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2 Jan. 1989
Sugarbaker's is short on money, but they are able to find a great deal on curtains to decorate a motel-until the shop that makes them goes on strike. The women decide to go there sew them themselves, where they see the conditions which prompted the strike in the first place.
9 Jan. 1989
The Wilderness Experience
Bernice signs up the women on an all-female wilderness retreat that some of Lee Iacocca's top executives had attended in the past; she thought the then-CEO of Chrysler would be there. Mary Jo and Julia are stuck under the leadership of a pushy New Yorker named Big Edie, while Suzanne and Charlene's group is led by Bernice.
16 Jan. 1989
Anthony becomes a Big Brother to Tyrone, a smooth talking 14-year-old boy from a bad neighborhood. While Julia is determined to give him the benefit of the doubt and allows Anthony to hire him as his part-time assistant, the young man soon betrays their trust when he steals some gifts for Anthony's birthday.
23 Jan. 1989
Mr. Bailey
The ladies' wealthy client dies before their work begins, so her heir-a cat named Mr. Bailey-takes over. The cat is set to inherit the woman's considerable fortune, but the state of Georgia plans to contest the will. The women must prove that she was in her right mind when she made Mr. Bailey heir to her estate.
13 Feb. 1989
The Naked Truth
Julia's old college schoolmate whom she once dated calls to request her services. Charlene and Mary Jo unexpectedly discover that the home is part of a nudist colony. Suzanne and Julia's nieces, Camilla and Jennifer visit while on semester break and show a striking personal resemblance to their aunts.
20 Feb. 1989
The Junies
In order to pay off her Christmas bills, Charlene becomes a seller of Lady June cleaning products. However, the other women become concerned about the influence they develop over her, likening it to a cult.
27 Feb. 1989
One Sees, the Other Doesn't
The other women are shocked when a wealthy, blind client falls for Suzanne.
6 Mar. 1989
Charlene's 19-year-old brother Odell comes to town with his fiancée, Sissy Sloan. They have to come to Atlanta because no Justice of the Peace or minister in Poplar Bluff will marry them due to a long-standing feud between the Fraziers and the Sloans.
13 Mar. 1989
Full Moon
Julia is humiliated at a charity fashion show when the dress she is modeling gets stuck in her pantyhose, revealing her backside to 1200 spectators and the Mayor of Atlanta. Suzanne buys an automatic rifle to protect her pig Noelle from a neighbor's threats. Mary Jo is worried that her daughter Claudia is going to have sex with her boyfriend Ben.
20 Mar. 1989
Ms. Meal Ticket
J.D.'s temporary stay at Mary Jo's house lasts longer than expected when he loses his job. When he starts to take advantage of staying at home, she feels uncomfortable about it. Meanwhile, Julia tries to shake Charlene's belief in psychics, even after a coincidental accident that almost matches something Charlene's psychic said to her.
27 Mar. 1989
The Engagement
When Charlene accepts Bill's proposal of marriage, he invites her to Virginia to meet his wealthy mother and Aunt Phoebe, but she is nervous about how they will perceive her. Meanwhile, when J.D. gets a job in Cincinnati, he and Mary Jo agree to see other people, so she dates a college student.
10 Apr. 1989
Come on and Marry Me, Bill
The women celebrate Charlene's wedding with an all-female "This Is Your Life" party with friends and family. The night before the wedding, Bill's Air Force buddies throw him a bachelor party with a Spanish-speaking stripper who locks the two of them into a pair of "Ménage-à-trois" handcuffs. When Charlene finds them still chained together in his apartment hours before the wedding she gets caught in the third cuff. The stripper's boyfriend - who is in Shreveport - has the keys, and he is stopped by police on the way to Atlanta. It's up to Monette, Charlene's old friend...
1 May 1989
The Women of Atlanta
The women agree to pose for a famous photographer's upcoming magazine spread called "The Women of Atlanta," not knowing about the photographer's real intentions.
