.
8 Feb. 1989
A man who went to the school and would go on to be a revered corespondent. Whenhe meets the students he treats them very snidely. And when he makes a slip they make a big deal of it. Mr. Moore tries to teach them that the man has some first hand knowledge of certain things that not too many have experienced. And Moore can't help but wonder why the man has such a big chip on his shoulder.
1 Mar. 1989
The Hot Seat
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8 Mar. 1989
Radio Activity
Charlie tries to garner interest in the school radio station, but is met with some resistance.
15 Mar. 1989
The Little Sister
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22 Mar. 1989
Killer Coach
Mr. Moore plays chess with Arvid, and when he gets distracted by people talking to him, Moore beats him. Dennis arranges a match between Moore and Frank Tarish, the coach of the chess team. Moore nixes it claiming that beating Arvid was a fluke but Tarish thinks he thinks he's better than him. It seems that Tarish was considered for the job that Moore has now. At chess practice, Tarish yells at Arvid which again distracts him causing him to lose and leave the team. Moore decides to show Tarish how good Arvid is by playing Tarish with Arvid telling him what moves to ...
5 Apr. 1989
I Am the King
When Mr. Moore's apartment is going coop he needs to make some money fast so he can buy it. He gets a job doing commercials for an appliance store and it requires him to dress up like a king. He was told it would only be shown late at night so he's sure no one he knows will see them. But Dennis who was staying up late watching TV sees it.
26 Apr. 1989
King of Remedial
When Mr. Moore gets fed up with to Dennis' disruptive behavior, he sends him to the remedial history class. Dennis feels like a fish out of water. But eventually he challenges the IHP to a history competition and along with the teacher he gets them to learn.
3 May 1989
Labor Daze
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10 May 1989
Exactly Twelve O'Clock
When Arvid decides to butt heads with a jock, he tells Arvid to meet at noon so they can hash it out. And Arvid spends all the time worrying about what will happen. And he imagines he is Gary Cooper's character from the movie and everyone is town is someone he knows who tries to talk him out of facing the guy.
27 Sep. 1989
Back to School
The school year begins with three members of the IHP no longer there. And three new students, Alex, Viki and Aristotle joining the class. And the old students don't exactly welcome them with open arms.
11 Oct. 1989
The Ring of Darlene M.
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18 Oct. 1989
Viki in Love
Viki thinks Mr. Moore is the one for her. And Alan thinks she's the one for him. And he freaks out when he finds who she thinks is the one for her.
25 Oct. 1989
Blunden in Love
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15 Nov. 1989
Gotta Dance
Samuels wants someone from the school to enter a dance competition. Alex and T.J. volunteer. But when Alex fails a test, Moore says he can't compete. But Samuels really wants to win this one, so he asks Moore to let him take a make up test. Moore at first refuses. So Arvid offers to fill in. But Moore reconsiders so Alex takes the test during the competition. And Arvid is nervous about having to dance.
22 Nov. 1989
Good Mourning
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29 Nov. 1989
Arvid Nose Best
When Arvid is snoring so loudly, Mr. Moore thinks it could be taken care of by surgery. So he decides to have it but is also thinking of having a nose job but when is under the anesthetic, he is not sure if he wants to go through with it. When he wakes up his nose is bandaged and the doctor has left and doesn't know if he had his nose done. So he walks around with the bandage on even though he's told he can remove it.
6 Dec. 1989
The Devil and Miss T.J.
T.J. is so desperate to be allowed to join the IHP that a guy offers to help her. But she later finds out the man is the Devil and he is going to collect.
13 Dec. 1989
Why Ronnie Can't Read
Dr. Samuels asks the IHP to help a student athlete get ready for college entrance exams. But it's during one of the sessions that they discover that he's illiterate. They try to help him so that he could take the test. But Mr. Moore upon learning of if, tells them this is just a temporary fix. He tries to convince the student he needs to learn how to read which coming out and admitting it.

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