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1 Jan. 1987
New Year's Daze
The ladies' New Year's Eve Party has a shadow cast over it-literally-when Charlene's boyfriend, Shadow, breaks out of prison to be with her.
1 Feb. 1987
Old Spouses Never Die: Part 1
Mary Jo and J.D.'s romantic evening is interrupted when her ex-husband Ted brings home the children on a flimsy excuse. Meanwhile, Anthony is required to attend a $5,000 poker game after a run-in with a corrupt businessman, and Charlene looks for a new doctor when her old one says to "wait and see" after finding a lump in her breast.
1 Feb. 1987
Old Spouses Never Die: Part 2
J.D. brings his ex-wife and Mary Jo's ex-husband Ted together to lay down some ground rules; Charlene goes in for a biopsy while Julia confronts her old doctor; Anthony tries to hide from two of Mr. BB's bodyguards.
8 Feb. 1987
Charlene's old friend Monette, now calling herself "Monica," asks Sugarbaker & Associates to re-design her house. She can afford a budget of $100,000 to $150,000 because of her profession: the oldest profession; she is the owner of a brothel.
15 Feb. 1987
And Justice for Paul
Charlene's boyfriend's offer of a discount on antique furniture turns out to be of stolen goods, landing the women in prison.
22 Feb. 1987
Reese's Friend
Julia is jealous when Reese cancels six consecutive dates due to work involving a new lawyer at his firm; a young, attractive female one.
16 Mar. 1987
Nashville Bound
Just as her entire family is coming to visit her in Atlanta, Charlene meets Gaylon King, a man who claims to be a record producer with the intent of launching her singing career.
23 Mar. 1987
Oh, Suzannah
Suzanne becomes the foster mother to a Vietnamese boat girl for a month while the papers for her adoption by a Birmingham couple are being cleared. However, they become so attached that they don't want to split up.
6 Apr. 1987
Mary Jo's Dad Dates Charlene
When Mary Jo's recently divorced father, Davis Jackson, comes to town, he is instantly smitten with Charlene.
13 Apr. 1987
Seams from a Marriage
The ladies are overwhelmed by their latest clients: an ultra-rich couple that lavishes them with gifts and trips.
4 May 1987
Grand Slam, Thank You Ma'am
Suzanne's ex-husband, an Atlanta Braves pitcher named Jack Dent, writes a scandalous autobiography in which he admits to an unprecedented amount of infidelity during their three-year marriage.
11 May 1987
Bachelor Suite
A wealthy client makes a pass at Mary Jo.
14 Sep. 1987
101 Ways to Decorate a Gas Station
To promote their business, the ladies raffle off a free room re-design. The winner of the drawing is a shiftless bum named Eldon Ashcroft IV who keeps changing his mind constantly.
21 Sep. 1987
Ted Remarries
Mary Jo is worried about losing control over Claudia and Quinton when Ted and his girlfriend Tammy start spoiling them.
28 Sep. 1987
Anthony Jr.
After Suzanne is in a car accident, she decides to become more charitable. However, her idea of charity is helping Anthony make himself look more well-off than he is to impress his girlfriend's wealthy parents. She lets him use her house. But no one is prepared for the shock when a woman comes to the house claiming that he's the father of her baby.
5 Oct. 1987
Killing All the Right People
The ladies plan a funeral for a fellow designer who is dying of AIDS.
19 Oct. 1987
Half an Air Bubble Off
An eccentric client falls in love with Julia, while Bernice enters a beauty pageant for senior citizens.
26 Oct. 1987
Dash Goff, the Writer
Suzanne's ex-husband, novelist Dash Goff, is depressed because his latest book, "Being Belled" has failed to sell to either the movies or TV or to go into paperback.
9 Nov. 1987
Heart Attacks
When Reese suffers a heart attack, Julia is reminded of how her husband died.
16 Nov. 1987
When the ladies are on a singles cruise ship, Suzanne and Mary Jo make a bet on who can catch the most attractive man.
23 Nov. 1987
I'll Be Seeing You
Charlene meets and falls in love with Bill Stillfield, a recently widowed Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. That night, she dreams of herself in a World War II era bar. There she meets him, accepts his proposal of marriage, and believes he'll be back even though his plane is shot down in Europe.
7 Dec. 1987
The ladies are off to St. Louis for Design Expo, where Julia, Mary Jo and Charlene come down with the flu. Back in Atlanta, the airport closes due to snow before Suzanne, who is judging a beauty pageant, can leave, so she must ride in the van with Anthony. They stay in a small motel in Tennessee and end up in the same bed.
14 Dec. 1987
Howard the Date
Howard Earp Head, a socially inept, nosebleed-prone man the ladies met on the singles cruise, returns to beg Mary Jo to be his date for his 15th High School reunion.
21 Dec. 1987
I'll Be Home for Christmas
It's Christmas, and Mary Jo is upset because her son Quinton doesn't believe in Santa Claus and sets up a trap to prove it. Charlene, who plays Santa at her church, stops by to give him a surprise (with Anthony as an elf). Suzanne decides to surprise them and send a department store Santa over there. Anthony gets caught and breaks his ankle, while the department store Santa steals the tree and all of the presents.

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