8 May 1989
Stand and Fight
When Mary Jo is mugged on the way to pick up some concert tickets, the women join a self-defense class.
15 May 1989
The Last Humorously-Dressed Bellboy in America
Mary Jo and Charlene discover Reggie MacDawson, the accountant who absconded with Suzanne's life savings, working as a bellhop and lounge singer at a dilapidated hotel. He explains the convoluted story of how and why he left the country, and what happened to Suzanne's money: he used it to buy a circus.
22 May 1989
Julia Drives Over the First Amendment
When a newsstand opens near the office featuring a large display advertising a pornographic magazine, Julia runs through it with her car. Insisting that pornography is not free speech, she continues to do it until the publisher of the magazine - a woman who considers herself a feminist - sues her for violating her First Amendment rights.
18 Sep. 1989
The Proxy Pig and Great Pretenders
Suzanne's pig Noelle has run away, so to console herself, she buys maternity gifts for an expectant Charlene. When Anthony injures his back carrying a 200 pound antique table down the stairs, and he learns his insurance has been canceled, Suzanne lets him stay at her house to recuperate. However, her idea of generosity proves to be more than Anthony can bear. Meanwhile, Mary Jo tries to impress a snobby rich acquaintance from high school by saying she lives in one of her wealthy client's houses.
25 Sep. 1989
One Night with You
Julia receives a request to spend the night with Donald Stillman, a former classmate dying of a rare form of lymphoma. She barely remembers him, and there are no photos of him in the school yearbooks, so when she and Donald go out to dinner, the other ladies and Anthony go to the same restaurant in case he turns out to be a maniac.
2 Oct. 1989
There She Is
On the eve of Charlene's baby shower, an official from the Miss Georgia pageant bears the bad news that Suzanne will have to relinquish her crown due to a clerical error.
16 Oct. 1989
Nightmare from Hee Haw
While camping in a rural area, a family of hillbillies in a nearby bar asks the ladies to dance. J.D., Bill, and Reese's jealousy leads to a fight.
23 Oct. 1989
The Girlfriend
Anthony becomes a contractor, and to impress his yuppie girlfriend he is eager to finish a job on which the ladies have had to deal with unscrupulous contractors who cut corners.
30 Oct. 1989
The Rowdy Girls
Charlene's cousin Mavis coaches the ladies for an upcoming talent show, where they will be playing the Supremes. When Charlene goes back to pick up something she lost, she notices Mavis's husband brutally abusing her. Meanwhile, Julia is appalled by Suzanne's suggestion on how to make them look more like the Supremes.
13 Nov. 1989
Bernice's Sanity Hearing
Bernice's niece, Phyllis McGuire, tries to have her aunt declared incompetent in order to get her possessions.
20 Nov. 1989
Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence
Sugarbaker's is hired to decorate the Governor's mansion for its annual ball. Anthony receives an invitation to the ball, but Suzanne is dismayed when she doesn't. After decorating the "Abbott banister" at the mansion, Julia is persuaded by the others to do something silly and winds up with her head stuck in the banister, which cannot be cut due to its historical significance.
27 Nov. 1989
Julia and Suzanne's Big Adventure
Julia and Suzanne experience a series of mishaps on a trip to Japan to visit their mother and to pick up Suzanne's new car. Meanwhile, Anthony and Mary Jo cast votes in a call-in poll unaware that each call costs money.
4 Dec. 1989
To make up for the "ding" she left on Mary Jo's car, Suzanne tries to help her meet men with advice from a self-help book.
11 Dec. 1989
They Shoot Fat Women, Don't They?
Suzanne attends her high school reunion, where people shun her because she weighs more than she did in high school.
18 Dec. 1989
You Got to Have Friends
Mary Jo is forced to clip coupons and work at Burger Guy because her ex-husband Ted is late on his child support payments. After Julia persuades her to accept a personal loan, Mary Jo asks an emergency favor from her, Anthony, and Bernice when Burger Guy is short of help.

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