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7 Jan. 1987
Rebel Without a Class
Eric takes delight in tormenting another teacher. The man Is so frustrated that he turns to Charlie for help.
14 Jan. 1987
Ode to Simone
Moore tells the students to write a letter to the person who inspired them. And when they get their reply, he has them read the replies in class. Simone wrote to a poet and even included one of her poems. The man died but not after sending his response wherein he says her poem is awful. Upon receiving the letter, she rethinks her desire to be a poet. She, Moore and Eric attend a memorial for the man. And when Moore speaks he mentions that while he liked his poetry, he might not have liked him. And that's when everyone there starts expressing their dislike for him. ...
21 Jan. 1987
Past Imperfect
Mr. Moore learns the students are taking short cuts like reading abridged versions of books or listening to tapes instead of reading the actual book. He says it's like cheating. He also mentions that he's taking an extremely difficult economics class because he needs it to be an accredited teacher. And when the class tries to prep him by asking him some questions, he's unable to answer so they say he might fail and lose his job. They try to prep him but it's so intense he can't remember what they taught him so they provide him with a cheat sheet. Making him having to ...
28 Jan. 1987
A Problem Like Maria
When a rival school's team captain asks Maria out, the rest of the IHC students think that it's a tactic to beat them.
4 Feb. 1987
The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming!
The IHP has an academic competition against some Russians and Samuels looks at them as the enemy while Moore encourages them to see this as an opportunity to make friends. When Jawaharlal gets sick, they hope Eric will fill in but because he doesn't want to be associated with them they send Simone to "talk" to him. He agrees but when Jawaharlal gets better he is not needed until the competition begins.
11 Feb. 1987
Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day, Moore tries to teach his class but all sorts of things arise. Alan and Arvid bicker over a girl. Eric pursues Simone. Darlene and Sarah fight when Sarah decides to bail on plans they have when she meets a guy. And Bernadette thinks Samuels is coming on to her, and Samuels thinking she's hitting on him.
18 Feb. 1987
Video Activity
Samuels informs the IHP that they've been asked to submit something that can be placed in a time capsule that will be opened a hundred years later. Moore suggests doing a video and they tell Samuels about it and he likes it and puts Alan in charge. And when they're done and view it, it's utterly dull. And Dennis goes wild and wrecks the video. Alan wants to turn him in but Moore tells them that they still have time to make another video. While Alan wants to redo it, the class decides to make one they can be proud of. And they decide not to tell Samuels till it's done....
25 Feb. 1987
After Charlie sets up Arvid at one of the cities top night club, he soon becomes very full of himself due to the new lush lifestyle he has gotten use too.
1 Apr. 1987
Crimes of the Heart
When Sarah's grades go down, Moore is worried. He talks to her and tells him that her father is not home because his job takes him away for long periods. But when he talks to her father he learns that what she told him about his father is not true. So after talking to her father he thinks he knows what's going on and devices a way for Sarah to open up.
23 Sep. 1987
Science Fair-Weather Friends
The school is having a science fair and Arvid, Dennis and Sarah all plan to enter. But they all inadvertently sabotage each other's project and try to cover it up. And Moore learns about this and tries to get them to admit the truth but can't.
30 Sep. 1987
The Write Stuff
The Schools Newspaper is in need of work, so the class nominates Simone to be the Editor-in-chief which quickly goes to her head. Meanwhile Eric fabricates a story which quickly over shadows Simone, much to her dislike.
7 Oct. 1987
The Big Squeeze
When the class learns that a boy genius is considering coming to Fillmore, they fear that one of them might have to leave the IHP. So they each point the finger at whom they think should go.
14 Oct. 1987
Child of the 60's
After a class in rebelliousness of the 60's Dennis holds a sit in to demand better cafeteria food.
28 Oct. 1987
Trouble in Perfectville
Moore's class decides to create a fake issue of the school newspaper.
9 Dec. 1987
Play It Again, Woody
Mr. Moore and Arvid both attend a Woody Allen film festival to deal with their romantic woes. And it seems that what happened parallels to one of Woody's films.

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